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Conspiracy Theory Wednesday

Cuba suffered greatly under the Kennedy Administration.  A cut-off in diplomatic relations had been followed by the Bay of Pigs invasion and terrorist acts by CIA-supported Cuban exilesCuban Premier Fidel Castro knew the CIA was trying to kill him, eventually counting 24 attempts.  CIA death devices included poison cigars, exploding seashells, and a toxic wetsuit.  But the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis resulted in Kennedy telling Soviet Premier Khrushchev that, in return for removal of Russian missiles from Cuba, the U.S. Would not invade the island.  Meanwhile, the U.S.  Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC) urged an end to the economic embargo.  In the Summer of 1063 Kennedy clamped down on CIA-exile groups that ignored his order to stop terrorist acts against Cuba, and that Fall he made secret diplomatic plans for U.S<  and Cuban representatives to meet, leaving Castro little motive to kill him.  A month before the assassination Castro said, “I believe Kennedy is sincere.  I consider him responsible for everything , but I will says this…in the last analysis I’m convinced that anyone else would be worse…I’m willing to declare Barry Goldwater my friend if it will guarantee Kennedy’s re-election.”  After Kennedy’s death, the agreed-upon secret talks were scrapped by Lyndon Johnson.

Oswald’s suspect FPCC membership connected him not to Castro, but to Cuban exile  handler Guy Banister.  CIA reports on “Oswald” in Mexico City and rumors of Oswald’s meetings with Cuban agents that circulated after the assassination seemed to link him to Castro, but they originated in the propaganda mills of CIA veterans David Phillips and E. Howard Hunt.

This conspiracy theory has been around a LONG long time.  Ask anyone old enough to remember the assassination if they REALLY believe Kennedy was shot and killed by ONE man, Lee Harvey Oswald.

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Conspiracy Theory Wednesday

General Charles Cabell, whose brother Earl was the mayor of Dallas in 1963, was a former Air Force Intelligence Chief and CIA Deputy Director under Allen Dulles from 1953 to 1961.  After meeting all night before the 1961 invasion of Cuba with E. Howard Hunt, David Phillips, and others, Cabell phoned President Kennedy at 4:00am to ask for U.S. air support for the Bay of Pigs landing.  Kennedy’s refusal meant sending their proxy army to certain defeat.  Soon after the failed invasion, Kennedy fired Dulles and Cabell, and threatened to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds”.  “Cabell never forgave the President, and criticized him publicly and often.  On one such occasion in 1962, he was introduced to the Foreign Policy Association of New Orleans by Clay Shaw.

A heavy military intelligence presence pervaded Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.  That morning, FBI agent James Hosty met with an unnamed Army Intelligence officer.  Secret Service agent Winston Lawson, who approved the motorcade route, was a member of Army Intelligence Reserve (AIR).  Deputy Police Chief and AIR officer George Lumpkin rode on the  motorcade’s pilot car.  James W. Powell, another AIR officer, was stationed in front of the Texas School Book Depository, and was present when the rifle was found on the sixth floor.  The local head of Army Intelligence was oil man Jack Chrichton, who recommended the first Russian interpreter used by the Secret Service in questioning Marina Oswald.  The true nature of Lee Oswald’s connection to miliary intelligence remains obscure because Defense Intelligence Agency files on him were never shown to the Warren Commission and were later “routinely ” destroyed.

Week 21 and if you have been following this conspiracy you can see how all the “players”  are coming together!  And the names are getting more and more familiar as the conspiracy theory is leading us to higher and higher placed individuals. Just remember – every conspiracy is not a theory!

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We are in the 18th week of exploring the conspiracy theory of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.  There are literally millions of Americans that DO NOT BELIEVE Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in this deadly mission.

Lone assassins are on a mission and are proud of their accomplishment – they do not deny their actions.  Lee Harvey Oswald claimed he was innocent.


