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Ho,ho, ho, Christmas is almost here! And what will be under the tree for me? AND what will be in my Christmas stocking?  As a kid growing up in the 50’s my Dad always made sure Santa filled our stockings with goodies.  It was most definitely a simpler time then and what went into the stockings usually wasn’t very pricey but oh it was fun to sit in front of the tree and empty out the contents, wasn’t it?  Only Santa knows what kids today expect in their stockings.  This is the kind of stocking I had growing up and I found two in an antique shop years ago so I still hang a stocking up every year!

"...and their stockings were hung by the fireplace with care..."

“…and their stockings were hung by the fireplace with care…”

There are several legends and versions of the origin of the tradition of hanging stockings the night before Christmas for Santa Claus to fill;  I grew up with the one about the young boys and girls in the Netherlands leaving their wooden clogs filled with straw for the reindeer out on Christmas Eve.  Then Sinterclass would leave treats for the children.  Later the clogs would become stockings and the saint would become known to all as Santa Claus.

Then there’s the legend of the nobleman with three daughters who lost all of his money through bad inventions and was forced to move into a peasant’s cottage.  The girls did all of the washing and cooking and had no chance of marriage because they had no dowries.  The girls washed out their stockings and hung them by the fireplace to dry and that night, knowing of the father’s despair stopped by the house after all had gone to bed.  He saw the stockings and was inspired to toss three pouches of gold coins carefully down the chimney, each one landing in one of the stockings.

Lastly there’s the North American theory dating back to the XIX Century;  Some believe that stockings hung by the fireplace was first mentioned by writer, George Webster in a story about a visit from Santa Claus and in an illustration by Thomas Nast

What did you find in your Christmas stocking?  I found all kinds of goodies like:

  1. A tangerine or orange was always in the toe
  2. Yo-yo
  3. A card game like Old Maid or Go Fish
  4. Jacks and Ball set
  5. Candy canes
  6. Hershey’s chocolate kisses
  7. Crayons or markers
  8. Chocolate coins
  9. Cellophane packet of cat’s eyes marbles
  10. Licorice

I wonder what Finley Ray expects to find in her stocking this year?

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I always found an orange in the toe of my Christmas stocking.  There were nuts, some candy, and maybe a small toy.  What was in  your Christmas stocking?  If you never had one, this could be the year you decide that there really is a Santa Claus and if you hang your stocking from the mantle…who knows what you might find!  These stockings are original and unique, even your dog and cat get their own.

Red Ribbon Velvet Stocking

A classic stocking with a whimsical touch. Red velvet is delicately complemented with white and green ribbon accents. Personalized monograms are available for an additional charge.

To buy: $20, potterybarnkids.com

personalized stocking, velvet ribbons

Velvet Ribbons On My True Love's Stocking

Thomas Paul Tweeter Stocking

This 100 percent cotton stocking has a timeless design with a sweet winter scene. Also available in violet.

To buy: $30, velocityartanddesign.com.

scenic stocking, felt birds,

Twitter Stocking

Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Designed in intricate needlepoint with a wool front and soft cotton velvet back, this stocking is hand-detailed and can be personalized with up to 10 letters at no additional charge.

To buy: $24.50, landsend.com.

choo choo train, needlepoint stocking

Choo - Choo Christmas Stocking

Skate Around Stocking

A playful approach to the traditional stocking hanging on the mantel. Made of poly felt, the skate’s “blade” can be personalized in light blue with up to 11 letters for an additional charge.

To buy: $24, landofnod.com.

ice skate, personalized stocking

Go Figure

Meow Cat Stocking

Make room for Kitty on the mantel. There’s no confusing stockings with this soft heather grey pick that has a special message for that four-legged friend in your home.
To buy: $13, crateandbarrel.com

kitty stocking, meow, pet stocking

For A Cat Named Socks

Personalized Pet Stocking

Dog bones meet cheetah print for an unexpected design for the furriest member of your family. Personalize with up to 10 letters for no additional cost.

To buy: $25, ballarddesigns.com

pet stocking, doggie stocking

Give The Poor Doggy A Bone

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