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Well, last night was quite an evening….I started at 8:00PM insisting we watch the 2 hour special of Kitchen Nightmares.  I love Gordon Ramsey and make no apologies for saying so!  I watch Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef and Kitchen Nightmares.  Last night my husband watched it with me and whether he did so out of love or reluctance to get up off the couch is up for debate.  Actually he wanted to see this episode because we had seen the original show of Amy’s Bakery and we, like apparently hundreds of other watchers were both fascinated and appalled by the goings on in Scottsdale!  If you didn’t see the show and are at all curious I understand that YouTube has many clips.  Amy  and her husband George (aka The Gangster) run a restaurant and while they are at it, they run a lot of their customers out of the dining room and run all of their wait staff out the door!  This morning, Peter wanted to discuss just how fascinating a personality Amy is and I sort of dismissed her by remarking “I don’t find narcissism and neurotic behavior all that fascinating”.  Probably the rigid Germanic side of my ancestry!

Anyway this blog was not intended to go on and on about that show but seriously I could….Which makes those two characters and Gordon Ramsey interesting and fascinating after all!

Next I checked out my DVR to find what else I may have recorded for my own personal viewing;  I say that because Peter hates to watch commercial TV and usually only watched movies (the black and white kind of course) so I tape many of the “dumb” shows I want to see and I watch them way into the wee hours of the night.  I told him I was going to watch The Millionaire Matchmaker which I thought would surely drive him into the bedroom but no, he stayed.  This particular episode was about this shallow, disgusting and fat (yes I said fat) NY publicist and I figured if he was going to watch one of these shows, he would find this one interesting.  NOTE: the word interesting doesn’t alway connote something clever or good.  She was so disgusting I refuse to give her any more verbiage in my blog!

I think Peter left the room after that because I announced I was going to watch Grey’s Anatomy.  I knew he would scoot out of the den before that was on.  He hates doctor/hospital shows and this one is a soap too.  I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy since its beginning but wonder if it is readying itself for a swan song ending.  I read somewhere that Sandra Oh is leaving and now it looks like Karev will be off making some real money in private practice!  Peter just loves it when I talk about these characters as if they were real people lol.

English: Logo for the US television show Grey'...

 Grey’s Anatomy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been under A LOT OF STRESS lately and sitting alone on the couch last night, remote firmly in my hand  was lovely!  After my Grey’s fix, I watched the last Hell’s Kitchen episode that I missed this week.  Yes, it was time for Mike to go.  Nobody on the blue team liked him and they would never let him help out so he always ended up looking inept.  

It was now about 1:00 AM and too late to watch the scary episode of CSI since even the commercials warned you to be prepared.  I couldn’t watch anything that might involve cannibalism and then go to bed.  Luckily for me, The Millionaire Matchmaker  is running re-runs as well as new episodes and they seem to  be back to back.  I stayed up until 2:00 AM watching more mindless matchmaking.  Well, let me say that Patti isn’t doing her job mindlessly lol, it’s me watching her show mindlessly.

And that’s how it took me 6 hours to unwind from a week of terrible stress.  None of the issues and problems that are causing the stress are resolved but by 2 AM, I couldn’t care less!

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey (Photo credit: jo-marshall (was Jo-h))

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Today my nephew Justin sent me a YouTube video from WatchMoJo.com and as he suspected, it was right up my alley. You can find it on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIsoZd4EHeQ.  The makers of this video are upset over some BEST PICTURE Academy Award winners during years when there were (in their opinion and mine except for one) much better and more deserving movies nominated.   Did you know that the BEST PICTURE category is the only one in which any and all Academy members are allowed to vote.  Every other category is limited to members of the group category.  Here is their list: See what you think of the list and their picks.  What would you pick?  My choices are **

  1. 1998 – Driving Miss Daisy  won BP and therefore Dead Poet’s Society* and The Fourth of July lost. 
  2. 1982 – Ghandi  beat out ET* and Tootsie
  3. 1941 How Green Was My Valley won and that meant that The Maltese Falcon and Citizen Kane* lost! Citizen Kane, REALLY??
  4. 1996 – The English Patient which I actually liked a lot even though it has  been mocked in a SEINFELD episode.  It did win over Jerry MaGuire and Fargo*
  5. 1998 – Shakespeare in Love a very nice movie but no Saving Private Ryan*.
  6. 1990 – Dances With Wolves My main disagreement with this list; I loved Dances With Wolves although I can no longer watch it because of the harm of the wolf. It was pitted against Awakenings and Ghost*
  7. 2002 – Chicago I loved the soundtrack and the movie itself BUT I thought this top award should go to  Lord of the Rings-Two Towers*, The Pianist was an also ran and if I could pick two, it would be included.
  8. 2005 – Crash A good story however, BP needs to encompass story line, acting, casting, set design and direction and as that is the criteria, it’s hard to believe that this movie won over Capote, Broke Back Mountain* and Good Night and Good Luck.
  9. 1956 – Around the World in 80 Days fun, cute but the performances in The King and I* and the cinematography and art direction of the Ten Commandments certainly deserved the BP over the winner.
  10. 1968 – Oliver Hollywood loves its musicals and all things Brittish, but this movie was not as good as 2001 Space Odessey*.

