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Ever wonder who designs the oftentimes exciting, creative way a movie’s title comes across the screen?  The graphics are fabulous, the font so unusual and the clever use of the film’s “logo” (think of the Pink Panther creeping along the screen, popping in and out of the text).  Well someone comes up with that and it isn’t the director, screenwriter or producer.

Saul Bass was a great designer, famous for his  incredible work in film,  corporate identity and  logos, as well as graphic design.  His posters for films such as The Anatomy of Murder and Vertigo are legendary.

The book pictured below will be published in November 2011 and will sell for around $75.00.   However, Amazon.com  is offering a pre-order discount of 39%  off – $49.84. THINK CHRISTMAS!

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Saul Bass A Life in Film and Design

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