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I am loving the replies and responses I’m getting from a couple of faithful followers!  This is such a good brain game – although I believe Smith Magazine does not consider this project a game!  Their (Smith Magazine) website is an encyclopedia of Six Word Memoirs.  They have categories, contests, archives and more.  After I publish our reader’s memoirs, I thought I would post a few from their Best Six Word Memoirs of the Week.

Falling Leaves

1. Falling leaves make for slippery roads – Susan

2. Ghost!? Kidding!….Ummm What was thaaat? – Laura

3.  Guests brought pot, hostess couldn’t stir – Me

4. Enough with the campaign adverts already! – Susan

5. I am addicted to my I-Pad – Lynne

6. Trying to empty freezer for cookies – Susan

7. Beginning to look lots like Halloween – Susan

8.  High last night, hung over today – Me


And so from the experts (their contributors) at Smith Magazine, here are some of the memoirs deemed best of the week:

1. Let toddler take you for a walk

2. Give all grudges a proper burial

3. Seeing familiar milestones in changing landscapes

4. Inhaling this moment : My favorite drug!

5. Practice being bored, it builds character

Aren’t those great?  I strongly suggest visiting the web site, people from all over the world sign in and send in Memoirs!  

Our challenge for next week is HALLOWEN HORROR STORIES IN SIX WORDS!  But of course if you’d rather send in a random thought or act or anything else, you know it’s fine with me and will be published the following week!

Oh Horrors!

Oh Horrors!

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I love this challenge, well obviously since I try to incorporate it into my blog on a somewhat regular, no make that on-again-off-again basis!  I first learned about this in an old AARP article which featured  the Six Word Memoir Project.  That particular example seemed to be about near dying, really very interesting, I will post those examples sometime because they were very well written.

Once again my readers have come through with some of their own Six Word Memoirs and I’m pleased to post them.  They seem to echo the end of summer and the advent of Fall and that’s where we’re at here in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.  

1. Close the windows, heat is on.      Susan

2. On the ferry going home ~ Sad      Gail

3. Leaves falling along with the temperatures     Susan

4. Seasonal sinuses, cough, sneeze, hack, wheeze  Me

5. Flu Shot signs appearing once again  Susan

6.  Summer struggling to stay alive – 80 degrees!  Me

7. Weather schizophrenic , wardrobe dilemma, boots? sandals?   Me

I don’t have a firm idea about next week’s Memoirs.  Leaving it open to your creative minds, thinking about your life, your loves, your passions, your ideals, your job, your family, your kids – WHATEVER!!!  Just send it along and you will see it posted the following week. 

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