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There are way too many cars in NYC to begin with, not to mention people so just about anything can cause major gridlock and delays.  When the UN General Assembly is in session, not only do the dignitaries, ambassadors, consuls et al, amass – the protestors turn out in full force.  And what is being protested? EVERYTHING!  From regimes to policy, humanitarianism to health conditions and anything in between.  And then came Moving Planet!  Adding vegans, anti-frackers, climate-change concerns, anti-fossil fuel and green proponents.  As seen through the camera lens:

UN protests, General Assembly, NYC


UN General Assembly, NYC, Palestine statehood

Protesting Palestine Statehood

China, Tibet, General Assembly

China versus Tibet

Sri Lanka, General Assembly, UN

Sri Lanka


UN General Assembly


UN General Assembly

Climate Control

General Assembly


Stop Fracking

No Drilling

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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I haven’t posted a blog in days and in trying to make up for it (lol), instead of writing 4 blogs at once I’m taking the easy way out and combining my FAB FOTO FRIDAY, CELEBRATE, ONLY in NEW YORK, and RED is Where You Find It all in ONE post.  Well after all it is a holiday weekend and although I’m not posting regularly I’m not on holiday either; but more about the weekend later….

Since it IS a holiday weekend, it’s important to Celebrate!  Of course we must celebrate Memorial Day and I could do a whole post on that (let me see how I feel by tonight) but this CELEBRATE blog post is celebrating the diversity of New York City. It is the equivalent of living in the world all in one place.  If you don’t live here, you may think I’m exaggerating but I’m not. There is hardly not an ethnicity represented in great numbers in the City, except maybe Aborigines.  This weekend, Turkey was center stage and drew thousands of on-lookers.  This parade unlike many others, was not a march up Fifth Avenue but rather in the United Nations neighborhood.  Take a look….

There were flags-lots-and people dressed in their national colors; Red and White, frolicking, dancing, marching, beautiful girls, costumed men, and of course little children looking darling in all manner of red and white.

Turkish flags, American flag, Turkish Day parade, Turkey, Turkiye

The FLAGS Speak

photo by Murray Head

Turkish Day parade, New YOrk city, Turkey, Turkiye, twins

Two for the price of one

photo by Murray Head

Turkish Day parade, Turkey, Turkiye, New york city, ballons

Did you ever see a Turkish balloon?

photo by Murray Head

Turkish Day parade, Turkiye, red paisley umbrella, Turkey

I Love the RED umbrella

photo by Murray Head

Turkish Day parade, Turkiye

I live here too

photo by Murray Head

Turkish Day parade, Borders installation art, United Nations, Turkey, Turkiye

Wanna play?

photo by Murray Head,

Turkish Day parade, Turkiye, Turkey, convertible

What's A Parade Without A Convertible?

photo by Murray Head

Turkish Day parade,

Or A Pretty Girl ?

photo by Murray Head

Turkiye, Turkey, native costume, Turkish day parade, new york city

Colorful Native Costume

photo by Murray Head

Turkish Day parade, New York City, Turkey, Turkiye

Is that a Blackberry or an iPhone?

photo by Murray Head

Turkiye,Turkey, red kerchief

Wearin' of the RED

photo by Murray Head

Istanbul was Constantinople
Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople
Been a long time gone, Constantinople
Now it’s Turkish delight on a moonlit night
Every gal in Constantinople
Lives in Istanbul, not Constantinople
So if you’ve a date in Constantinople
She’ll be waiting in Istanbul

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If you have been following the blog or FAB FOTO FRIDAYS you know that a while ago I featured an art installation on Dag Hammerskjold Plaza near the United Nations.  It is called Borders with human-like sculptures posed standing and sitting in the park.  Today is MAY DAY! In additions to the Borders “people”, Dag Hammerskjold Plaza was home to a true May Day celebration.

May Day, Dag Hammerskjold Plaza
May Day Child

photo by Murray Head

new york city, Borders, dag hammerskjold
May Day Diversity

photo by Murray Head

dag hammerskjold plaza, may day, maypole
May Day Missy

photo by Murray Head

dag hammerskjold plaza, may day flowers
May Day Flower Basket

photo by Murray Head

May Day, May Pole, new york city

Dancing Around the Maypole

Photos by Murray Head


May Day Maypole Ribbons

Photo by Murray Head

BORDERS, dag hammerskjold plaza, new york city

May Day knows no Borders!

photo by Murray Head

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Some people think New York City is a lonely place and they couldn’t be more WRONG!  You never have to be alone in this city especially if you live in the East 40’s,  specifically Dag  Hammarskjold Plaza.  There’s always some art installations around the City.  If you think back, I’ve published photos of many.  such as the giant flowers on Park Avenue in the snow,  the fanciful creatures of   Tom Otterness and now there is a veritable crowd of not quite humans and not quite androids and they have taken up residence in this famous plaza near the United Nations.  They seem friendly enough although not great conversationalists!

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, New York city

Back to Back

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza

Do you really mean it?

Can you tell me how to get to Bloomingdale's?










"The sun feels good doesn't"?

The Thinker


















"I was just sayin' "

A bit nippy for the end of March








All photos by Murray Head

It’s not Friday but these are some FAB FOTOS!

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The government of Egypt may have severed the digital communication between Egypt and the rest of the world, but Egyptians all over the world are standing up in solidarity for their country.  Here in the United States, there were protests and rallies in all the major cities; New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles.

In front of the United Nations, Egyptians and sympathizers gathered in protest over the situation in Cairo. Take a look at these photos, they are the Faces of Protest.

United Nations, New York city, Cairo Egypt protest, Egyptians

Wearing your National colors!

Photo by Murray Head

Egyptians, protest, United Nations, New York City, Cairo

Citizens of the world

Photo by Murray Head

Cario protests, Egyptians, United Nations, New York city

Red White and Black

Photo by Murray Head

Muslims, Egyptians, Cairo protests, United Nations NYC

Hear Me World

Photo by Murray Head

Egyptians, Cairo protest, United Nations, New York city,

The Face of Protest

Photo by Murray Head

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