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Only 3 more weeks before we wrap up the twisting, turning, yet ever-inching closely to the highest offices in the country and to those whose very fortunes relied on getting rid of John F. Kennedy!!!


New Orleans Mafia don Carlos Marcello (born Calagero Minacore) was a protegé of New York mob boss, Frank Costello.  By 1963 Marcello ran a multi-million dollar empire spread over several states, including Texas, yet according to New Orleans FBI agent Regis Kennedy, he was a mere tomato salesman earning $1600 a month.  In 1961, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, aware that Marcello held only a questionable Guatemalan passport, had him abducted, flown to Guatemala City and unceremoniously dumped.  After sneaking back to the U.S. via Miami, Marcello was heard making threats against Robert Kennedy.  A Marcello associate to the HSCA that in 1962 Marcello had said, “Don’t worry about that little Bobby son-of-a-bitch, he’s going to be taken care of”.  He also supposedly spoke of using a nut, someone who couldn’t be traced back to him to kill the President.  But Oswald would have been a poor choice for Marcello, since his uncle and surrogate father, Dutz Murret, was a bookie for Marcello lieutenant, Nofio Pecora, and Oswald’s associate David Ferrie had helped plan legal strategy for Marcello’s deportation hearings and was with him in court the morning of the assassination.  Marcello also had strong ties to Jack Ruby‘s friend, Dallas Mafia chief, Joe Civello.

Marcello’s operations benefited greatly from the largess of Hoffa’s Teamster Pension Fund.  In 1965-7, with the help of lobbyist Irving Davidson, and $1 million dollars donated by his mob friends, Marcello spearheaded the “Save Hoffa” movement, later to become the “Spring Hoffa” movement.  Currently serving time for wire and mail fraud, and reportedly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, he is due to be released in 1994.

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Jimmy Hoffa

James Hoffa

Week 31-FOLLOW  the trail!!!!! This week the trail to the White House or rather those who aspired to be there becomes really clear.  Read it and read it again and you’ll be shaking your head in disbelief. BUT the names are there, look them up for yourself.


Robert Kennedy had pursued Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa since the 1950’s, when he served as chief counsel for the Senate McClellan Committee, which exposed organized crime in labor unions.  On becoming Attorney General in 1961, Robert turned up the heat, and over th next few years his “Get Hoffa Squad” brought multiple indictments against Teamster officials.  By 1962, the pressure was intense, and a teamster informant quoted Hoffa as saying “Somebody needs to bump that son-of-a-bitch off.  Bobby Kennedy has got to go”.  After the assassination, Hoffa told a reporter, “Bobby Kennedy is just another lawyer now”, but despite his bravado, he was convicted of jury tampering in 1964 and sent to prison, where he remained till 1971, when President Nixon pardoned him.

Under Hoffa, the Teamster Central States Pension Fund (CSPF) was managed by Chicago gangster Allen Dorfman, who made low-interest loans , involving kickbacks, to Las Vegas casino developers.  Some CSPF loans were political : in 1963 25 million was lent to the firm Webb and Knapp, financiers behind the Great South West Corporation, a shady Texas land deal backed by the Murchison family and controlled by their lawyer Bedford Wynne.  With this loan, Webb and Knapp bought 625,000 shares of over-valued real estate stock from a company run by Texas Democratic Party Chairman Eugene Locke, in whose offices the fateful Dallas motorcade route was planned.  Looke became Lyndon Johnson’s ambassador to Vietnam in 1967-8.  Webb and Knapp went bankrupt in 1965.  Hoffa vanished in 1975, and rumors persist that the mob killed him and buried his body in Jersey’s Meadowland Stadium.

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With just a few weeks left till we conclude the conspiracy theory, COUP D’ETAT, we are getting closer and closer to the middle of this tangled web.  Over the weeks,  it has been unraveling; naming names, linking criminals to government departments, explaining connections and always inching closer and closer to the highest government level.

