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I love these guys!  I’m so lucky to have three readers who love the challenge of the Six Word Project and they consistently send me contributions.  I wonder where the other writers are, I know some of them are regular readers.  Reminder to everyone, go check out the real Six Word Memoir Project on Smith Magazine‘s website:  http://www.smithmag.net/sixwords/

As the sun lowers in the sky, the temperature drops a bit and it gets dark earlier,  a couple of the memoirs reflect upon the oncoming Autumn.

country road, fall, fall foliage, turning leaves

Autumn is Almost Here

Let Apples Replace Doughnuts, Bagels, Chips – Celtic Lady (Susan H)

Chill in the Air – Feels Fabulous – Gail

... and then I’ve got my buddy lost out West, who clearly needs to come home (read New York City)…

Middle Age: Worse Than I Imagined! – Weez

One day, Two Parties, Too Tired – Me

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Here we are again at the beginning of another week except this time, it’s really the last week of the summer.  I just never got out of the school calendar mentality because I HATE to see summer end.

Clutching  tightly sands of summer days! – Lori

However, not all of us feel the same as evidenced by this contribution to the Six Word Memoir Project:

Boiling summer finally over? Enough already! – Gail

And one from a Fab Foto Friday fan:

Keep the photos coming – they’re great! – Susan H-aka  Celtic Lady

What are you last or lasting thoughts of this summer? Can you distill them into just Six Words, no more, no less.  It’s a challenge but not as hard as you might have thought.

end of the summer, sand chair, shore, beach days, beach chair

Endless Summer

I LOVE to post your contributions!!!!

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