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The New Black

The New Black

Black is the season-less color in Manhattan.

What to wear? Why black of course. Pastels in the Spring? No way! Black pencil skirts with crisp tailored shirts and black blazers. Black Tori Burch flats and you’re good to go until July.

Summer nights and strappy black sundresses are de riguer eveningwear. Rooftop bars look like giant moving inkblots from a distance. Here and there glints of silver and gold bounce off the setting sun.

Black jeans, black sweaters, black boots and black Northface parkas – I must be in a subway in February.

Black is the new black for every season!

BLACK is the word in this week’s 100 Word Challenge through Velvet Verbosity.  You can read more at http://www.velvetverbosity.com/

This is a blog hop.

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