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With Halloween just around the corner, people all around the country are decorating their front steps and porches with  Jack-o-Lanterns, their lamp posts wrapped with cornstalks and scarecrows.  You might see little white handkerchief ghosts swinging from the branches of front yard bushes.  Moms are stashing bags of candy on top shelves.  And costumes?  Oh there’s hand-wringing, attic-scavenging and ideas offered and discarded as quickly as you can say, “Trick or Treat”.  Kids are gearing up for the visit of the Great Pumpkin and highest of high sugar highs.

So what do they do in Manhattan?  Well there are carved pumpkins in apartments, candy is bought in hopes some kids from your building will be trick or treating that night  and if not, there’s always LOTS of adults ( young  and not so young) dressed up and out in the bars.  Actually Halloween night is really for adults in Manhattan.  The kids seem to start trick or treating when it’s still light out, like 5:00 even!!! REALLY?? And if we work, how is it possible to be home to answer the door at 5:00?  No candy for those kids!  And in an apartment building, the kids can’t come to your door begging for candy UNLESS there is a sign or symbol (as provided by the building) posted on your door.  That makes it very easy to diss the kid portion of Halloween evening.  You don’t have to turn off all your lights, lock your door and pretend you’re not home…you just don’t put that symbol on your door!  Instead, you don a crazy costume and go out to eat and drink in Macabre Manhattan and Halloween becomes a night alive with grown-up kids( like me) unwilling to give up one of their favorite holidays!













All photos taken on East 61st and 62nd St between 2nd and 3rd Avenue – Thanks to Helen for sharing!!


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Pink is everywhere! It’s not just pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness anymore.  My two granddaughters have taken PINK to a whole new level.

We’ve had pink coats, pink hats, pink dresses, pink Uggs, pink socks, pink shoes, pink bows, pink tutu’s, pink chairs, pink princess costumes, pink wands, pink dishes, pink sippy cups, pink leotards, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, pink pajamas, pink nail polish, pink blankets, pink tea sets…well you get the pink picture!  Last month we had a PINKALICIOUS  birthday party where both girls wore pink chiffon dresses and Pinkerella and her ladies in waiting entertained about 25 kids ALL wearing pink.  Most adults had pink on too!  There was pink cotton candy, pink M & M’s, pink lollipops, pink gummy bears, pink lemonade, pink Prosecco, pink plates, pink napkins, pink balloons everywhere,  and more pink than you could imagine.

NOW Halloween has turned into  pink – no longer a garish orange and black celebration.   Finley Ray and Francesca dressed for this candy-grabbing, mischief-making holiday in what eles? PINK!

Finley was a delicious Cotton Candy Fairy.  My daughter’s friend, Michael, a very talented Broadway dresser, created this confection and it was truly pinkalicious.   Francesca donned a furry pink Piggy outfit and she was as cute as a pretty little girl could be dressed as a Piglet

Halloween, cotton candy, Finny, Finley Ray Clark
So happy to be Cotton Candy
Halloween, cotton candy, Finley, Finley Ray Clark

"This is my Fairy wand"

I'm a pink and sweet Cotton Candy Fairy

Halloween, Francesca Lillian Clark,

This little Piggy had candy

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Thank God it wasn’t a Tea Party being held in Boston but rather a Halloween party for kids in the South End.  A gathering at the Ringold Playground for some fun and treats and to meet up with friends.  Then the Boston police park a cruiser to block automobile traffic on several streets forming a safe square of blocks where the kids can trick or treat.  And something I never saw before but realize it probably takes place in NYC wherever there are brownstones – the homeowners sat on the steps enjoying the parade of costumed and sugared-up kids as well as maybe sipping a glass of wine while handing out the candy.  It was great fun to see Finny run up to the steps and ask for candy with her sweet “Trick or Treat“.   We spent two days teaching her the concept of saying ‘trick or treat” for candy and “thank-you” and what happened was that most adults greeted the kids with “Happy Halloween”! That works of course with slightly older kids but it was funny to watch Finny just look at them while she reached into the candy bowl.

I saw a couple of kids at the playground whose costumes were just too cute and took a few photos.

Boston traffic light, halloween in Boston

Hey, RED means Stop!

photo by Lori

Ringold playground, Boston Halloween, South End

Peter Pan

photo by Lori

Captain Hook, halloween, Boston South End,

Captain Hook was his Daddy

photo by Lori

And last but not least by any means, SNOW WHITE

Snow White princess, Finley Ray Clark

The Princess Sits

photo by Lori

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It’s been a week of preparation, anticipation and participation in a couple of kid’s Halloween parties.  The candy has been plentiful so instead of just one night of binging on  peanut butter cups and snickers, it’s been a continuous sugar fest!

Now we are at the point of no return and some of Chiara’s friends are scrambling for last minute costume ideas.  Well here again are some of the best; a few might you be able to pull together in a day and some just so good, I had to feature them.

A trip to Ricky’s and H&M and maybe you and your friends could be supremely clever.

