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I have a collection (okay you’re not surprised) of vintage Valentine cards.  My boyfriend and then husband has been buying them for me over the years.  I LOVE vintage Valentines;  I treasure the ones from the turn of the century, however, the funny and clever cards we exchanged in grammar (yes grammar not elementary) school are among my favorites.  Two years ago I posted some of those from the 50’s in a blog post: Valentine’s Day Cards – A Look Back in Time and last year was a mix of both eras: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Happy Valentine’s Day To You!

Today I received this adorable card…

AND he personalized it too!

AND he personalized it too!

I have a few of the famous “Tuck” cards.  These cards are highly-valued and come from Germany.  The are articulated with arms and legs movable.  A couple of them still have the string hanging that  moves their limbs.

Look he's holding a pretzel and a bratwurst!

Look he’s holding a pretzel and a bratwurst!

A German Brown Bear

A German Brown Bear

Love the stockings!

Love the stockings!


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I love Valentine’s Day! Everybody (mostly) is happy and smiley and if you’re a kid in Grammar (lol) erh I mean Elementary school, this is a fun day.  Don’t you remember how carefully and thoughtfully you looked for just the right package of Valentine’s cards to buy at Woolworth‘s or W.T. Grant‘s?  Teacher said you really have to give a card to everyone in the class.  And there was always one card in the package just for the teacher.  I LOVED THOSE 50’S VALENTINE CARDS! To my delight I found several other Vintage Valentine fanatics on Pinterest.  What a great fun trip down the nostalgia road looking at all of those clever and colorful little cards.  I  have a bunch myself  but you’re not surprised about that I’m sure.  You know it’s just another collection!

As much fun as those cute clever cards are, I really like and collect much older Valentine greetings.  Over the years, my husband has given me some and each year I love putting them out.  I started collecting them because I loved the old Victorian frilly 3-dimensional cards.  I learned along the way that Valentine cards like any other collectible have value based on the creator.  In the case of old Valentines, cards produced by Raphael Tuck & Sons of Germany are more valuable than others.  Often Tuck cards were hinged and opened up to reveal a character with moving arms and legs.  I own a couple; a big brown dancing bear and a funny-looking character whose face is a grimace of all things!

So today is a day of red roses, pink carnations, red velvet candy boxes, diamond rings, pearls and pendants, lobster and steak dinners, mushy romantic cards, candle light and cocktails…but for me I’m hoping for just another old Valentine.

Vintage Valentine in my collection

Vintage Valentine in my collection

Detailed 3-D Vintage Valentine.

Detailed 3-D Vintage Valentine.

Tuck Valentine Card

Tuck Valentine Card

And here are some of those cute ’50’s cards.

Amorphing objects into Valentine Cards was very popular

Amorphing objects into Valentine Cards was very popular

'Round the World

‘Round the World

Love the pink rollers

Love the pink rollers

Happy Valentine’s Day to All! Hope your day is a sweet as a Candy Heart.

Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts

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Oh my that’s quite an arrogant headline, now isn’t it?  Well I just felt the desire to shout from the cyber rooftop that I just received an award!  The Liebster Award actually…

I’ve been nominated!

Of course it certainly helps to have wonderful friends in the blogosphere – and YES I do have a friend in the cyber world, Lora, who is an expat living in Germany with her husband.  Lora nominated my blog along with a few others.  I love and follow her blog as she explores her new home, her new life and how she is adapting day by day.  I’ve learned a lot about German customs, something I am keenly interested in as I am half-German.  But that’s only part of what Lora has done with her blog, http://liferealities.wordpress.com/ ; She loves to cook and create wonderful meals and with that love and talent, she started a group called “What sha Cooking“.  It is a group of men and women who love to cook and each month there’s a theme for your creation.  Photos are posted on the Facebook page and we all vote.

This award is along the lines of Pass it forward!  Now that I’ve received the honor, I will pass it along to some bloggers who I follow and who I think deserve some recognition for their efforts.

1. Spinny Liberal http://spinnyliberal.com/  Spinny was writing daily about local, regional and especially national politics.  She has a sharp wit, and sometimes a sharper tongue when she explores issues that light fire in the hearts of many liberals and conservatives also.  Last I knew Spinny was taken a hiatus from blogging due to some medical reasons.  However, check the website often, she is brilliant.

