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Merrily I go round 'n round

Ive been  on a merry-go-round for the last two week and it wasn’t Jane’s Carousel!!! I have been back and forth between NYC and OG at least 4 times and it’s not over yet.  Just a few of these jaunts were Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in Manhattan, leave Thursday morning for Ocean Grove.  Drive back to the City on Saturday night so I can  go to the Pinkalicious Birthday party and then drive back to Ocean Grove.  Tuesday night I drove home and my plan is to return to New Jersey on Thursday.

It’s bad enough that the toll for the Lincoln Tunnel is now $12.00 -( an obscenity and now I have to check my EZ pass account to see how much money the state is taking out of my checking account), the worst part is waking up in the middle of the night and not being sure what bedroom I’m in and where is the bathroom?

This is life in the fast lane, but not the fun jet set lane…this is the road to work and back.  So if the posts to this blog seem spotty lately, now you know why.

Merry-Go-Round Nightmares

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A few days late but here are some more of the promised photos of Jane’s Carousel, newly installed in Brooklyn, NY.

Jane's carousel, Brooklyn NY

Prancing Silver Stallion

Brooklyn NY, Dumbo park, Jane's carousel

High Stepping White Mare

Brooklyn NY, Jane's Carousel

Riding in Style


Brooklyn, Jane's carousel

Bedecked with Blossoms and Bows

Brooklyn, Jane's carousel

Noble is thy name

carousel photos by Murray Head

Pippa, Brooklyn, carousel

And from our on the spot, junior reporter - Pippa!

photo provided by Heather



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Here’s how it went down: Gail sent me an email with a link to a story about this woman Jane, who spent 22 years finding, purchasing and totally restoring a carousel.  It’s an amazing story of commitment, determination and ambition.  5 days ago, I sent the link to Murray, who commented that it was interesting!  THEN, he sent me an article written about Jane and her carousel that was published in CAROUSEL  April 2009.  THEN Murray went to DUMBO where under the Brooklyn Bridge, Jane’s dream and hard work had come true.  That was 7 days ago and the opening day of the carousel.  He took some FAB FOTOS (look for more on Friday’s blog), sent them to Jane herself and got a reply and then sent them to me and I’m passing a couple on to you today, just two because after all this is just an amuse-bouche.

Jane's carousel, Brooklyn

Spectacular Silver Stallion

Jane's carousel, Brooklyn

It’s in the lovingly restored details!

photos by Murray Head

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