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Week 33 with just 2 more installments, are you still with me? If you are just viewing this blog for the first time and are interested in the conspiracy theory called COUP D’ETAT, you can click on the category Conspiracy Theory Wednesday on my home page and read this twisting and incriminating tale from the beginning.  Who REALLY killed John F. Kennedy? Who had the most to gain through his death? Whose power and fortunes were threatened by this young energetic leader? You don’t REALLY believe ONE person pulled it off, do you? And Lee Harvey Oswald???

The Arranger

A registered Washington lobbyist for the Teamsters and a friend of Jimmy Hoffa, I. Irving Davidson had a vast international network of connections, and called himself, “the grease for the machinery”.  His business card read”Door Opener and Arranger”.  Among his seemingly diverse clients were: the CIA; Coca-Cola; Fidel Castro; the family dictatorships of Nicaragua (the Samozas); the Dominican Republic (the Trujillos); and Haiti (the Duvaliers); the oil rich Murchison family of Dallas; and Mafiosa Carlos Marcello.  The close twenty year relationship between Davidson and Marcello ended in 1981 when the two were indited in the wire and mail fraud case that finally snared Marcello.  Davidson’s acquittal and the fact that he had introduced Marcello to the government sting operator who caught them, suggests that he set up his Mafia friend.

Through Hoffa, Davidson arranged a Teamster Pension Fund loan to the Murchisons. who shared with Davidson a close mutual friend, J. Edgar Hoover.  Davidson arranged another deal for the Murchisons which resulted in a large pay-off to the then Senator Lyndon Johnson‘s close aide and bag-man, Bobby Baker.  Part of the Johnson-Baker set was Bedford Wynne, whose law firm represented George de Mohrenschildt, the Murchisons and controlled the Great South West Corporation.

Clint Murchison Sr. liked to gamble, and frequented the Four Deuces club, where he played high-stakes poker with fellow gamblers like H.L. Hunt, Senator Rayburn, and Lyndon Johnson. The club’s owner, W.C. Kirkwood, a man with unquestioned access to Johnson, was a friend and former employer of Jack Ruby‘s idol, Lewis J. McWillie.

Reading these names gives me the willies – Jack Ruby, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Hoffa, this is scary stuff!!!

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Jimmy Hoffa

James Hoffa

Week 31-FOLLOW  the trail!!!!! This week the trail to the White House or rather those who aspired to be there becomes really clear.  Read it and read it again and you’ll be shaking your head in disbelief. BUT the names are there, look them up for yourself.


Robert Kennedy had pursued Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa since the 1950’s, when he served as chief counsel for the Senate McClellan Committee, which exposed organized crime in labor unions.  On becoming Attorney General in 1961, Robert turned up the heat, and over th next few years his “Get Hoffa Squad” brought multiple indictments against Teamster officials.  By 1962, the pressure was intense, and a teamster informant quoted Hoffa as saying “Somebody needs to bump that son-of-a-bitch off.  Bobby Kennedy has got to go”.  After the assassination, Hoffa told a reporter, “Bobby Kennedy is just another lawyer now”, but despite his bravado, he was convicted of jury tampering in 1964 and sent to prison, where he remained till 1971, when President Nixon pardoned him.

Under Hoffa, the Teamster Central States Pension Fund (CSPF) was managed by Chicago gangster Allen Dorfman, who made low-interest loans , involving kickbacks, to Las Vegas casino developers.  Some CSPF loans were political : in 1963 25 million was lent to the firm Webb and Knapp, financiers behind the Great South West Corporation, a shady Texas land deal backed by the Murchison family and controlled by their lawyer Bedford Wynne.  With this loan, Webb and Knapp bought 625,000 shares of over-valued real estate stock from a company run by Texas Democratic Party Chairman Eugene Locke, in whose offices the fateful Dallas motorcade route was planned.  Looke became Lyndon Johnson’s ambassador to Vietnam in 1967-8.  Webb and Knapp went bankrupt in 1965.  Hoffa vanished in 1975, and rumors persist that the mob killed him and buried his body in Jersey’s Meadowland Stadium.