2. Photo Nature Blog http://photonatureblog.com/ I don’t remember how I came across this blog, probably through Freshly Pressed.  His photographs are just amazing.  He  takes photos of birds, flowers, clouds, bugs and his style reminds me of pbenjay’s own photographer, Murray Head.  Everything becomes the thing of beauty it is through his camera lens.

3. Devastating The Obvious http://josiahblacksblog.wordpress.com/ So Josiah Black a/k/a Captain Obvious is one very bright young man.  He is clever, sardonic and  I am continually amazed at his subject matter.  Actually I’m a bit in awe of his talent, not to mention envious!

4. Texana’s Kitchen  http://texanaskitchen.com/ What’s not to like here?  I’m going to quote her heading here because  it truly says it all;  Yummy recipes, Pretty pictures, Pithy commentary.  There are hundreds, nay thousands of food-related blogs.  Some are full of extraordinary time-consuming recipes and some are devoted to making thrifting with food an art form and neither of them are for me.  Probably what really endeared Texana to me was her blog on ice cream, need I say more?

5. A Detailed House http://adetailedhouse.com/ I do love design, I have been in real estate for over 40 years, I love the color pink, I have built 2 houses, decorated 4, am a certified Home Stager ergo – I love this site!  Amazingly, they’re doing it themselves for the most part.  The home is magnificent.  Go to and take a visual tour.

Well there you have it, I have passed it forward.  Congratulations to one and all, you have been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award.

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This image shows a red wine glass.

Could be Chianti, or a Bordeaux or a Pinot Noir Mmmmm

Today’s the day to celebrate the grape! Nectar of the gods, fruit of the vine, delightful, delectable and divine is WINE.

I grew up in an Italian household so drinking red wine with meals was de riguer and when I was married the first time, we drank red table wine every night with our dinner.  It’s funny to think back on that now as it seems it was truly another lifetime ago….

Here’s what Punchbowl has to say about today:

National Wine Day

Today is National Wine Day! Wine has been an important part of human history and culture for thousands of years. Regardless of whether you prefer red, white, pinot, or cabernet, everyone can appreciate today’s celebration. Spread the news about this unique occasion with a free Wine Day eCard!

Archaeologists in Speyer, Germany discovered the oldest bottle of wine in existence while excavating two Roman stone sarcophaguses in 1867. The bottle dates back to at least 325 AD! It is now on display at the History Museum of the Pfalz in Germany.

To celebrate National Wine Day, find out if there are any events going on at your local winery or plan your very own wine tasting party for you and your friends!

However, if wine is not your thing, other reasons to celebrate today include, National Brown-Bag-It Day, National Tap Dance Day and International Geek Pride Day.   So if you’re going to the office today, bring your lunch, tap dance down the hall and give your IT guy a hug!

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Seems like there was a Summit Meeting going on in New York City this week.  While it’s true that the President was here TWICE this week tying up traffic all over the place, he wasn’t in attendance with these heads!

Ai Weiwei, a renowned sculptor from China, famous for his past exhibition of Sunflower Seeds, is missing! His whereabouts are unknown; he was arrested by the Chinese Government supposedly for tax evasion and destroying evidence.  However, it is widely believed that his criticism of the Government is the real reason behind his disappearance.  The United States, Germany and Britain have openly called for his release.

But the show must go on and we are thankful that it has. 

Chinese zodiac, central park, Pulitzer fountain, Ai Weiwei

The Tiger

central park, Pulitzer fountain, chinese zodiac, Ai Weiwei

The Boar

Chinese zodiac, central park, pulitzer fountain, Ai Weiwei

The Serpent

chinese zodiac

The Dragon

Ai Weiwei, chinese zodiac

The Rabbit

Ai Weiwei, central park, chinese zodiac

The Ox

chinese zodiac, Ai Weiwei

The Horse

Chinese zodiac, Ai Weiwei. pulitzer fountain

The Rat

The Goat

Chinese zodiac, Ai Weiwei,

The Rooster and The Dog

The Monkey

Thank you Murray Head for all of these great photos!

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