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Maybe We Should Take The Bus

Maybe We Should Take The Bus

I’m not sure that this is the best title for this blog but I was at a loss probably due to the fact that I haven’t had my Starbucks today!  Hopefully Peter will brave the cold and snowy trip to Starbucks and bring back some hot steaming Americano.  

I saw this and the timing was perfect to post it today.  Hope it puts a smile on your face and then you can think twice about leaving home.  Personally I think I’m staying in.   THANK GOD (and IBM and the Japanese and Steve Jobs) for computers so I can work from home on my MAC.  Or I can play Scrabble or bid on eBay or test my brain with Lumosity!

Enjoy!  Click the link below!

Make It A “Snow Day”

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Last year’s blog of the same name see “Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one”  drew  a LOT of hits, so I thought I should write an updated version.  This is not my original quote, although I wish I had said it.  Brad Paisley, country song-writer and singer is the author of that wonderful phrase.  It says so much, implies so much and inspires much.

2013 brought the usual  delights, disappointments, thrills, chills and surprises that seem to come along every year,  It was a very good year in that we were blessed with a new grandson, Thomas Fletcher, known as Fletch.  Business was better than last year and that’s always good.  I do love to travel although we haven’t done much since we bought the cottage at the shore,  we did take a trip to Old Quebec with Stacey and Matt (Peter’s sister and hubby).  That was delightful, however we really didn’t expect snow in April!

The One about Stephen R. Covey

The One about Stephen R. Covey (Photo credit: kndynt2099)

With each New Year comes the resolution to lose weight, eat healthier,  and exercise more – they’re practically universal these days.  I’m going to try to learn some Italian, perhaps switch my blog to my own domain name, work smarter and not harder which may mean delving back into Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Effective People.  And on the other hand, I’d like to win more at Mah Jongg and Scrabble lol, lol.

I’m hoping all of above is not contingent on just luck because I don’t have any black eye peas in the house and if we don’t eat them tomorrow, well you never know….and I don’t like to tempt fate!

Your book starts tomorrow (even though it’s already today) and I wish you all plenty of ink to write long and happy chapters.  Happy New Year to all my readers and followers.  Thank you for sticking around and your comments are always welcome and so very appreciated.


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I wish I had started this countdown on the first but somehow I forgot/got bogged down/was obsessing  over my granddaughter’s missing Elf on the Shelf.  Add a couple of nights devoted to movie going, a few hours at the office and all the other daily/weekly things that fill up your time.  All that and playing Scrabble online and Words With Friends lol.

Alright so I didn’t make this into an Advent Blog month, probably you don’t care one way or the other.  Well I decided to do it tonight (even though it is actually tomorrow -2am!).

Gift choices  for the Foodies on your list are almost endless.  You can go the imported wine route or single-malt Scotch, or the fancy small specialties such as caviar or truffles or choose from the myriad sources of artisanal cheeses, salamis, or smoked salmon.  Catalogs offering overnight delivery for every foodstuff imaginable are clogging the mailboxes. I really didn’t know which item to feature (Mmmm I may have an idea here about doing 2o days of gifts for Foodies), so I just picked one that sort of jumped off the page at me.

That’s it, I’m changing the name of the post, I’m going for 20 days of food and drink gift ideas.  WHY? Because I had almost forgotten the rule we have about receiving gifts;  If we can’t eat it, drink it or attend it, then please keep it for yourself because we have way too much stuff now!!


Want to spoil someone you love? Goat ahead. These caramels, made with goat milk, sea salt and bourbon vanilla, come in a lovely wooden gift box.  Caramels seem to be a hot item this year, I wonder if they pushed French Macaroons into second place?  You can purchase this tasty sweet treat from  bigpicturefarm.com. Cost is $50.

Sea Salt and Bourbon  OH BOY!

Sea Salt and Bourbon

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English: Albert Einstein, official 1921 Nobel ...

Albert Einstein

Seriously, yes I am! I know I have been MIA for a couple of weeks and one might think the worst;  like “oh dear, she must be really sick” or “oh my things must be going badly for her right now”…

Well I’m here to say NOT SO!  I have been busy, busy, busy.  And of course I am over-committed so unlike Einstein, for some reason I don’t have enough hours in the day to do all that I want to do and I have pushed off writing a blog.  On the other hand since I am a staunch believer in the fact that people do what they want to do all the time, I may have to try to be more honest with myself and my readers.  

It’s true I have been working and the fruits of those labors came true when I was able to list a property for sale in my building.  It took a few visits and a lot of time spent staging it but it was well worth it.  I put it on the market on Friday and the first showings and Open House were on Sunday and on Monday we had one offer, on Tuesday we two offers, on Wednesday we had three offers. On Thursday I l left town to fulfill my other business obligation.  It’s not very easy to serve two masters in two different states even if they are adjacent.

Someone will surely suffer or both and neither will be happy and then I’ll be out on both accounts.  So this weekend I have to settle the issue and am dreading the conversation.  I don’t want to let anyone down, I commit and I stay with it, I take responsibility to a degree that actually is self-destructive by putting other people’s needs above my own.  This time my own level of stress has been so great that I am going to push through my anxiety and confront the issue.  So many factors to consider.