The Supremes, Ricky's wigs
The Supremes Sing the Blues

photo by Murray Head

Staweberry Shortcake,

Comic Book Characters

photo by Murray Head

Roman gladiator, armor

"...to the Coliseum!"

photo by Murray Head

Greenwich Village Halloween parade


photo by Murray Head

SUPER Super Hero

photo by Murray Head

And last but not least….

billiard b alls, pool hall,

Eight Ball in the Side of Your Mouth

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I’m in Boston and yesterday Finley was invited to attend an annual Halloween party that Chris, one of Chiara’s neighbors holds at his marketing firm.  Knowing Chris, I was sure that it wouldn’t be a table covered with an orange paper tablecloth and bowls of candy corn and orange and black jelly beans – BUT I wasn’t prepared for this….

Chris Nolan, Halloween party

Halloween Comes Early at Mercury Marketing

Spiderman (professional) met us at the building’s front door and ushered us to the elevator.  When we arrived and the elevator doors opened we walked into a Halloween event, not a party, a happening!

The offices were dim, a weird bubble machine spewed forth white bubbles that when they burst, they seemed powdery.  A screening area was set up with little auditorium chairs and films for the kids ran continuously.  Adjacent to that area was a table set at child height and laden with good goodies for the kids;  there was a popcorn machine, a creature at the doorway with a bucket of candy for your  picking, a bar for the adults with beer, wine and prosecco.  Platters and bowls were all over the room filled with munchies.

Then Cinderella arrived -oooh all of the little princesses were thrilled.  She played music and sang and danced with them.  She painted their faces too.  The party started at 4pm and less we all O D on sugar and alcohol, Chris had an area set up with pizzas and salad and of course cupcakes and even coffee with liquors, omg!

I can’t describe the decorations enough to do them justice and I don’t have any great photos because as usual my camera kept telling me to change the battery (which I did but to no avail).  There were skeletons, cobwebs, pumpkins galore, a few creatures here and there, streamers and crepe paper and all sorts of table decorations, not to mention the plates and flatware. There was even a sort of haunted house room for the little kids with more goodies for them.  There were bags you could fill yourself from the huge bowls of candy on one table and a Mr. Potato Head for each child to take home and by the way it was a Halloween Potato Head! Yes Mr. Potato Head as a ghost.  And more – there were these small stuffed creatures, mini-huggables; Dracula, Frankenstein and the like.

greenwich village halloween parade


Now why didn’t I think a marketing executive would take this party right over the top??? It was generous, wonderful and fabulous.

Mercury Marketing, Chris Nolan

Our Halloween Host

Chiara Clark, Brandon, Mano, Frankie, Francesca

Francesca's First Halloween with Mommy and Mano

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I’ve been having so much fun with the countdown to Halloween.  Now that we are 5 days away, I thought it would be a good idea to feature some of the BEST Halloween costumes.  These are all very original ideas or excellent executions of known characters.

Mustard, chicken, greenwich village halloween parade

Please Pass the Mustard

photo by Murray Head

Jolly Green Giant, Greenwich Village Halloween parade

The Jolly Green Giant

photo by Murray Head

Here's the key to my heart, greenwich village halloween parade, Murray head

Here's The Key To MY Heart

photo by Murray Head

creature from the blue lagoon, greenwich village halloween parade, murray head

Creature From The Blue Lagoon

photo by Murray Head

Take me away Calgon, greenwich village halloween parade, murray head

"Take Me Away Calgon"

photo by Murray Head

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Whoooo I can feel the vibes of Halloween all around me.  I ‘m in Boston and today, Saturday, there must have been a big Halloween happening at Prudential Mall because we saw lots of little kids dressed up early today and heading that way.  Unfortunately Finley had to go home to take a nap and Francesca needed to be fed.

Anyway as the count down continues so do the photos from previous Greenwich Village Parades.

I’m calling this series The Devil Made Me Do It!


Greenwich Village Parade, devil, red hat

Devil from South of the Border


photo by Murray Head

devil mask, Lucifer, Greenwich Village Parade, Murray Head

The Devil in a Mask

photo by Murray Head


devil, demon, Greenwich Village parade, Murray head

She Devil Takes A Call


photo by Murray Head



girl with devil horns, Greenwich village halloween parade, Murray Head



photo by Murray Head

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Sometimes you can walk through Greenwich Village and see some characters you just aren’t going to find on Maple Street in Iowa.  BUT, on Halloween, THEY ALL come out of the woodwork, the closet, and some look like they escaped from the Institute.  These are photos from previous annual  Greenwich Village Halloween Parades.

Nine Days to go…. I’m calling this series Wigs and Wings

white wings, Murray Head,

Wind Beneath My Wings

blue hair, Greenwich Village, Murray Head,

I'm Feeling So Blue Over You

Murray Head, Greenwich Village Halloween, Devil, Mummer

A Rogue Mummer

Yellow wig, Murray Head, Greenwich Village Halloween parade, diva

"Oh YES I AM"!

Eagle's wings, Greenwich Village Halloween parade, Murray Head, raptor

On Eagle's Wings


bikinis and wigs, Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, Murray Head

It Must Have Been Warm That Year

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