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Oh my that’s quite an arrogant headline, now isn’t it?  Well I just felt the desire to shout from the cyber rooftop that I just received an award!  The Liebster Award actually…

I’ve been nominated!

Of course it certainly helps to have wonderful friends in the blogosphere – and YES I do have a friend in the cyber world, Lora, who is an expat living in Germany with her husband.  Lora nominated my blog along with a few others.  I love and follow her blog as she explores her new home, her new life and how she is adapting day by day.  I’ve learned a lot about German customs, something I am keenly interested in as I am half-German.  But that’s only part of what Lora has done with her blog, http://liferealities.wordpress.com/ ; She loves to cook and create wonderful meals and with that love and talent, she started a group called “What sha Cooking“.  It is a group of men and women who love to cook and each month there’s a theme for your creation.  Photos are posted on the Facebook page and we all vote.

This award is along the lines of Pass it forward!  Now that I’ve received the honor, I will pass it along to some bloggers who I follow and who I think deserve some recognition for their efforts.

1. Spinny Liberal http://spinnyliberal.com/  Spinny was writing daily about local, regional and especially national politics.  She has a sharp wit, and sometimes a sharper tongue when she explores issues that light fire in the hearts of many liberals and conservatives also.  Last I knew Spinny was taken a hiatus from blogging due to some medical reasons.  However, check the website often, she is brilliant.

2. Photo Nature Blog http://photonatureblog.com/ I don’t remember how I came across this blog, probably through Freshly Pressed.  His photographs are just amazing.  He  takes photos of birds, flowers, clouds, bugs and his style reminds me of pbenjay’s own photographer, Murray Head.  Everything becomes the thing of beauty it is through his camera lens.

3. Devastating The Obvious http://josiahblacksblog.wordpress.com/ So Josiah Black a/k/a Captain Obvious is one very bright young man.  He is clever, sardonic and  I am continually amazed at his subject matter.  Actually I’m a bit in awe of his talent, not to mention envious!

4. Texana’s Kitchen  http://texanaskitchen.com/ What’s not to like here?  I’m going to quote her heading here because  it truly says it all;  Yummy recipes, Pretty pictures, Pithy commentary.  There are hundreds, nay thousands of food-related blogs.  Some are full of extraordinary time-consuming recipes and some are devoted to making thrifting with food an art form and neither of them are for me.  Probably what really endeared Texana to me was her blog on ice cream, need I say more?

5. A Detailed House http://adetailedhouse.com/ I do love design, I have been in real estate for over 40 years, I love the color pink, I have built 2 houses, decorated 4, am a certified Home Stager ergo – I love this site!  Amazingly, they’re doing it themselves for the most part.  The home is magnificent.  Go to and take a visual tour.

Well there you have it, I have passed it forward.  Congratulations to one and all, you have been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award.

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