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English: Meals on Wheels ‘HotShot’ delivery vehicle, Hamburg Township, Michigan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I knew I was getting old (-er by the day) and certainly not making the money I once was BUT I didn’t know I qualified for Meals On Wheels!!  Apparently I do because yesterday my cousin Janet (you know the one I like to call Janie) called in the morning and asked Peter if he would like to have a dinner with the most delicious sauce and the pasta of his choice.  That was pretty sexy in Peter’s mind –  and the fact that he found that sexy is yet another story.

We knew we were in for an all-around great day.  We love when Danny and Janet come because we can talk about so many things.  First of all we always like to spend a little time discussing her sister Marian ( my cousin) and the ongoing saga of what to do with the house in Vermont?  Whether to sell the condo in Florida and why not buy or rent something in Ocean Grove?  You know how easy it is to talk about someone else’s business lol lol.

But most of all we love our political conversations.  We are kindred spirits when it comes to politics and as the current presidential election draws closer and the antics escalates, we have much to talk about.  We breezed through the RNC which amounted to a substance-lacking, misinformation fest and liars convention and moved onto talking about the DNC.  Of course since we are all Democrats, it was a lovely conversation praising the eloquence of Bill Clinton, the directness of John Kerry and intelligence, demeanor and character of President Obama.  No surprises there, as I said, we are all Democrats.

However, before we convened on the front porch with drinks and a fabulous antipasto, we spent a couple of hours on the beach.  Is there anything better than sitting on a virtually empty beach on a beautiful warm sunny September afternoon?  Hard to beat that not-too-hot, not humid, soft warmth of the September sun.  The sun has quickly shifted to a new slant in the sky, it knows summer is over even if we don’t want to believe it!  Did you ever notice your shadow at about 11am during this month?  I did a few days ago and realized how intensely dark and visibly outlined your shadow is.  This doesn’t happen during the long hazy lazy days of summer.

But back to the porch…we feasted on exquisite semolina bread brought from upstate – thank God because for some unknown reason, here in the heart of the Jersey shore, I can’t find decent Italian bread.  Janet brought the bread AND everything else you can imagine or will read about in the next few lines.  Perhaps you remember that this cousin Janet, is the one I  have referred  to in a previous blog as the one with the traveling pantry and bar.  Add to that, she arrived with a change of clothes and make-up!  Here’s what came out of that cavernous trunk: A liter of white rum, 2 limes, a cucumber, 3 packages of mint leaves, 2 quarts of her famous homemade macaroni gravy, 2 lbs of spaghetti, the loaf of semolina Italian bread, a container of simple syrup, a container of pre-washed lettuce, a container of tomatoes, special salad seasoning, a stick of pepperoni, a jar of fried Italian peppers, a jar of roasted red peppers, a chunk of provolone cheese and a package of brie, 2 bottles of water for the beach, and 2 quarts of seltzer for the Mojitos.  Gosh I hope I didn’t forget anything!!!  This is serious packing!  And so you can only imagine this delightful antipasto which we relished along with Danny’s famous Mojitos.  Added to all the delicacies she brought, we added Greek olives, green olives, olives stuffed with blue cheese, dolmades and stuffed red cherry peppers.  I am surely prejudiced but seriously you can’t beat a great Italian antipasto!

When the pesky mosquitos started nibbling on Janet and I, we quickly retreated inside where while they watched MSNBC (WHAT ELSE?) I set the table and prepped the dinner.  Eventually we sat down to dinner and once again just kvelled ( a Yiddish word meaning gushing, praising) over Janie’s fantastic sauce (aka gravy).  It was dark, dark red indicating how long it had simmered into a thick rich ragu laden with sausage, meatballs and pieces of pork. OMG! we ate a whole pound of spaghetti!  The salad was barely touched because there really wasn’t much room left after all the pasta we ate.  Except of course we found a bit of room about an hour later for some cookies, dark chocolate and tea.

Thank you Danny and Janet for making my day in not quite Clint Eastwood style – although he did make quite a few spaghetti westerns before he made an ass out of himself at the RNC.

With meals this good, I’m calling to sign up for regular delivery!

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President Barrack Obama

It’s been an emotional three nights watching the DNC.  And I’m SO SURPRISED at myself because I didn’t think I cared as much as I do or that I was as afraid as I am.   

Last week watching the Republican Convention, I was disturbed by the misquotes, distortions and downright lies.  BUT not to the point of arguing with anyone about it…No, it was more like a malaise, a mild depression set in.  I’ve been complacent and I think SO many of us who supported Barrack Obama four years ago, have become complacent.  And complacency is fertile ground for a disastrous upset.  We CANNOT let that happen!  I’m so glad I’ve watched the Democratic National Convention these past 3 nights because I am REALLY UPSET now!  I realize I have to sit up and take notice, speak up about my candidate, refute distortions, all the while trying to keep politics out of my friendships because I have several Republican friends.

