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English: Meals on Wheels ‘HotShot’ delivery vehicle, Hamburg Township, Michigan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I knew I was getting old (-er by the day) and certainly not making the money I once was BUT I didn’t know I qualified for Meals On Wheels!!  Apparently I do because yesterday my cousin Janet (you know the one I like to call Janie) called in the morning and asked Peter if he would like to have a dinner with the most delicious sauce and the pasta of his choice.  That was pretty sexy in Peter’s mind –  and the fact that he found that sexy is yet another story.

We knew we were in for an all-around great day.  We love when Danny and Janet come because we can talk about so many things.  First of all we always like to spend a little time discussing her sister Marian ( my cousin) and the ongoing saga of what to do with the house in Vermont?  Whether to sell the condo in Florida and why not buy or rent something in Ocean Grove?  You know how easy it is to talk about someone else’s business lol lol.

But most of all we love our political conversations.  We are kindred spirits when it comes to politics and as the current presidential election draws closer and the antics escalates, we have much to talk about.  We breezed through the RNC which amounted to a substance-lacking, misinformation fest and liars convention and moved onto talking about the DNC.  Of course since we are all Democrats, it was a lovely conversation praising the eloquence of Bill Clinton, the directness of John Kerry and intelligence, demeanor and character of President Obama.  No surprises there, as I said, we are all Democrats.

However, before we convened on the front porch with drinks and a fabulous antipasto, we spent a couple of hours on the beach.  Is there anything better than sitting on a virtually empty beach on a beautiful warm sunny September afternoon?  Hard to beat that not-too-hot, not humid, soft warmth of the September sun.  The sun has quickly shifted to a new slant in the sky, it knows summer is over even if we don’t want to believe it!  Did you ever notice your shadow at about 11am during this month?  I did a few days ago and realized how intensely dark and visibly outlined your shadow is.  This doesn’t happen during the long hazy lazy days of summer.

But back to the porch…we feasted on exquisite semolina bread brought from upstate – thank God because for some unknown reason, here in the heart of the Jersey shore, I can’t find decent Italian bread.  Janet brought the bread AND everything else you can imagine or will read about in the next few lines.  Perhaps you remember that this cousin Janet, is the one I  have referred  to in a previous blog as the one with the traveling pantry and bar.  Add to that, she arrived with a change of clothes and make-up!  Here’s what came out of that cavernous trunk: A liter of white rum, 2 limes, a cucumber, 3 packages of mint leaves, 2 quarts of her famous homemade macaroni gravy, 2 lbs of spaghetti, the loaf of semolina Italian bread, a container of simple syrup, a container of pre-washed lettuce, a container of tomatoes, special salad seasoning, a stick of pepperoni, a jar of fried Italian peppers, a jar of roasted red peppers, a chunk of provolone cheese and a package of brie, 2 bottles of water for the beach, and 2 quarts of seltzer for the Mojitos.  Gosh I hope I didn’t forget anything!!!  This is serious packing!  And so you can only imagine this delightful antipasto which we relished along with Danny’s famous Mojitos.  Added to all the delicacies she brought, we added Greek olives, green olives, olives stuffed with blue cheese, dolmades and stuffed red cherry peppers.  I am surely prejudiced but seriously you can’t beat a great Italian antipasto!

When the pesky mosquitos started nibbling on Janet and I, we quickly retreated inside where while they watched MSNBC (WHAT ELSE?) I set the table and prepped the dinner.  Eventually we sat down to dinner and once again just kvelled ( a Yiddish word meaning gushing, praising) over Janie’s fantastic sauce (aka gravy).  It was dark, dark red indicating how long it had simmered into a thick rich ragu laden with sausage, meatballs and pieces of pork. OMG! we ate a whole pound of spaghetti!  The salad was barely touched because there really wasn’t much room left after all the pasta we ate.  Except of course we found a bit of room about an hour later for some cookies, dark chocolate and tea.

Thank you Danny and Janet for making my day in not quite Clint Eastwood style – although he did make quite a few spaghetti westerns before he made an ass out of himself at the RNC.

With meals this good, I’m calling to sign up for regular delivery!

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Bushido – The Way of the Warrior or The Seven Virtues of the Samurai.  Bushido is a code of conduct, a way of life (and death) based on seven virtues.  Below is an explanation of this Samurai Code from the website, Oriental Outlook:

The Way of the Samurai

“During the 9th and 12th centuries in Japan the warrior class were known as samurai, also called bushi (knights/warriors – bushi hence bushido).
They emerged from the provinces of Japan to become the ruling class until their decline and later total abolition in 1876 during the Meiji Era.

These warriors were men who lived by Bushido; it was their way of life. The samurai’s loyalty to the emperor and his overlord or daimyo were unsurpassed. They were trustworthy and honest. They lived frugal lives with no interest in riches and material things, but rather in honor and pride. They were men of true valor. Samurai had no fear of death. They would enter any battle no matter the odds. To die in battle would only bring honor to one’s family and one’s lord.”