I’m posting my Ten More tomorrow morning. I started this too late, it’s been a long day but the real reason I’m stopping here is because I have to watch Hell’s Kitchen which I DVR’d earlier this evening!

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Although this video has been making the rounds on Facebook, I love Christopher Walken and I love to dance and watch great dancers.  Walken is wonderful to watch! I’m sorry I missed so many of his movies and never saw most of these clips.  The video originated on Huffington Post‘s Movie Mash-Ups.  Enjoy!!


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SURREAL may be an understatement for this exquisite commercial!  Can you imagine using that adjective to describe a TV ad?  I can hardly believe I’m writing a blog about it, but I am. 

Cartier has produced a spectacular commercial aptly titled L’Odyssée de Cartier.  Their signature leopard leads the viewer through the evolution of the brand.  Amazingly clever, beautifully executed and besides the captivating images, the soundtrack is an absolutely perfect complement to the film. 

I first saw L’Odyssée as a Youtube video and I’ve embedded that link for your viewing pleasure!  Cartier is running an abbreviated version on a couple of major network shows, but it’s nothing compared to the original. You won’t believe the beauty, the cinematography, the music, the woman, the dress!! And we thought Budweiser made clever Super Bowl ads – yeah right!

I was very disappointed when I saw it on TV.  It was like seeing a movie adapted from a book with half the chapters left out.  See for yourself!

L’Odyssée de Cartier

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My friend, Gail sent me this YouTube video and it cracked me up.  Many of you (my readers) who do not live in The City have written to me and told me how much you enjoy hearing about life in Manhattan through photos and prose.  Here’s a video you will find hilarious.

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91/365 Happy April Fools Day!

Hi, I'm Joe, your blind date

Continuing along with my 52 reasons to celebrate this year (and why not, life is so short), this is one of those holidays you can choose to celebrate all day long.   I don’t think we will be having any special April Fool’s Day dinner although I do have a recipe for a desert called Raspberry Fool and if you want it, just let me know.  MMmmmm I suppose I could make Peter a martini and use vodka instead of gin, but he wouldn’t be fooled much past the first sip and then…well I guess I would have to drink that one.

When I was a kid, I know I loved this day to pull the classic April Fool’s pranks on my family.  You know, the salt in the sugar bowl or the sugar in the salt shaker.  You can try really loosening the cap on the pepper shaker and hope it comes off when someone tries to sprinkle some pepper on their food.   Or adding a tiny bit of food coloring to the milk so it looks like it turned sour – yuk!!

Of course there are some more adult tricks to play on others today and if you work in an office you might find these helpful; When your co-workers have gone out to lunch, switch the wires on two phones on adjacent desks.  The phone will ring and they won’t be able to answer it!  Or place post-it notes on every item on someone’s desk, labeling the item. Or fool the whole office by placing a sign on each exit door (hopefully there are two) saying Please Use Other Door.  And here’s a nasty one. Photo copy a paper clip several times and then load that paper back into the copier and when the next few people go to copy something they will go crazy trying to find the paper clip stuck in the copier.

And for those of you who just want to have fun anywhere all day try these classics;  Get a piece of cloth that you can tear easily drop  a dollar bill and then get out of sight but close by and wait for someone to bend over and pick it up. Then rip the cloth!   Or glue a quarter to the floor and watch as people try to retrieve it.

And there’s more classic pranks to play on members of your household;  You can put salt on their toothbrush or wrap a rubber band around the spray-nozzle in the kitchen sink and when someone turns it on they will get sprayed (make sure it is facing forward).   We all know about putting a paper cup full of water on top of a door that is slightly ajar but to make the prank not quite so nasty, try filling the cup with confetti instead.  An icky trick is to replace the hand lotion in the bottle with some mayonnaise – how about a ham sandwich?

Take some pages from yesterday’s or older newspaper and replace a couple of pages in today’s paper! Also not nice is to put a cotton ball or two in the toe of someone’s shoe and watch as they wonder how and when their feet grew.   Or you can put a note on a car in the parking lot saying “Sorry about the dent, call me so we can swap insurance information”  Use a fake name and number and watch from a distance while they frantically search for the dent.

