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We’re not talking about the mundane phobias here like fear of heights, these are for the really crazy people, you know, like you and me!

  1. Ablutomania – a mania for washing oneself
  2. Acarophobia – fear of itching or those insects that cause it
  3. Acousticophobia fear of noise
  4. Aicmophobia – fear of needles and other pointed objects
  5. Algophobia – fear of pain
  6. Amathophobia – fear of dust
  7. Amaxophobia – fear of riding in a car
  8. Ambulophobia – fear of walking
  9. Anuptophobia – fear of staying single
  10. Apanthropy – dislike of being with people, love of solitudeW

Just wait till we get to the B’s!!!  What are you afraid of?


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