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I am loving the replies and responses I’m getting from a couple of faithful followers!  This is such a good brain game – although I believe Smith Magazine does not consider this project a game!  Their (Smith Magazine) website is an encyclopedia of Six Word Memoirs.  They have categories, contests, archives and more.  After I publish our reader’s memoirs, I thought I would post a few from their Best Six Word Memoirs of the Week.

Falling Leaves

1. Falling leaves make for slippery roads – Susan

2. Ghost!? Kidding!….Ummm What was thaaat? – Laura

3.  Guests brought pot, hostess couldn’t stir – Me

4. Enough with the campaign adverts already! – Susan

5. I am addicted to my I-Pad – Lynne

6. Trying to empty freezer for cookies – Susan

7. Beginning to look lots like Halloween – Susan

8.  High last night, hung over today – Me


And so from the experts (their contributors) at Smith Magazine, here are some of the memoirs deemed best of the week:

1. Let toddler take you for a walk

2. Give all grudges a proper burial

3. Seeing familiar milestones in changing landscapes

4. Inhaling this moment : My favorite drug!

5. Practice being bored, it builds character

Aren’t those great?  I strongly suggest visiting the web site, people from all over the world sign in and send in Memoirs!  

Our challenge for next week is HALLOWEN HORROR STORIES IN SIX WORDS!  But of course if you’d rather send in a random thought or act or anything else, you know it’s fine with me and will be published the following week!

Oh Horrors!

Oh Horrors!

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And they call it weed.

We used to call it Mary Jane and they call it dope.

We used to call it reefer and they call it smoke.

We used to call it Maui Wowie and they call it Superman.

We used to call it Blue Heaven and they call it Blue Dream.

We used to call it Jamaican Gold and they call it spliff.

We used to call it Texas Tea and they call it herb.

We used to call it Ganga and they call it hemp.

We used to call it a joint and they call it a dubby.

We used to call it loco weed and they call it orange cough.

And generation after generation has, does and will call it grass!

marijuana,mary jane, weed, grass, pot, cannabis

What do you call it?

Soooo, tonight as we got ready to go to the movies and as an enhancement to the viewing of The King’s Speech, we thought just a couple of drags and it would be like the old days…. I mean WHO didn’t go to see 2001 Space Odyssey stoned out of their minds or as we liked to think – totally into our minds.  Well as you know (or may not) grass just isn’t what it used to be!

Those were the days… when sitting around someone’s living room passing a joint around, first one, then another, and drinking a little, munching a lot, talking a lot and maintaining a serene high was a pleasant way to spend an evening.  Nowadays, if you tried to do that, in less than  30 minutes you’d be in the ER hallucinating to the point where you might even end up in Bellevue.  This new “stuff ” is really strong; if I ever got stoned on something this strong years ago I ‘d be sure it had been laced with PCP.

Two good drags later and in no time we were in the no-time- time-warp.  First there was a request from Joel for a scarf and/or a hat – like I didn’t tell him it was friggin freezin here before he left San Diego!  He wants a hat with ear flaps but maybe a scarf will do.  Now when he says scarf, he is conjuring up something long, soft and capable of wrapping around your neck and knotting.  My husband being from a whole other generation (or generations!), his scarves are shorter, woolier and meant to be worn inside a coat laying over the lapels of a jacket;  you can see where the gap is going….

Soon every scarf and hat were laid out on the piano like a habadashery banquet.  Ear muffs couldn’t be located, I think they’re at the Shore.  What about gloves?  Well it is the coldest night of the year.  Just about the time when all the necessary accessories had been accumulated, Peter leaning casually against the door frame states. “I don’t think it’s practical to go to the movies anymore, I mean it’s not in the cards”.  WHAT are you saying? The time warp widens and uncontrollable laughter ensues.  I mean he already bought the ticket, for God’s sake and now he just didn’t think he could make it up the street and into the theater and certainly not sit there for any great length of time.  So much for The King’ s Speech!!!

Believe it or not, I still made dinner although there are parts of it that seemed to cook themselves, lol.  Needless to say, everything tasted soooo good and we ate everything on the plate, quell surpriz!!  And of course this most definitely seemed like a dessert night;  but alas not a cookie in the house!  Ah ha, lucky us, this is New York City and whatever you want whenever you want it, you can get it.   Mmmmm good…ice cream sundaes feel like the thing to have.  After much deliberation, Joel and I decide on coffee ice cream sundaes with fudge sauce, wet walnuts and whipped cream and make it light on the cream since we know it’s not whipped but rather aerosoled! Actually we didn’t have a lot of choices since the only close ice cream place is pricey and it was too cold to go up a block or two to Ben & Jerry’s , so it was to be the coffee shop for our dessert. Joel returned with the ice cream sundaes and just what do you do when you’re still high and before you is a mass of ice cream, nuts, whipped cream and a cherry?  You melt peanut butter and pour it on top and then you are in heaven and if you’re lucky like we are tonight, TCM is showing I Love You Alice B. Toklas.

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