So busy with two jobs, running between two states and all the rest of life’s miseries still in place, although I haven’t written any blogs in two weeks, I have found time to play Scrabble, I did get a pedicure, I did have breakfast with a friend, I did play one game of Mah Jongg and I did go out one night to dinner and a show with friends and I did go to the doctor’s one day.   Well that’s the truth dear readers and I did all that rather than try to write a blog.  

Did I have writer’s block? No, my friend Gail has sent me several articles I have saved because I want to use the material.  There was one reason I postponed and postponed and it began on Mother’s Day.  I wanted to write a loving blog in memory of my mother but instead we were out and then back in the car to NYC and then back into a grinding routine.  My birthday followed shortly after and I wanted to write about this particular birthday and my mother.  I started many times to formulate it in my head.  I knew it was going to be heavy and so I kept procrastinating.  Memorial Day came and went and we had company and we went to a barbeque and we went out to dinner and then we worked here in NJ and then home again-still the blog haunts me.  

I may have to try to write it soon, I think it will be cathartic.

This weekend is for seeing a first cousin who I haven’t seen since she was little and I have no idea of how many years have passed. She and another first cousin who I have never met – And this is on my mother’s side….the unwritten blog is sending me a message. But doesn’t it know I have to work tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night and Sunday and then drive back to NYC really early Monday so I can go to work there?  Have mercy!

It happens to be pouring rain outside this morning which is making the whole yard a deep bright green.  I glanced out the window and am wondering where the newspaper is, perhaps it floated away.  

Have a delightful day, I’ll be back.

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A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case the picture is a thousand words or so.  What a great Christmas gift for the gamester in your life.  I play Scrabble every day with some friends online through Facebook.  In my other life, (yes I had one) I used to play Scrabble every day in the summer with my friend Barbara Regan.  Sitting at the pool or in her kitchen, we whiled away hours of word smithing. I’ll bet you know a Scrabble player too.

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Triple Word Wonderful

* available at spoonsisters.com

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Location within Hartford County, Connecticut

That Was Then

You know there are a lot of people who complain that we have become a society of keyboard krazies, communicating only thru email, texting in 3 letter abbreviations, sending emoticons to let another person know whether we’re  happy or sad.  There’s some truth to that BUT, on the other hand, the internet has opened up a world of social networking and a way for even us baby boomers to stay in touch with family and friends.  I can skype with my grandchildren, I can blog AND I can play scrabble online with a dear friend who lives 1000 miles south of me  during the winter and sails off the coast of Maine summer BUT who through the miracle of microchips and cell towers continues to play with me while even on board. Just think, she can be online on board.

Heather and I became friends when we both worked at Compass Realty in Connecticut, a hundred years ago. We were Sales Associates then and life was good “in the Valley” .  She lived in Simsbury and I lived in Avon.  We never became “couple” friends possibly because of who I was married to at the time but we shared ideas and anecdotes, kid advice and even did  a couple of deals together.  Besides the fact that she was always smiling, I have one outstanding memory of Heather.  I had to move out of my house after my divorce and moving out and cleaning up turned out to be a major chore.  I can still see Heather on her hands and knees cleaning the laundry room floor where the washer and dryer had been.  I was so touched by her help to begin with and the fact that she was tackling one of the dirtiest jobs in the house just floored me!  This wasn’t my best friend, this wasn’t family, and she came over to help and pitched in to ease the burden of a very painful day.  I know I thanked you then, but let me do so again….Thank you , Mrs. Smith!

Now why do I bring this up today? Well the story continues…. I leave my life in CT behind and eventually move to New York City.  Heather and I had exchanged a few emails over time and her daughter moved to Brooklyn.  One day about 10 years ago ( I think) she came to the City and we had a brief lunch.  It was so nice to see a familiar face in town.  Then along came My  Space and Facebook and Heather and I connected again.  She loves to play Scrabble as I do and so for the past couple of years (literally) we have been playing Scrabble online thru Facebook.  Our games would go on for weeks at a time….in the beginning we would have to postpone our games during sailing season, but now that has all changed – YAY!

Yesterday, I was helping a friend out in her Tea Room when word came to me in the kitchen that a Heather and her husband were in the Dining Room and wanted to talk to me – I thought someone wanted to make a reservation.  OMG, it was Heather, that Heather and her husband, Jeff. WOWIE! They were heading south along the Jersey Shore to meet up with one of their kids and because I’ve written so many blogs and posted so many photos of Ocean Grove, they took the time to get off the Parkway and check out the town and me. 

It was quite amazing to find Heather and Jeff standing in front of me in Ocean Grove.  They got themselves in the Grove and then called Peter at home in NYC. He told her where I was and where our little cottage was and it turned out that they were practically two doors away.  I know it gives me great pleasure to surprise someone in the hopes that my visit is going to not only surprise but please.  They were grinning from ear to ear and YES, guys your visit was so damn cool!!!

Thank you for taking the time for a detour that brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart. You are very special! 

