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There are way too many cars in NYC to begin with, not to mention people so just about anything can cause major gridlock and delays.  When the UN General Assembly is in session, not only do the dignitaries, ambassadors, consuls et al, amass – the protestors turn out in full force.  And what is being protested? EVERYTHING!  From regimes to policy, humanitarianism to health conditions and anything in between.  And then came Moving Planet!  Adding vegans, anti-frackers, climate-change concerns, anti-fossil fuel and green proponents.  As seen through the camera lens:

UN protests, General Assembly, NYC


UN General Assembly, NYC, Palestine statehood

Protesting Palestine Statehood

China, Tibet, General Assembly

China versus Tibet

Sri Lanka, General Assembly, UN

Sri Lanka


UN General Assembly


UN General Assembly

Climate Control

General Assembly


Stop Fracking

No Drilling

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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