And this last one is definitely in the nasty category;  add yellow food coloring to small amount of water and sprinkle on the toilet seat – this one is good for home and work, ha ha ha.  Or you can set the TV to an obnoxious channel, turn the volume way up high and turn off the TV and wait for the next person to turn it on and jump out of their shoes.

I’d like to credit for these many April Fool’s Day jokes and pranks but I can’t.  We live in the World Wide Web and it is chock full of these and hundreds more practical jokes.  You know you can find anything on the internet!!

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Epic Fail

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I was really excited when I saw the subject line of an email I received from my friend, Gail; you know, my chief contributor of fact, fiction, trivia and minutia!  I went to the site, read it and experienced an AHA MOMENT, I thought great; Let’s end 2010 by banishing certain over-used, mis-used and conf-used words.  Here is the list compiled by Lake Superior State University. I’M JUST SAYIN this list has the WOW FACTOR and by publishing it, I hope my blog goes VIRAL, read by all the MAMA GRIZZLIES, that I get an EPIC number of hits. I’m going to GOOGLE and FACEBOOK it and if read by all THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, it surely will not be a FAIL. And as we enter into a new year, I do hope all of you will LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!


“Often used to describe the spreading of items on the Internet i.e. ‘The video went viral.’ It is overused. I have no objection to this word’s use as a way to differentiate a (viral) illness from bacterial.” Jim Cance, Plainwell, Mich.

“This linguistic disease of a term must be quarantined.” Kuahmel Allah, Los Angeles, Calif.

“Events, photographs, written pieces and even occasional videos that attracted a great deal of attention once were simply highly publicized, repeated in news broadcasts, and talked about for a few days. Now, however, it is no longer enough to give such offerings their 15 minutes of fame, but they must be declared to ‘go viral.’ As a result, any mindless stunt or vapid bit of writing is sent by its creators whirling around the Internet and, once whirled, its creators declare it (trumpets here) ‘viral!’ Enough already! If anything is to be declared worthy enough to ‘go viral,’ clearly it should be the LSSU Banished Words list for 2011!” Lawrence Mickel, Coventry, Conn.

“I knew it was time when the 2010 list of banished words appeared in Time magazine’s, ‘That Viral Thing’ column.” Dave Schaefer, Glenview, Ill.

“I didn’t mind much when ‘viral’ came to mean an under-handed tactic by advertising companies to make their ads look like pop culture. However, now anything that becomes popular on YouTube is suddenly ‘viral.’ I just don’t get it.” Kevin Wood, Wallacetown, Ont.

“Every time I see a viral video on CNN or am asked to ‘Let’s go viral with this’ in another lame e-mail forwarded message, it makes me sick.” Lian Schmidt, Bandon, Ore.


More than one nominator says the use of ‘epic’ has become an epic annoyance.

Cecil B. DeMille movies are epic. Internet fall-outs and opinions delivered in caps-lock are not. ‘Epic fail,’ ‘epic win’, ‘epic (noun)’ — it doesn’t matter; it needs to be banished until people recognize that echoing trite, hyperbolic Internet phrases in an effort to look witty or intelligent actually achieves the opposite.” Kim U., Des Moines, Iowa.

“Over-use of the word ‘epic’ has reached epic proportions. Tim Blaney, Snoqualmie, Wash.

“Anything that this word describes in popular over-usage is rarely ever ‘epic’ in the traditional sense of being heroic, majestic, or just plain awe-inspiring.” Mel F., Dallas, Tex.

“Standards for using ‘epic’ are so low, even ‘awesome’ is embarrassed.” Mike of Kettering, Ohio.

“I’m sure that when the history books are written or updated and stories have been passed through the generations, the epic powder on the slopes during your last ski trip or your participation in last night’s epic flash mob will probably not be included. This may be the root of this epic problem, but it seems as if during the past two years, any idea that was not successful was considered an ‘epic-fail.’ This includes the PowerPoint presentation you tried to give during this morning’s meeting, but couldn’t because of technical problems. Also, the ice storm of ‘epic proportions’ that is blanketing the east coast this winter sure looks a lot like the storm that happened last winter.” DV, Seattle, Wash.


One nominator says, “what originally may have been a term for a stockbroker’s default is now abused by today’s youth as virtually any kind of ‘failure.’ Whether it is someone tripping, a car accident, a costumed character scaring the living daylights out a kid, or just a poor choice in fashion, these people drive me crazy thinking that anything that is a mistake is a ‘fail.’ They fail proper language!”