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With just a few weeks left till we conclude the conspiracy theory, COUP D’ETAT, we are getting closer and closer to the middle of this tangled web.  Over the weeks,  it has been unraveling; naming names, linking criminals to government departments, explaining connections and always inching closer and closer to the highest government level.

John Kennedy’s affair with CIA agent Cord Meyer‘s wife Mary led to experiments with marijuana and LSD, but the most famous of the 32 presidential paramours tallied by J. Edgar Hoover was actress Marilyn Monroe, who was also the lover of Robert Kennedy.  Her August 5, 1962 death, ruled suicide, was linked to these dangerous liasons, which had been observed by several interested parties.  John and Marilyn often met in the home of the president’s brother-in-law, Peter Lawford, whose house had been wired during the 1960 campaign by GOP “consultants”.  Later, Monroe’s home was bugged for wireman Bernard Spindell, whose usual employer was Jimmy Hoffa.  The Monroe tapes haven’t been made public, but according to many accounts they contain intimacies with the Kennedys, pro-Castro arguments, and support for ousting J. Edgar Hoover. Most significantly they record a visit from Robert on the day of Monroe’s death, during which the pair argued heatedly.  She felt she had been used and dumped by both Kennedys.  Knowledge of this last visit would have been a powerful blackmail tool against Robert even if he had nothing to do with her death.

One person who acquired leverage as a result of the tragedy was Hoover, who immediately confiscated Monroe’s phone records on Robert’s orders.  Hoover was hardy a disinterested party, he considered Monroe a security risk and had watched her for years because of her friendships with “communists”.  Her voluminous FBI files re mostly classified but it is said they record sex orgies with John, Robert,L A. Police Chief William Parker, and other women…and state she was pregnant by Robert and had an abortion before she died.

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November 22, 1963 – John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  Do you believe one lone killer did this?  Really??  This is the 26th installment of the conspiracy theory, COUP D’ETAT.  The trail is leading us to a conspiracy formulated at the highest government levels.  You can read the entire conspiracy theory up to this point by clicking on the category, Conspiracy Theory Wednesday on my home page.

The Policeman’s Pimp – Jack Ruby

From his days as ” Sparky Rubenstein, errand boy for Al Capone, to his ownership of a string of Dallas nightclubs where policemen got preferential  treatment, Ruby was “one of our boys” according to mobster Johnny Roselli, with whom Ruby met twice during the month prior to the assassination.  Other gangster friends of Ruby’s included Joe Civello, Dallas Mafia chief: Barney Baker, teamster president Jimmy Hoffa‘s 370-lb bodyguard; and Dave Yaras, hitman  for Chicago mob boss Sam Giancanna.   Known as the guy who could “fix it” with e the police, Ruby counted ast least 100 Dallas cops among his pals.

Ruby’s self-professed idol was Lewis J. McWillie, a professional gambler who worked at te mob-owned  Tropicana Hotel in Havana.  In 1959, Ruby visited McWillie and the two met with crime boss Santos Trafficante Jr. then in a Cuban prison.  Shortly after Ruby’s return to Dallas, Trafficante was released.  The House Select Committee on Assassination suspected Ruby, acting as a gangland courier, had bought Trafficante’s freedom.  During the six-month period that included his Havana trip, the FBI interviewed Ruby eight times as a “potential criminal informant”.   For Ruby, this was not a first: in 1947 while still in Chicago, he “performed information functions” for the staff of then-Congressman Richard Nixon.

On June 7, 1964, Ruby told the Warren Commission his “life was in danger” – “Gentlemen,” he said, “if you want to hear further testimony, you will have to get me to Washington soon because…I want to tell the truth and I can’t tell it here”.  Before he died, he smuggled two letters out of prison which hint darkly that Lyndon Johnson was behind the conspiracy.

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