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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WOW – 2 hours and 55 minutes and it just flew by!  This movie is so fast-paced and never lags is clearly one of the reasons you don’t realize just how long it is.  Fact: It took 7 years to make!

Based on a true story, it sheds some light on why the economy tanked.  DiCaprio spent months working with Belfort in an effort to bring the author’s experiences which led him from “pond scum” to the Wolf of Wall Street, to life on the screen. The film is all about sex, drugs and greed and barely missed receiving a NC-17 rating.  Scorcese frantically cut some of the more salacious scenes and just squeaked by not having the movie rated NC-17.  One might wonder why such a fuss might be made about sex and naked people when these very people committed despicable acts and ruined other people’s lives, like that wasn’t offensive enough?  

The Wolf of Wall Street is a funny movie, the audience at the SAG screening I attended laughed all the way though it.  Yes, it was funny, because the dialogue is witty, clever and oh so natural, enhanced by superlative performances by all especially DiCaprio and Hill.  However, now a couple of hours later as I mull over this post, I think the movie probably glamorizes extra-marital and unsafe sex, STDs, excessive substance abuse as well as dishonesty and greed.   Yes, there is a comeuppance at the end of the film, but perhaps not as much in comparison to havoc the players wrecked on the lives of others during that 5 year run.  

Scorcese, at age 71, is at the top of his directorial powers, seemingly invigorated by the energy of the material and the fact that his ultimate financiers, Red Granite, gave him the green light to go all out and push the envelope with no holds barred.  And that’s exactly what he and his actors did which just might be why given the freedom to go all out, the acting and dialogue is absolutely believable.  And as I type that line, I want to add in parenthesis, disgusting and despicable as it was!  

I have never been a huge DiCaprio fan, however, I’m happy to say he was AMAZING!  What an exhausting and physical role!  His looks are maturing and again let me say, his role as Jordan Belfort is surely going to put him in the final 5 for Best Actor.  

As a final observation, I thought his wardrobe was impeccable, particularly loved his ties and definitely did not like the dye job on his hair, a very unnatural black.

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Ever wonder who designs the oftentimes exciting, creative way a movie’s title comes across the screen?  The graphics are fabulous, the font so unusual and the clever use of the film’s “logo” (think of the Pink Panther creeping along the screen, popping in and out of the text).  Well someone comes up with that and it isn’t the director, screenwriter or producer.

Saul Bass was a great designer, famous for his  incredible work in film,  corporate identity and  logos, as well as graphic design.  His posters for films such as The Anatomy of Murder and Vertigo are legendary.

The book pictured below will be published in November 2011 and will sell for around $75.00.   However, Amazon.com  is offering a pre-order discount of 39%  off – $49.84. THINK CHRISTMAS!

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Saul Bass A Life in Film and Design

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