The FBI‘s interest in Oswald had begun in June 1960, while he was in the Soviet Union, when a memo from the FBI to the  State Department warned of the “possibility that an impostor is using Oswald’s birth certificate”.  His mother told the FBI that he had taken it with him, but he returned without it, and the document has never surfaced.  When questioned by Ft. Worth FBI agent Fain, Oswald offered to report any contacts with suspicious Soviets.  The FBI’s links to Oswald continued in New Orleans, where at his own request, he was interviewed by Agent  Quigley while under arrest for the street scuffle with Cuban exile Carlos Bringuier.  He was released shortly after paying a ten-dollar fine.  Guy Banister, with whom Oswald worked, was an ex-FBI agent said by some to have been secretly working for the FBI’s counter intelligence Division 5.

An hour after Oswald’s arrest, James Hosty, the Dallas FBI agent who monitored local Cuban-exile activities, burst into Police Headquarters with the news that Oswald was a “communist…capable of committing the assassination…”.  Though Hosty knew where Oswald worked, he had not warned the Secret Service or Dallas Police of the presence of this “dangerous” man along the motorcade route.  Strangely, Hosty’s name and phone number were found in Oswald’s address book; Texas justice officials alleged to the Warren Commission that the FBI   $200 a month for over a year as “Confidential Informant 179”.  In 1975 Hosty said Oswald had brought a note to his office weeks before the assassination asking him to leave Marina alone, but on the order of his superior, Gordon Shanklin , he had  destroyed it immediately after Oswald’s  death.

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So here I am about to post the 16th installment of COUP D’ETAT, the conspiracy theory about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and I’m wondering….how many of you all out there are reading these Wednesday posts? Do you have any comments about what you’ve read so far?  I know many of you are way too young to know anything about this except for what you may have read or heard in a history class (uh oh I just dated myself even MORE) uh, I mean CIVICS class.  So what do you think? Please comment and if you don’t want to be public, then send your thoughts to pbenjaytoo@gmail.com


While Oswald was supposedly en route to Mexico, a strange incident occurred at the Dallas home of Cuban exile Sylvia Odio.  She was visited by three anti-Castro activists, two Latin men, and an American introduced as Leon Oswald.  A few days later one of the Latins told her over the telephone that Leon Oswald thought the  Cubans had no guts and should shoot President Kennedy.  When Miss Odio saw pictures of Lee Oswald after the assassination she was sure he had been one of her visitors.  Though Odio was too scared to report the incident, a friend who told Odio’s story to the FBI also claimed that Oswald had been seen at two Cuban exile meetings that were addressed by General Edwin Walker.

An Oswald “double” was clearly at work in Dallas during the 7 weeks Oswald lived there prior to the assassination.  On Nov. 23, the FBI received a report that “Lee Oswald” test-drove a car two weeks earlier, speeding the demo at 80 mph, claiming he would have a “lot of money in the next two or three weeks ” and mumbling something about “going back to Russia where they treat workers like men”.  The real Lee Oswald id not know how to drive.  On Nov. 24, Dallas police found a gun shop receipt in Oswald’s name for mounting a telescopic sight on a Mnnlicher-Carcano rifle.  Oswald’s had come with a sight.  A day after having retrieved the rifle, “Oswald” had fgone to a firing range and drawn attention to himself with obnoxious behavior.  A month earlier he was seen firing a rifle on private property in the company of two other men, one of whom was “Latin, perhaps Cuban”.  The landowner have a shell to the FBI, who later said it had not been fired from Oswald’s rifle.

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The Weapon

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This is the 15th installment of a conspiracy theory of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  If you believe Lee Harvey Oswald was the sold killer of our young president, JFK, read on and catch up from the beginning by searching the Conspiracy Theory Wednesday category.


Oswald left New Orleans on September 26, 1963, and traveled by bus to Mexico City.  Passengers remembered the man who said he was going to Havana, was quite open about his leftist beliefs and conversed with an older man who spoke with an English accent.  The latter was identified by the FBI as Albert Osborne, alias John Bowen.  FBI records from 1942 described Osborne as a fervent Nazi supporter. A member of the fanatical anti-communist American Council of Christian Churches, he ran a missionary school for orphans in Puebla, Mexico, that allegedly served as a cover for training marksmen.