John Kennedy’s affair with CIA agent Cord Meyer‘s wife Mary led to experiments with marijuana and LSD, but the most famous of the 32 presidential paramours tallied by J. Edgar Hoover was actress Marilyn Monroe, who was also the lover of Robert Kennedy.  Her August 5, 1962 death, ruled suicide, was linked to these dangerous liasons, which had been observed by several interested parties.  John and Marilyn often met in the home of the president’s brother-in-law, Peter Lawford, whose house had been wired during the 1960 campaign by GOP “consultants”.  Later, Monroe’s home was bugged for wireman Bernard Spindell, whose usual employer was Jimmy Hoffa.  The Monroe tapes haven’t been made public, but according to many accounts they contain intimacies with the Kennedys, pro-Castro arguments, and support for ousting J. Edgar Hoover. Most significantly they record a visit from Robert on the day of Monroe’s death, during which the pair argued heatedly.  She felt she had been used and dumped by both Kennedys.  Knowledge of this last visit would have been a powerful blackmail tool against Robert even if he had nothing to do with her death.

One person who acquired leverage as a result of the tragedy was Hoover, who immediately confiscated Monroe’s phone records on Robert’s orders.  Hoover was hardy a disinterested party, he considered Monroe a security risk and had watched her for years because of her friendships with “communists”.  Her voluminous FBI files re mostly classified but it is said they record sex orgies with John, Robert,L A. Police Chief William Parker, and other women…and state she was pregnant by Robert and had an abortion before she died.

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Conspiracy Theory Wednesday

I wonder how many readers of this blog are wondering when is she going to stop with this conspiracy thing? Well here’s the answer – this is week 29 of our delving into COUP D’ETAT which is what this theory has been called.  I know you know the meaning of the phrase BUT just in case there is someone  out there who does not, let me explain; Coup d’etat; “the sudden overthrow of a government usually by a small group of the existing state establishment…”. We have six more weeks to go and each week now the strands of  information are coming together to form a very tangled web.  We started at the ends (corners) of the web and are working our way to the middle.  As we explore, you see that the names are becoming more and more familiar.  Our middle is the upward climb to power and those that used their power to attain more power, ultimately a Coup d’etat.

I’m not alone in this long-held belief that President Kennedy’s murder was planned, plotted and executed by a group of individuals who had much to gain if John F. Kennedy were out of power and out of the picture.  Last week the New York Post featured an article about the auction of note handwritten by Evelyn Lincoln, John F. Kennedy’s personal secretary wherein she names possible suspects behind his assassination.  This historical piece of ephemera is estimated to sell for $30,000!! The link to the article is below.

John F. Kennedy secretary’s list of assassination suspects going up for auction – NYPOST.com.


When Robert Kennedy became Attorney General in 1961, he found FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover uncooperative with his anti-crime campaign, so he formed his own intelligence unit, initiating massive illegal wire-tap operations against James Hoffa, Carlos Marcello and other mobsters, and political enemies such as State Department Security Evaluator Otto Otepka, who had rejected several Kennedy appointments as security risks.  Although Robert Kennedy had once worked for Joseph McCarthy and Otepka assisted the McCarthy-inspired Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security, in mid-1963 Otepka was suddenly moved to a less sensitive post, and his safe was drilled open.  Inside was found a study on American defectors to the U.S.S.R., including Lee Harvey Oswald, on whom Otepka hadfailed to issue a State Department “look-out card”.

While Robert may have suspected conspiracy in his brother’s death, he never publicly challenged the FBI’s findings.  Meanwhile, Hoover removed his private phone link to the Attorney General and did not speak to him for the next six months, after which Robert left his post.  Four years later, on the verge of capturing the Democratic nomination for the 1968 presidential race, Robert was killed by another lone nut, Sirhan Sirhan.  He may have taken to his grave the secret of his brother’s missing brain, which was removed (along with photos and 119 slides of tissue section) from the autopsy materials  before 1967, probably on orders from Robert himself, according to the HSCA.  Did he take this evidence into safe-keeping because he intended, once he became President, to reveal a conspiracy cover-up?

Have I caught y0ur attention? If you’re new to the blog or these posts, you can go back to the beginning of the theory by clicking on Conspiracy Theory Wednesday in my category column.

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