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Well after 35 weeks of exploring the conspiracy theory, COUP D’ETAT, I did wonder how I could keep Conspiracy Theory Wednesday an ongoing segment of my blog.  I never thought it would be easy UNTIL I thought about the Tea Party and some of the strange and wondrous ideas it embraces.  A quick Google search revealed a bunch of articles written on that very subject and written by people far more educated and knowledgeable than me and published in well-known and respected magazines and newspapers.

Let’s see how far I can go with this, maybe only a couple weeks… we’ll have to see how it plays out.  I don’t know if I have any readers who identify with the Tea Party and partially that’s because I, like everyone else I personally know, thinks they’re a fringe group of crazies, that the whole idea of the movement  is ludicrous and they can be laughed off. NOT-that’s a dangerous attitude on my part and others.  So maybe posting the articles will be helpful to everyone, believers and non-believers alike.  Because up to this point, the only tea parties I like to go to serve Black Oolong or Lemon Ginger AND scones with clotted cream.

Here’s one from Newsweek published in February ’10.  I won’t know what you think unless you comment or send me an email.

Tea Party Movement Is Full of Conspiracy Theories – Newsweek.

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Welcome to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

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It’s only Saturday morning and already this weekend, I am struck by the assortment of friends and acquaintances I have in my life and the different world we all live in.

First and foremost because of the gravity of the situation, there’s my friend, Josh.  Josh called me (actually woke me up) this morning with a phone call and one sentence, “Turn on CNN and call me at the office!”.  Groggily I went into the den, and tried to remember what channel CNN was on.  OMG what a horrible shock – an MAJOR earthquake in Santiago, Chile.  Josh’s partner and my friend, Ricardo lives in Santiago.   Josh had spent the holidays there and was expecting to meet Ricardo in Prague on this coming Tuesday.  Thank God, Ricardo called Josh’s cell phone at 3:00 am and had left a message that he was safe as was his father who lived even closer to the heart of the city.  No further communication from Chile; you can’t get through on the phone, you can’t reach LAN airlines, the airports are closed and since Ricardo is a chief resident at the hospital, we can only assume he is there.   Please keep Chile in your prayers, it is so upsetting that this event is following so closely on the heels of Haiti.

ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE – My nephew Justin, lives in Japan and I have just tried to reach him thru Facebook because I’m not sure how close he is to the epicenter of the earthquake that struck there.  Apparently that quake hit offshore and the major concern is a tsunami – I know he surfs so he must be somewhat close the shoreline.  As I type  this and listen to the CNN minute by minute coverage in Chile, I am learning how quickly a tsunami can spread from shore to shore, country to

The volcanic Ring of Fire

country and even continent to continent – especially if the country is in the Ring of Fire (see photo). Do I have to worry about my own surfer son, Joel, who lives in San Diego and lives well within tsunami wave range?

Closer to home, several of my friends are clearly living in worlds apart. Last night I took Peter and his lifelong friend Murray out to celebrate their joint birthdays.  After a delightful dinner at Compass, a restaurant on the Uppper West Side, we went to see the show, BAWDY at the Triad BAWDY is an old time burlesque show; complete with bumps, grinds and tasteful striptease.   The show is headlined by Jesse Lutrell, a very talented, very energetic and very gay performer.  He is a gifted young song and dance man and he sings in a story-centric style, so reminiscent of the cabaret and nightclub acts dating back to the American birth of vaudeville.  SO how did we happen to be at this show?  In two words; Grace Gotham.  It so happens that Grace Gotham a/k/a Sarah Liston is a friend of ours.  We hadn’t seen Sarah and her husband, Dave in quite a while and were we ever surprised to learn that our friend, wife of an Episcopalian  Deacon and member of our local Community Board, was actually performing burlesque!!! Well why not? Sarah is a published writer and you can read all about her journey into burlesque in an article published in the magazine, Marie Clare which I have published on this blog.  She’s a hoot and very good I must add – and yes she really can make her tassles twirl.

Then this is the weekend that The Glen Beck show airs where my sister-in-law, Juanita is in the front row of the audience.  She sent an email blast to all of us with the air times.  I told you she wasn’t a blood relative!! So I am DVR’ing this program (with explicit promises to Peter that we will only just see her and shut it off) at a time when I’m sure it won’t interrupt another really important show I might be watching like Grey’s Antatomy!! LOL Now we know she is in another world.

Next, my dear friend and mentor, Joyce is in the hospital recovering from knee replacement surgery.  She is in her mid-seventies and has the body and muscle tone of the someone 20 years younger but any surgery as you get older is serious.  I’m happy to report that she seems to have come through it very well and may even be home tomorrow.  And then rehab starts.

Lastly, we are leaving in an hour to get out to Port Jefferson, LI to attend a surprise birthday party for my daughter’s mother-in-law.  Because of the misery of the snow, our car is snowed in and this being Manhattan, even if we dug it out (good thing we bought that extra shovel last week!), we would never find a parking place when we got home.  The streets in Manhattan are very messy because when they plow, all the snow builds up around the cars.  We have to take the LIRR and to board that train, we have to go diagonally across town to Penn Station.  Believe it or not, we will be leaving our apartment at about 1:55pm and should arrive in Port Jefferson Long Island at 4:40pm.  In that amount of time, I could have driven to the Jersey Shore and back or to Connecticut.  And then we have to come home again.  It’s going to be a long day….

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I just had to laugh, I mean REALLY! My sister-in-law Juanita just called me to tell me how excited she was because she is going to be in the audience of a Glen Beck show.  I had to laugh – as I said, I mean really what can you say when a family member (but NOT blood) actually says to you, ” I love Glen Beck”.  Can you imagine that we were once married to brothers?  I told her to call Tom, my son-in-law. who the last time Tia (as she is known to us) made mention of Glen Beck actually left the room (and it was his house!)


We love Tia, we really do but think she must be crazy or out of her mind which is probably redundant as she staunchly defends her Republican affiliation.  However, we take enormous satisfaction from the fact that she lives on the Upper West Side, a true hotbed of New York Left Wing Liberals – ta dah!

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