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Deutsch: Logo von Cartier

Deutsch: Logo von Cartier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I posted this breathtaking commercial last year and raved about it then.  I noticed that a few readers found that post recently and so just for my own amusement, I opened the link.  Boy was I ever surprised to find that the link changed!  How I don’t know but what was there was a boring interview between two men.  Last night I corrected last year’s post and updated it with the new link.  However, if posting it again will expose this masterpiece to more viewers, I’m happy to post it again. It IS SO WORTH WATCHING!  If you’ve seen it on TV you are only viewing an abbreviated version.  Watch this one.  I am just so amazed by the creativity and production.

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SURREAL may be an understatement for this exquisite commercial!  Can you imagine using that adjective to describe a TV ad?  I can hardly believe I’m writing a blog about it, but I am. 

Cartier has produced a spectacular commercial aptly titled L’Odyssée de Cartier.  Their signature leopard leads the viewer through the evolution of the brand.  Amazingly clever, beautifully executed and besides the captivating images, the soundtrack is an absolutely perfect complement to the film. 

I first saw L’Odyssée as a Youtube video and I’ve embedded that link for your viewing pleasure!  Cartier is running an abbreviated version on a couple of major network shows, but it’s nothing compared to the original. You won’t believe the beauty, the cinematography, the music, the woman, the dress!! And we thought Budweiser made clever Super Bowl ads – yeah right!

I was very disappointed when I saw it on TV.  It was like seeing a movie adapted from a book with half the chapters left out.  See for yourself!

L’Odyssée de Cartier

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