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OH my, somehow I’ve been bitten by the March Madness bug.  I am writing this post and listening/watching the Syracuse/Michigan game.  I can relax during this one because it was assumed that Syracuse would win and right now they are leading by 22 points! “Oh how sweet it is”.  

I was going to make Thursday’s Top Ten about the crazy stunt taking place in Brooklyn this week where Franny’s is creating March Madness Pies.  Starting at Sweet Sixteen, they will be offering 16 different pizza pie toppings with cute names.  I thought the names were going to somehow correspond to the teams but they don’t so I’ve opted out of using Franny’s for my post;  Besides, I only like the purest of Neapolitan pizza – rich tomato sauce, some basil and oregano and some blobs of mozzarella with grated Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top!

I found this CAKE vs PIE tournament bracket and thought it was too cool!  HEY GUYS, THIS WOULD REALLY BE FUN IF YOU WOULD COMMENT WITH YOUR CHOICES and advance the bracket till we get to the WINNER.  If you don’t help me and I do it all by myself, I can tell you right now that Ice Cream Cake would probably win.  So let’s do it!!

Tasty Treats Oh So Sweet Bracketology

Tasty Treats Oh So Sweet Bracketology

I’m not sure exactly who I should be crediting for this bracket which appeared in 2010.  I think JEZEBEL.com, Jessica Coen and Gawker Media are all responsible for this so THANK YOU!

I’m starting it off since today is ROUND 1 in the NCAA Tournament.  I pick Birthday Cake and Apple Pie.  What are your picks?  You might want to copy this and play with a group of your friends.  I hope you’ll play along with me…By Saturday we move to Round 2. 


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English: Syracuse Logo

 Syracuse Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today begins the official, unofficial beginning of March Madness.  Well,  actually it is official, what used to be called Play-In Games are now known as First Four which is certainly not to be confused with the Final Four!  Having spent most of life in Connecticut, I have always been a Huskies fan and there was a point in my life (read in between marriages) when I would spend several evenings and Saturdays  in my town’s local bar and pizzeria, drinking and cheering along with recent and not so recent alumni of UCONN and fellow fans.

That was then, and that was a long time ago!  I casually name-dropped  Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight and the Final Four but the First Four? Oh well, today is the day that the Madness begins and unless I’ve misunderstood this term (and that is SO POSSIBLE) I think in the next two days, 8 teams are going to play off or Play-In and then there will be 4 and they will be the First Four.  Okay, so who cares?  The real question is will the Orangemen defeat Dayton in the second round?  Many of the brackets I’ve looked at have predicted Syracuse will lose!  Oooohhh is it really all about momentum? They had a phenomenal early season and maybe if we all pray hard enough, wish hard enough, send enough positive thoughts their way and light a few candles AND wear orange (of course), maybe we will see them in the Regional Semi Finals.  And from there, well Dallas here we come!

So what is a UCONN Huskies fan doing promoting the Orangemen? Well you just gotta listen to BRACKETOLOGY as interpreted and sung by TWO ABSURD.  Dick and Bob Chancia are identical twins who grew up in Utica, New York, both attended Syracuse University and both had careers in Advertising and Art Direction (each on separate coasts)!  AND NOW, these two extraordinarily talented guys have turned to writing and performing some really crazy, or let’s just say absurd songs!  Now how or why two Italian guys from upstate New York are writing and singing RAP songs is….well absurd!

Syracuse fans are ageless and seasonless; so although they wrote this unbelievably-rhymed RAP called BRACKETOLGY in 2012, it is still spot-on in 2014!  I hope you’ll enjoy it, the link is below.


If you enjoyed this little ditty, you should check out their web site: http://www.twoabsurd.com


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