“Fail is not a noun. It is not an adjective. It is a verb. If this word is not banned, then this entire word banishment system is full of FAIL. (Now doesn’t that just sound silly?)” Daniel of Carrollton, Georgia.

“When FAILblog.org went up, it was a funny way to view videos of unfortunate people in unfortunate situations. The word fail is now used by people, very often just to tease others, when they ‘FAIL.’ Any time you screw up in life — a trip up the stairs, a bump into a wall, or a Freudian slip, you get that word thrown in your face.” Tyler Lynch, Washington, Iowa.

“Mis-used. Over-used. Used with complete disregard to the ‘epic’ weight of the word. Silence obnoxious reality TV personalities and sullen, anti-establishment teenagers everywhere by banishing this word.” Natalie of Burlington, Ont.

“It has taken over blogs, photo captions, ‘status’ comments. Anytime someone does something less than perfect, we have to read ‘FAIL!’ The word has failed us all.” Aaron Yunker, Ishpeming, Mich.


“This buzzword is served up with a heaping of cliché factor and a side order of irritation. But the lemmings from cable-TV cooking, whatever design and fashion shows keep dishing it out. I miss the old days when ‘factor’ was only on the math-and-science menu.” Dan Muldoon, Omaha, Neb.

“Done-to-death phrase to point out something with a somewhat significantly appealing appearance.” Ann Pepper, Knoxville, Tenn.


“All this means is a point at which you understand something or something becomes clearer. Why can’t you just say that?” Audrey Mayo, Killeen, Tex.


“This should be on the list of words that don’t need to exist because a perfectly good word has been used for years. In this case, the word is ‘history,’ or, for those who must be weaned, ‘story.'” Jeff Williams, Sherwood, Ariz.


“These chicks call each other BFF (Best Friends Forever) and it lasts about 10 minutes. Now there’s BFFA (Best Friends For Awhile), which makes more sense.” Clare Rabe Forgach, Ft. Collins, Colo.


“A stupid phrase when directed at men. Even more stupid when directed at a woman, as in ‘Alexis, you need to man up and join that Pilates class!'” Sherry Edwards, Clarkston, Mich.

“Another case of ‘verbing’ a noun and ending with a preposition that goes nowhere. Not only that, the phrase is insulting, especially when voiced by a female, who’d never think to say, ‘Woman up!'” Aunt Shecky, East Greenbush, NY.

“Can a woman ‘man-up,’ or would she be expected to ‘woman-up?'” Jay Leslie, Portland, Maine.

“Not just overused (a 2010 top word according to the Global Language Monitor) but bullying and sexist.” Christopher K. Philippo, Glenmont, NY.

“We had to put up with ‘lawyer up.’ Now ‘man up,’ too? A chest-thumping cultural regression fit for frat boys stacking beer glasses.” Craig Chalquist Ph.D., Walnut Creek, Calif.


“Adding this word to the English language simply because a part-time politician lacks a spell checker on her cell phone is an action that needs to be repudiated.” Dale Humphreys, Muskegon, Mich.

Kuahmel Allah of Los Angeles, Calif. wants to banish what he called ‘Sarah Palin-isms’: “Let’s ‘refudiate’ them on the double!”


“Unless you are referring to a scientific study of Ursus arctos horribilis , this analogy of right-wing female politicians should rest in peace.” Mark Carlson, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.


“These politicians in Congress say ‘the American People’ as part of what seems like every statement they make! I see that others have noticed it, too, as various websites abound, including an entry on Wikipedia.” Paul M. Girouard, St. Louis, Mo.

“No one in Washington can pontificate for more than two sentences without using it. Beyond overuse, these people imply that ‘the American people’ want/expect/demand all the same things. They don’t.” Dick Hilker, Loveland, Colo.

“Aren’t all Americans people? Every political speech refers to the ‘American’ people as if simply saying ‘Americans’ (or ‘people’) is not enough.” Deb Faust, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.


“‘A phrase used to diffuse any ill feelings caused by a preceded remark,’ according to the Urban Dictionary. Do we really need a qualifier at the end of every sentence? People feel uncomfortable with a comment that was made and then ‘just sayin” comes rolling off the tongue? It really doesn’t change what was said, I’m just sayin’.” Becky of Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

“I’m just sayin’…’I’m not sayin”’…Actually, you ARE saying…A watered-down version of what I just said or intended to say….SAY what you are saying. DON’T SAY what you aren’t saying.” Julio Appling, Vancouver, Wash.

“Obviously you are saying it…you just said it!” Catherine Wilson, Granger, Ind.

“And we would never have known if you hadn’t told us.” Bob Forrest, Tempe, Ariz.