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A light bulb

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What did I do to offend the spirit of Thomas Edison? I love my lights; I treat them with respect.   I dust their little heads,  vacuum their shades if they have one.   Frayed cords? No way! Most of my lighting fixtures, whether they’re lamps or ceiling lights are vintage.  Some of our lamps come from the 40″s and 50″s and most of them have been lovingly re-wired.

So why, can you tell me why in the past 24 hours not one, not two, not three BUT four light bulbs have just popped and died right in my hands?  Last night I turned on the lamp that sits on my table/computer desk and after a couple of flickers, it went pooft!  I called Peter to come fix it because I didn’t think it was the bulb.  He didn’t think it was the bulb either BUT he tried testing the bulb on another lamp and nothing, nada, zippo.  Peter put in a new 40 watt bulb and I was able to continue playing Scrabble, er I mean working!  This morning I turned on the lamp and unbelievable!!!- the light bulb blew!  Rummaging around through more halogen bulbs than I could use in a lifetime, soon to discover there are no more 40 watt bulbs 😦

Time to set up the table for Mah Jongg, the Mavens are coming here.  After I spread out the olives, crackers, cheese and dips AND some potato knishes (it IS Chanukah after all),  I switched on the overhead light above the table and I know what you’re thinking but you’re wrong – the light came on.  But then it went out, and then it came on and then it went out.  Peter!!! He tapped the globe a couple of times and it went on and it went off.  Soooo he unscrewed the globe and took the bulb out, tried it in another lamp and it didn’t work at all.  Now this lighting fixture had a 150 watt bulb in it and naturally there were none of those in the house.  Best he could do was a 100 watt bulb and if you don’t think 50 watts makes a difference, well try playing Mah Jongg under it. Mmmm I thought, what to do? I turned on the kitchen light, the light under the cabinet and the turned on the tiny lamp that was on the window sill and THEN I picked my brightest yellow Mah Jongg set with all of the characters clearly visible.  I thought that was kind of resourceful:)

About midnight when all the tiles were put away, table wiped clean and chairs back where they belong, I joined Peter in the bedroom.  He turned on the light next to the bed and pooft the light bulb went out.  FOUR??!!! Glory be to G.E.!

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Facebook logo

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Already touted as the best movie of the year, I really enjoyed seeing this  film last week.  Best movie?  Well that may be a bit of a stretch… I think the most riveting aspect of The  Social Network is the portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg by Jessie Eisenberg.  He was quite amazing;  deadpan face, a voice devoid of emotion, totally lacking in any social graces and barely socialized as a member of the human race – I really wondered if the real Mark Zuckerberg is or was like this.  I mean this character is the geekiest of the geeks and the nerdiest of the nerds.

I think those of us who are extroverted and cognizant of society’s mores think those others like being that way;  that it’s a choice to be weird and withdrawn.  However,  we’re wrong – this movie is an insight into the pain of the outcast, the overlooked and the obvious misfit.

There are lots of ways to draw attention to yourself and most people do it  purposefully.   For example, it was difficult to determine if Mark’s choice of shorts and sandals in the winter were an affectation ( I think not) or was he just so…., SO unaware? Or I can’t even think of the word or words that describe someone who is not just walking to the beat of a different drummer, he is actually in another band all together.

I love Facebook;  it has enabled me to reconnect with old friends and neighbors; it has given me some interesting insights into my adult children’s world and I like playing Scrabble too. lol.  I think what I find fun and exciting in Facebook is pretty universal…so how did this great social network have its genesis in the twisted and distorted vision of a young alienated college kid?  I don’t know and he’s (Mark) not saying!  The movie leads us to believe that basically the first incarnation of what later became Facebook was a website rating the hotness of female students in Harvard and surrounding schools.

Mark’s uncanny ability to write program and his roommate’s ability to write checks ultimately produced the web site that has rocked the world!  And made Mark a billionaire and put some big bucks in a few other pockets too because this rise to financial stardom came with the price tag of  the  lost friendship of  the only friend he had, attorney’s fees, lawsuits and a bunch of hangers-on who drank and drugged with his money.  And while the booze flowed and the entourage grew larger and larger,  he seemed oblivious to the fact that he was losing both control and his partner.

But it was all about the pain; the longing to be with a girl who would accept him for he was; a nerd and  a geek and a very brilliant one at that.  The website wasn’t a way to meet girls  but rather a weapon; a means  to strike back at all the girls who over the years had  ignored him, humiliated him and rejected  him.

There was one particular characteristic that I found oddly refreshing in a shocking sort of way.  It was the way in which Mark spoke to people; seemingly unconscious that his words might hurt someone, or that his remarks might be inappropriate.  He opened his mouth and what came out was  exactly what was on his mind, he never minced words.  In some instances, it was his own self-aggrandizement and his complete confidence in his own point of view that kept him from tempering his words, often insulting people with his own knowledge.

Interesting insight into Napster creator, Shawn Fanning and the seduction of Mark Zuckerberg by this high-flying wheeler-dealer Californian.

The last word – Facebook is a raving social network success in spite of Mark Zuckerberg, the most un-socialized persona I’ve ever come across.


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