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That Was Then

You know there are a lot of people who complain that we have become a society of keyboard krazies, communicating only thru email, texting in 3 letter abbreviations, sending emoticons to let another person know whether we’re  happy or sad.  There’s some truth to that BUT, on the other hand, the internet has opened up a world of social networking and a way for even us baby boomers to stay in touch with family and friends.  I can skype with my grandchildren, I can blog AND I can play scrabble online with a dear friend who lives 1000 miles south of me  during the winter and sails off the coast of Maine summer BUT who through the miracle of microchips and cell towers continues to play with me while even on board. Just think, she can be online on board.

Heather and I became friends when we both worked at Compass Realty in Connecticut, a hundred years ago. We were Sales Associates then and life was good “in the Valley” .  She lived in Simsbury and I lived in Avon.  We never became “couple” friends possibly because of who I was married to at the time but we shared ideas and anecdotes, kid advice and even did  a couple of deals together.  Besides the fact that she was always smiling, I have one outstanding memory of Heather.  I had to move out of my house after my divorce and moving out and cleaning up turned out to be a major chore.  I can still see Heather on her hands and knees cleaning the laundry room floor where the washer and dryer had been.  I was so touched by her help to begin with and the fact that she was tackling one of the dirtiest jobs in the house just floored me!  This wasn’t my best friend, this wasn’t family, and she came over to help and pitched in to ease the burden of a very painful day.  I know I thanked you then, but let me do so again….Thank you , Mrs. Smith!

Now why do I bring this up today? Well the story continues…. I leave my life in CT behind and eventually move to New York City.  Heather and I had exchanged a few emails over time and her daughter moved to Brooklyn.  One day about 10 years ago ( I think) she came to the City and we had a brief lunch.  It was so nice to see a familiar face in town.  Then along came My  Space and Facebook and Heather and I connected again.  She loves to play Scrabble as I do and so for the past couple of years (literally) we have been playing Scrabble online thru Facebook.  Our games would go on for weeks at a time….in the beginning we would have to postpone our games during sailing season, but now that has all changed – YAY!

Yesterday, I was helping a friend out in her Tea Room when word came to me in the kitchen that a Heather and her husband were in the Dining Room and wanted to talk to me – I thought someone wanted to make a reservation.  OMG, it was Heather, that Heather and her husband, Jeff. WOWIE! They were heading south along the Jersey Shore to meet up with one of their kids and because I’ve written so many blogs and posted so many photos of Ocean Grove, they took the time to get off the Parkway and check out the town and me. 

It was quite amazing to find Heather and Jeff standing in front of me in Ocean Grove.  They got themselves in the Grove and then called Peter at home in NYC. He told her where I was and where our little cottage was and it turned out that they were practically two doors away.  I know it gives me great pleasure to surprise someone in the hopes that my visit is going to not only surprise but please.  They were grinning from ear to ear and YES, guys your visit was so damn cool!!!

Thank you for taking the time for a detour that brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart. You are very special! 

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Who knew? Well certainly not I or even me! Charles Osgood knew or least his researchers and fact checkers ascertained for him that this neat little popular game of the 50’s (and still today) was originally conceived as a way to keep children happily playing indoors where they would not be exposed to the dreaded disease of polio!  I heard this on Sunday Morning today.

Over the years the board graphics have changed, the playing pieces evolved, not necessarily for the better in my opinion, but then again I am a great fan of vintage graphics.

Here is a photo of a very early Candy Land game board.  Isn’t it great?  Revisiting my old favorites of the Molasses Swamp, the Ice Cream Float and the Peppermint Stick Forest brings back a flood of nostalgic memories;  playing this simple game for HOURS with my girl friends.


Lollipop woods, gum drop mountain, molasses swamp, candy cane forest

Original Candy Land Game Board


Candy Land Game Board 1985

Theme Version

Dora the Explorer in Candy Land

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