Bushido, although an ancient code of conduct is still alive and well in Japan.  The Warrior’s Code is deeply imbued in this centuries-old culture.  And nowhere is it more evident than at the Fukushima nuclear site.

The Seven Virtues are:

RECTITUDE : Doing the right thing, making the right decision, not because it’s easy but because it is morally and ethically correct.

COURAGE: The ability to do things which one finds frightening.  “Courage is not the absence of fear.  It is acting in spite of it”…Mark Twain.

BENEVOLENCE: Charity, mercy.  The Japanese symbol for this word can also be translated to mean selflessness and love for humanity.

RESPECT: We treat others with dignity and respect the rules of our family, school and nation.

HONESTY: Truth, faith, and fidelity.

HONOR: Having or earning the respect of others.  It is the status of being worthy of honor, not to be confused with the act of doing honorable things.

LOYALTY: Faithful, true, devoted and obedient.  Many centuries ago, the Samurai were loyal to the emperor and his overlord.  Post-war Japan brought a new loyalty;  loyalty to the corporation replaced the emperor or overlord and as one can see today, this virtue is held in high regard.

Today I read a deeply disturbing article online on the MSNBC website.   It was about TEPCO offering large sums of money to workers who will work in the plant while containment is underway and are looking for “jumpers”.  Definition of a “jumper” is a worker who will bring one end of a pump into the reactor, dump it in the water and run  out. And there was also a story about the fatalistic attitude prevalent with the 50-man shifts of workers trying to control the impending and continuing crisis at the Fukushima nuclear site.  Please copy and paste the url below to access this story.


Report: Fukushima nuke workers expect to die

And now you know why these 300 workers are known as the Atomic Samurai.


Bushido, Samurai warrior, The Way of the Warrior, Samurai code of conduct, Atomic Samurai

A Samurai Warrior

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BIG Bad Parents

Why is the BIG question as to the abrupt exit of Keith Olberman from MSNBC‘s extremely popular show, COUNTDOWN with Keith Olberman.  There can be no doubt that his 8pm time slot was by far the most watched and was so proven in survey results time after time.  Is this media fickleness? NO!

Is this a good business decision? DOUBTFUL! He has two years left in his contract at a salary of roughly $7M per year, so clearly paying someone NOT to work is not good business.  I wouldn’t mind being fired if I could get paid $7M per year and not work, but that’s another story all together.

Word on the street is that COMCAST didn’t like his defiance, his independence – I guess they were strict parents.  Oh and yes they are the parents because COMCAST  acquired NBC and along with it of course, MSNBC.  What a shame!  Censorship in any newscast whether it be from a mainstream network anchor or a broadcast personality with a view is a terrible thing.

It’s one of the reasons my husband and I never watch movies on certain channels because not only are they broken up irreverently with commercials they are also edited to eliminate any offensive or deemed to be offensive words.  In other words, no pun intended, and actually in those words – somebody in some office high in the sky is deciding what I can and cannot watch or hear!  Mmmmm if my memory serves me right, that has always been the forerunner of a dictatorship in the making.

The web is full of news today about this very sad event, you can find thousands of comments on Twitter, most lamenting this terrible turn of events.  I hope there is a backlash, that there is some Peter Finch in all of us.

For me, it would be hard not to continue to watch MSNBC because I really do like Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell.  So I have to think about how to let the mega media company know I’m not happy with their actions.  I know we all think what can I do and I’m only one person so it won’t count but we also know that if all of us one persons do something, somebody will take notice!  For years I had ABC News as my home page on my computer but recently abandoned it because I couldn’t click on any article without activating some horrifically loud commercial about something I didn’t want to hear AND the mute button was never visible, I would have to exit that screen if I could find which one of their stupid pop up ads was talking.  I wonder what thinktank came up with that brainstorm?

What can we do? Write to the corporation? Write to the sponsors of MSNBC – YES !  “Follow the money” – you remember those famous words uttered over and over again by Deep Throat – that’s where it hurts, that’s what gets their attention; Money talks, everything else walks. Check out the blog later, I will try to compile a list of sponsors that may be less than pleased by this stupid act of parental control.

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Grey Catbird / Dumetella carolinensis

Image via Wikipedia


Obscure Origins of Common Phrases

It was Friday night and we were watching MSNBC and Keith Oberman was reading a short story from a James Thurber book.  For those of you who are NOT leaning left and were listening to some Fox news rhetoric, this reading always takes place on a Friday evening on his show. Anyway, at some point in the story, this paragraph was read:

“She must be a Dodger fan. Red Barber announces the Dodger games over the radio and he uses those expressions… ‘sitting in the catbird seat’ means sitting pretty, like a batter with three balls and no strikes on him.”

Heard it all my life, know what it means and wondered buy why and how did it come about.  My guess last night was that it had something to do with sailing and boy was I ever wrong!!!

The phrase is of American origin and refers to the common gray catbird who is in the same group of birds that the Mockingbird is in and they are known as mimic thrushes. The Catbird can mimic the sound of a cat meowing.  The catbird seeks the highest perch to sing and display.  It may also have been the source of an earlier term with much the same meaning – sitting pretty.

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