The thing is being Republican is fine but not this new Republican mind set which seems to be based in racism, hate and distrust.  I saw on some station last week a bunch of hate posters, racist depictions of our President, angry words scrawled and this was in Tampa.  Extremism in anything is never a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

But this begs the question, Why am I crying?  NOT because of any of the above, but rather because my emotions are running so high, there’s been a lump in my throat every night, my eyes have filled with tears.  Why?


Michelle Obama is a lovely lady, who spoke from her heart.  She was invigorated with emotion and passion and of course she was also saying things I wanted to hear about women’s rights, the right to get equal pay, the right to choose what to with our own bodies.  I’m not a pro-abortionist, I’m not a right-to-lifer, but I am about rights!

Former President Bill Clinton moved my heart, my mind, and my soul.  I wept with admiration for his ability to capture the attention of thousands of viewers who listened with rapt attention.  He was AMAZING! He should have been a preacher (lol, lol,)well maybe not exactly a man of the cloth.  I was so damn proud to have supported him and voted for him.  Last night I was so damn proud to a Democrat, to be in the same party of beliefs that spawned the likes of John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, Hubert Humphrey, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama.

And tonight between tearing up while Gabby Giffords pledged allegiance to our flag and Jennifer Granholm shouting out the f…….g NUMBERS that saved our economy from tanking further, possibly into a real depression- Had all those jobs been lost, the foreclosures would have been overwhelming and thousands of people would have gone bankrupt, lost their homes and gone onto welfare.  If that weren’t enough for one evening, we got Joe Biden.

The pundits are right when they say don’t underestimate Joe, he is REAL, he speaks the truth, he has lived the way MOST of us have lived and he just talks about what he knows. He was spot on tonight!

Helloooooo President Obama! I’m already teary so it won’t take much to make me cry some more.  As I type this, he is speaking and so far the tone and temperament of his speech is clearly about what he has done, what he knows he has to do, why he should do it AND this is what we NEED to hear. This is why we should re-elect him and let him finish the job he has so intelligently started.  And I am truly glad that so far he has not plucked at the strings of my heart.

I am crying because I’m thrilled with the caliber of speakers of these past three nights.  I’m crying because their ideology is based in humanity, because the ideals and proposals have their root in benefiting the most not just the few, because at my age, I have lived through a couple of recessions, watched and waited for the trickledown to actually drip down enough so I could taste it, because perhaps they are all about the middle class.  Hey I was born into the middle class, I am still in the middle class and 99.9% of all the people I know in my life are in the middle class.  It’s a BIG class, some making huge salaries, some just enough to be comfortable…yes it is a BIG class and since there are many more of us than them, I’m glad my party is working hard to keep the middle class intact.

This is why I’m crying tonight!

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The "Second Revolution" flag, first ...

There Must Be A Revolution Going On!


Just when you think you’ve heard them all, rest assured you have NOT!  Conspiracy Theory Wednesday is in full swing because the Tea Party Movement is chock full of conspiracy theories.  As long as they spout them, I’ll print them.

This one is a doozy!  Both Democrats and Republicans agreed that Bill Clinton had great charisma and charmed crowds but…hypnotizing ??

I have copied this article from Mother Jones. Dave Gilson,  senior editor at Mother Jones posted this article in April 2009.

The Conspiracy: Barack Obama is not just an unusually eloquent speaker; he is an expert in mass hypnosis (hopenosis?). By tapping into the sinister techniques of neuro-linguistic programming, the president subliminally convinced Americans to elect him—and who knows what he’ll make us do next? Among his “trance induction” tricks: “extra slow speech, rhythm, tonalities, vagueness, visual imagery, metaphor, and raising of emotion.” And his “O” logo was even designed to look like a crystal ball.

The Conspiracy Theorists: The Obama-as-brainwasher-in-chief theory was first presented in an unsigned 67-page document posted on an Arizona libertarian’s website last October. It was picked up by conservative blogs, message boards, and Rush Limbaugh, who told listeners that “a bunch of surgeons and doctors” had diagnosed Obama’s “hypnotic effect.” “The people most susceptible to neuro-linguistic programming are young people and highly educated people,” he explained. “I find it interesting, too, that many Jewish voters are supporting Obama…Maybe it is hypnosis.”

Meanwhile, Back on Earth: We elected a president who uses rhythm, tonality, and visual imagery in his speeches? My God, what have we done? Does that mean that red-staters are immune to his awesome mesmerizing powers? And why can’t he use self-hypnosis to quit smoking?

I think it’s important to inject some humor into our week, don’t you?  Thank the Tea Partiers for this opportunity to laugh out loud at your computer screen.


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