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Once again I’m really happy that a few more reader-contributed Six Word Memoirs were sent in! Oh this makes my Mondays much easier and your reading much more interesting.

This week’s contributions are:

Everyone is So Talented-Cool Contributors – submitted by Gail

Off Beach, In Shower, On Porch – submitted by Trish

If it weren’t hot, I’d paint – submitted by Jane

Isn’t it great that we’re getting in touch with our inner Ernest Hemingway?  I’m just fascinated by this concept and the more Six Word Memoirs I read, the clearer it becomes and actually easier.  At first I was bogged down by the question as it is posed; One Life, Six Words, What’s Yours? But then I realized (with a little help from reading The Smith magazine) that your Six Word Memoir could be philosophical, funny, timely, incidental or just a fleeting feeling of the day-which brings me to this very day;

Endless Summer Sounds Good to Me!– submitted by ME

One Life, Six Words, What’s Yours?

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summer fruit dessert, Trish Martin

Fabulous Fruit Tar

NO NO not that kind of benefits!!!! Really this is a G-rated blog!  When you are friends with Trish, you not only get sun block and lunch – you also may get a taste of something she has baked.  WOWIE you have NO idea just how good her apple pies are, I mean REALLY and this is coming from me, someone who is a fair cook in her own right.  Trish made this fabulous fruit tart for a cook-out we had a few weeks ago.  Our mutual friend, Susan, reminded me that Trish’s baking prowess is certainly worth noting.  So here it is…. try not to drool on your keyboard.

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The title of this blog could also be called a Tribute to Trish.

Our friend, Trish, to the rescue!  Last week when we were working the Ocean Grove Flea Market in 91 degree heat, Trish stopped by our booth and took one look at how red I was getting and said “I’m coming back with some sun block for you”.  AND she did! She insisted we keep the bottle and USE IT.

This week we were showing our 1958 Metropolitan at the Ocean Grove Vintage Car Show and Trish came by in the morning and said, “I’m bringing you guys tuna salad for lunch” and also offered us the use of her loo. Of course we protested about the lunch but gratefully accepted use of the facilities.  Trish wasn’t taking no for an answer!

Sure enough, Lunch was Served! Trish showed up with a tray of food beautifully presented.  REAL dishes! Peter had opted for a sandwich and my tuna, bean and fennel salad was delicious on a bed of greens.

multigrain chips, tuna salad, tunafish sandwich

Lunch is Served!

All around us other car owners looked at the two of us sitting in chairs and eating lunch on dishes and probably wondering why we had been singled out for such a luxurious lunch!  WELL, it certainly helps when you have such a good and caring friend.

Ocean Grove Vintage Car show, Trish

Thanks Trish!!


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Pecan Pie

And they call this Pot Luck? What a meal! Eight of us gathered Friday evening at the home of Trish & Ron who live on Main Avenue.  They have a big beautiful home with a fantastic dining room and a table large enough to seat eight comfortably and Editthat wasn’t even with all of the leaves.

Guests included Heide, who divides her time between Belgium, Ocean Grove and California, Carol, a full-time resident who runs The Ocean Grove Trading Post, Jim and Susan, full-time entrepreneurs (I’ll be doing a blog about their business in the near future)in Ocean Grove, and Peter and I, the Ocean Grove part-timers.

You had to know with this group, Pot Luck wouldn’t be your Ham & Bean, Macaroni & Cheese church supper type.  We started the evening off with liberal libations and small gourmet pizza slices – delicate and delightful.  Oh and I forgot to say right up front that our hostess is a baker of renown and when we walked in, the table was set beautifully and two enormous racks of individual pies were flanking the centerpiece of flowers and the aroma was mouth-watering.  And then we sat down to an array of delicious dishes.  While we were chatting away before dinner, Ron and his guest chef of the evening, Jim, were in the back yard grilling lamb chops that had been previously marinated in Ron’s own special marinade.  So rare, so beautifully charred on the edges,  a real treat.   We had a chicken dish that I truthfully have no idea how Heide made it or what was in it besides chicken.  What I can tell you is that I had two helpings and the flavor was so familiar, it took me to the second helping to remember where I had savored this kind of dish before – my Grandmother Schmidt used to make any meat delectable with the same kind of sauce and seasoning that Heide used, and I have had steak at Heide’s home and she did some similar magic with that too.  I think it’s some kind of Germanic thing that these great cooks do. Carol created an artful arugula salad that was crisp and fresh and chock full of good things.  Susan was on vegetable duty and she brought us seasonal vegetables (almost locivore) -they were roasted to perfection.  With 3 of the 5 woman having Italian ancestry, of course we had a pasta dish but no ordinary red sauce (a/k/a gravy to those who know) for this group.  I contributed a rigatoni and cannellini bean and broccoli dish and I thought it was very good.

And then the piece de resistance – the pies came out! Two big trays; mini pecan pies and apple pies.  Well anyone who knows Trish knows that her apple pies are not only to die for but we all tell her she should sell them – so I immediately said, “I’m only having apple and besides I don’t like pecan pie, it’s too sweet”.  WRONG – Jim, our N’awlins native proclaimed the pies to be perfect.  Was it curiosity, arm-twisting ( lol,lol) or an insatiable appetite for dessert, well maybe all of the above – even though I made the arm-twisting part up!  I took half of a mini pecan pie and the flavors just swirled around in my mouth. This was not the sticky, sweet, gooey glop that I always thought all pecan pies tasted like- Oh No, this was smooth, creamy, flavorful and not  too sweet. Trish let us in on her secret but unless given permission, far be it from this blogger (who wants to be invited back!) give away any culinary secrets.

And after many hours of laughter and even some after dinner cordials, we all went home and that ladies and gentlemen is Pot Luck in Ocean Grove.

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