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Sometimes you can walk through Greenwich Village and see some characters you just aren’t going to find on Maple Street in Iowa.  BUT, on Halloween, THEY ALL come out of the woodwork, the closet, and some look like they escaped from the Institute.  These are photos from previous annual  Greenwich Village Halloween Parades.

Nine Days to go…. I’m calling this series Wigs and Wings

white wings, Murray Head,

Wind Beneath My Wings

blue hair, Greenwich Village, Murray Head,

I'm Feeling So Blue Over You

Murray Head, Greenwich Village Halloween, Devil, Mummer

A Rogue Mummer

Yellow wig, Murray Head, Greenwich Village Halloween parade, diva

"Oh YES I AM"!

Eagle's wings, Greenwich Village Halloween parade, Murray Head, raptor

On Eagle's Wings


bikinis and wigs, Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, Murray Head

It Must Have Been Warm That Year

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Counting the days/weeks till Halloween? YES !  Hope you enjoy these photos from Greenwich Village Halloween Parades past.


Greenwich Village parade, Halloween

Bless You My Child

photo by Murray Head

Greenwich Village Halloween parade, Murray Head, butterfly

Out of the Cocoon and Into the Night

photo by Murray Head

Greenwich Village parade, Murray Head

I'll Just Have the Salad

photo by Murray Head

Greenwich Village halloween parade, Murray head, prisoners, ball and chain

Prisoner of Love

photo by Murray Head

Greemwich Village Halloween parade, Murray head

I'm So Blue Over You

photo by Murray Head

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