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It’s been a week of preparation, anticipation and participation in a couple of kid’s Halloween parties.  The candy has been plentiful so instead of just one night of binging on  peanut butter cups and snickers, it’s been a continuous sugar fest!

Now we are at the point of no return and some of Chiara’s friends are scrambling for last minute costume ideas.  Well here again are some of the best; a few might you be able to pull together in a day and some just so good, I had to feature them.

A trip to Ricky’s and H&M and maybe you and your friends could be supremely clever.

The Supremes, Ricky's wigs
The Supremes Sing the Blues

photo by Murray Head

Staweberry Shortcake,

Comic Book Characters

photo by Murray Head

Roman gladiator, armor

"...to the Coliseum!"

photo by Murray Head

Greenwich Village Halloween parade


photo by Murray Head

SUPER Super Hero

photo by Murray Head

And last but not least….

billiard b alls, pool hall,

Eight Ball in the Side of Your Mouth

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