“When a 24-hour news network had the misguided notion to brand this phrase as a commentary segment called, ‘Just sayin’, I thought I was going to wretch.” Casey Conroy, Pleasant Hill, Calif.


“Facebook is a great, addicting website. Google is a great search engine. However, their use as verbs causes some deep problems. As bad as they are, the trend can only get worse, i.e. ‘I’m going to Twitter a few people, then Yahoo the movie listings and maybe Amazon a book or two.” Jordan of Waterloo, Ont.


“It’s an absurdity followed by a redundancy. First, things are full or they’re not; there is no fullest. Second, ‘live life’ is redundant. Finally, the expression is nauseatingly overused. What’s wrong with enjoying life fully or completely? The phrase makes me gag. I’m surprised it hasn’t appeared on the list before.” Sylvia Hall, Williamsport, Penn.

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Lee Harvey Oswald 's signature

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There are about 10 installments left to complete this conspiracy theory.  I rarely get comments on these posts so I don’t know if they’re read, understood or interesting to anyone other than myself.   I would like to hear from you on this widely accepted theory that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the sole assassin in the murder of John F. Kennedy.   I’ve said this before and will say again, you may feel this old crime done before many of you were born doesn’t hold any real  meaning for you BUT it does!  Remember the title of the conspiracy theory is COUP D’ETAT and you know what that means…. Who was behind this heinous crime and why? Stay with it because we are getting closer and closer to finding exactly WHO would benefit from eliminating this young vibrant liberal-thinking president.  The names of the characters emerging at this point are ones that we all know, have been around a long time and are also the subject of a recently released movie/documentary titled DARK LEGACY .  There are excerpts of this movie on YouTube and I have linked you to one here:


E. Howard Hunt & Frank Sturgis

In the shadowy world of espionage, few name are more familiar than Watergate burglar and CiA agent E. Howard Hunt known as Eduardo to his Cuban exile friends.  Hunt was the political planner for the Bay of Pigs invasion and organizer of the Cuban Revolutionary Council, a government-in-exile whose New Orleans operations were run out of Guy Banister‘s office.

In the first hours after the assassination, Dallas police questioned and released many suspects without recording their identities.  Among those were three “tramps” arrested in a railroad car near the grassy knoll and photographed en route to the police station.  One of them bears a striking resemblance to Hunt, whose whereabouts on Nov. 22, are officially unknown.  It has been alleged that Hunt was stationed in Mexico City during Oswald’s Sept 1963 visit there.  In 1975, a letter thought to be in Oswald’s hand surfaced in Mexico.  Dated Nov. 8, 1963, it reads, ” Dear Mr. Hunt, I would like information conceding (sic) my position.  I am asking only for information.  I am asking that we discuss the matter fully before any steps are taken by me or anyone else.  Thank you, Lee Harvey Oswald”.

Another of the “tramps” resembles Hunt’s fellow Watergate burglar and CIA agent Frank Sturgis.  Born Frank Fionni, Sturgis had infiltrated Castro’s revolution, and was named Minister of Games of Chance when Castro came to power in 1959.   Within a year, Castro closed the casinos and the mob put up a $1 million contract on him.  After unsuccessfully attempting to poison Castro, Sturgis fled to Miami and joined Hunt and the Cuban exiles.  In 1963, he was one of the six pilots reprimanded by Kennedy for continuing  to stage terrorist rids against Cuba.



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Dancing with the stars at Mood Indigo'09

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I have faithfully watched every season of Dancing With the Stars, a/k/a DWS And while it has been noted that as the number of seasons increased, the caliber of the stars has decreased and I guess that was to be expected.  After all there are only so many STARS who want to:  a) learn how to ball room dance, b) lose weight, 3)wear spandex and high heels (I’m referring to the men), 4) get blisters, 5)pull tendons and muscles, 6)Losebecause they all will except for ONE.  So over the seasons, there have been more athletes, more older (but I remember when you were young, Glen!) or aging actresses and actors, and even some pa rticipants in reality TV shows, dear Lord!

BUT this is the FINALS for me!  Bristol Palin?? I don’t think so! STAR?  I don’t think so!

Let’s see, let me think…she’s a star because her mother was an also ran candidate for the presidency? Uh, no, – maybe it’s because she’s an unwed teenage Mommy with a bastard kid? Now there’s a role model for you!  Or maybe ABC is giving this to Bristol BECAUSE Levi is getting his OWN reality show?

I won’t be watching DWS this season and they probably don’t care because I am sure they have taken a poll to see just how many viewers they can pull in by having her!!!!

If you want to watch stars dance WATCH THIS!!!

YouTube – Dancing at the Movies – Music Video.

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