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Only 3 more weeks before we wrap up the twisting, turning, yet ever-inching closely to the highest offices in the country and to those whose very fortunes relied on getting rid of John F. Kennedy!!!


New Orleans Mafia don Carlos Marcello (born Calagero Minacore) was a protegé of New York mob boss, Frank Costello.  By 1963 Marcello ran a multi-million dollar empire spread over several states, including Texas, yet according to New Orleans FBI agent Regis Kennedy, he was a mere tomato salesman earning $1600 a month.  In 1961, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, aware that Marcello held only a questionable Guatemalan passport, had him abducted, flown to Guatemala City and unceremoniously dumped.  After sneaking back to the U.S. via Miami, Marcello was heard making threats against Robert Kennedy.  A Marcello associate to the HSCA that in 1962 Marcello had said, “Don’t worry about that little Bobby son-of-a-bitch, he’s going to be taken care of”.  He also supposedly spoke of using a nut, someone who couldn’t be traced back to him to kill the President.  But Oswald would have been a poor choice for Marcello, since his uncle and surrogate father, Dutz Murret, was a bookie for Marcello lieutenant, Nofio Pecora, and Oswald’s associate David Ferrie had helped plan legal strategy for Marcello’s deportation hearings and was with him in court the morning of the assassination.  Marcello also had strong ties to Jack Ruby‘s friend, Dallas Mafia chief, Joe Civello.

Marcello’s operations benefited greatly from the largess of Hoffa’s Teamster Pension Fund.  In 1965-7, with the help of lobbyist Irving Davidson, and $1 million dollars donated by his mob friends, Marcello spearheaded the “Save Hoffa” movement, later to become the “Spring Hoffa” movement.  Currently serving time for wire and mail fraud, and reportedly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, he is due to be released in 1994.

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So here I am about to post the 16th installment of COUP D’ETAT, the conspiracy theory about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and I’m wondering….how many of you all out there are reading these Wednesday posts? Do you have any comments about what you’ve read so far?  I know many of you are way too young to know anything about this except for what you may have read or heard in a history class (uh oh I just dated myself even MORE) uh, I mean CIVICS class.  So what do you think? Please comment and if you don’t want to be public, then send your thoughts to pbenjaytoo@gmail.com


While Oswald was supposedly en route to Mexico, a strange incident occurred at the Dallas home of Cuban exile Sylvia Odio.  She was visited by three anti-Castro activists, two Latin men, and an American introduced as Leon Oswald.  A few days later one of the Latins told her over the telephone that Leon Oswald thought the  Cubans had no guts and should shoot President Kennedy.  When Miss Odio saw pictures of Lee Oswald after the assassination she was sure he had been one of her visitors.  Though Odio was too scared to report the incident, a friend who told Odio’s story to the FBI also claimed that Oswald had been seen at two Cuban exile meetings that were addressed by General Edwin Walker.

An Oswald “double” was clearly at work in Dallas during the 7 weeks Oswald lived there prior to the assassination.  On Nov. 23, the FBI received a report that “Lee Oswald” test-drove a car two weeks earlier, speeding the demo at 80 mph, claiming he would have a “lot of money in the next two or three weeks ” and mumbling something about “going back to Russia where they treat workers like men”.  The real Lee Oswald id not know how to drive.  On Nov. 24, Dallas police found a gun shop receipt in Oswald’s name for mounting a telescopic sight on a Mnnlicher-Carcano rifle.  Oswald’s had come with a sight.  A day after having retrieved the rifle, “Oswald” had fgone to a firing range and drawn attention to himself with obnoxious behavior.  A month earlier he was seen firing a rifle on private property in the company of two other men, one of whom was “Latin, perhaps Cuban”.  The landowner have a shell to the FBI, who later said it had not been fired from Oswald’s rifle.

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The Weapon

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At Bethesda Naval Hospital the autopsy was performed by Commander James Humes and two other naval doctors, none of them forensic pathologists.  Their findings were incompatible with the observations of the Parkland Hospital doctors.  Parkland observed a three-inch hole in the back of the head, indicating a large exit hole of a frontal shot, whereas Humes, (whose first observation according to FBI agents at the scene, was that there had been “surgery of the head area”), described the head wound as a gaping hole towards the right front as from a rear shot.  Parkland saw a back wound under the right shoulder, which Humes located in the neck.  More incredibly, Parkland observed an entrance wound in the throat – where Humes saw only a tracheotomy.  After being informed of this mistake the next day, and without having followed the path of the bullet through the neck (on orders from an unnamed general), Humes concluded that this bullet had exited from the throat.  He then burned his original autopsy notes.  Humes’ findings, coupled with a bullet found on a stretcher at Parkland, set the scene for what was to become known as The Magic Bullet Theory.

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The Magic Bullet Theory

Had the body been altered en route?  The ornate presidential casket was left unguarded on Air Force One, (delayed before take-off from Dallas, by Lyndon Johnson, on his own orders, was sworn in as president), and naval officers later said that Kennedy’s body was brought to Bethesda in a body bag inside a cheap tin casket prior to the arrival of the official entourage.  Why wasn’t the autopsy performed in Dallas?  Lyndon Johnson refused to leave without the President’s widow, who likewise refused to leave without her husband’s body.

Be sure to watch for next Wednesday’s segment.

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