Oswald registered at a Mexico City hotel frequented by anti- Castro Cuban exiles, but his activities over the next few days are cloudy.  The CIA later reported that Oswald visited the Cuban and Soviet embassies seeking a Cuban visa.  CIA surveillance photos and tapes from bugs inside the embassies were sent to the FBI on the evening of November 22.  They were of someone else (still unidentified), and the CIA has never released any photos or tapes of the real Oswald at either embassy, though 12 pictures of the impostor were made public.   The purpose of Oswald’s trip to Mexico City may have been revealed by the CIA in a memo sent to the FBI ten days before he left.  It read: “[The CIA is] giving some consideration to countering the activities of [the Fair Play for Cuba Committee] in foreign countries…CIA is also giving some thought to planting deceptive information which might embarrass the Committee in areas where it does have some support.” The House Select Committee on Assassinations sealed for 50 years its 265-page report entitled “Lee Harvey Oswald”, the CIA, and Mexico City.

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David Ferrie

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Week 14 of the unraveling mysterious and complex conspiracy theory about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


The strongest denizen of 544 Camp Street ws former Eastern Airlines pilot, David Ferrie, who, as a contract employee of the CIA, flew dozens of clandestine missions to Cuba around the time of the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion.  A bishop in an obscure sect called Orthodox Old Catholic Church of North America, and a master hypnotist, Ferrie suffered from a rare condition of hairlessness called Alopecia for which he compensated with grotesquely false eyebrows and toupee.  He worked closely with Banister’s anti-Castro operations, one time leading a CIA-staged “raid” (they had the key) on a bunker containing explosives allegedly given o the Schlumberger  Corporation byt he CIA for the ultra-right French Secret Army Organization (OAS) to use in a 1962 coup attempt against French President Charles De Gaulle.  The raid allegedly enabled the CIA to supply Cuban exile terrorists while Kennedy’s ban on such activities was in effect.

That Oswald and Ferrie knew each other is certain.  When Lee was 16 he joined the local Civil Air Patrol unit led by Captain Ferrie (who was discharged from Eastern because of  his homosexual liasions with teen-age boys).  In September 1963, they were seen together at a federally supported black voter registration drive in Clinton, LA.  The evening of Kennedy’s death, Ferrie drove through a thunderstorm to Houston, where he spent hours at a skating rink making and receiving phone calls.  According to a friend, he was to have picked up tow members of a hit team who never showed up.  The FBI questioned Ferrie  a few days later, but the interview was first classified by J. Edgar Hoover and later disappeared.

Just remember, a conspiracy is not always a theory!

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For some reason, I have become enamored with the idea that I should have some blog days that are designated to a topic.  And I am a bit hooked on Conspiracy Theory Wednesday because as I said I think it is a throwback to my Colin McEnroe radio listening days in Hartford, CT.

Since Dark Legacy stirred my deeply buried but not lost feelings about the Kennedy assassination, I came across, well actually Peter did, but this is my blog so… we have a deck of trading cards of all things, that expose and expound upon the conspiracy behind President Kennedy’s death.  I was really intrigued by the concept – can you imagine a company produced a deck of cards called Coup D’Etat?  You can’t? Believe me it exists and Conspiracy Theory Wednesday seems to be the perfect time to delve into this fascinating and complex conspiracy theory.  Think of it as jumping the gun (no pun intended) on the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination when surely there will be a new wave of books dealing with this 20th century haunting mystery.  The following is from the first card in the deck;

The Assassination

Politics brought John F. Kennedy to Texas in 1963.  The 35th president won the conservative state in the 1960 election largely for his tough stand on Cuba, his promised defense build-up, and his Texan running mate.   But Kennedy’s 1,026 days in office were characterized by increasingly liberal policies.  The failed 1961 Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion, the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, the 1963  Test Ban Treaty with the Soviets and the administration’s support of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement added to Kennedy’s growing unpopularity in right-wing circles.  In the nine months before the President’s visit to Dallas, the Secret Service had received more than 400 threats on his life.  On November 18 one of these caused the cancellation of a planned motorcade through Miami.  In Texas, a state dependent on the oil and defense industries, recent moves to repeal the sacrosanct 27.5% oil depletion allowance and plans to begin withdrawal of U.S. military “advisors” from Vietnam were viewed with particular alarm, nowhere more visibly than in Dallas, a hotbed of right wing fringe activity.  In October 1963, UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson had been shoved, spat on, and hit with a picket sign there.  When Kennedy read the Dallas morning news on Friday morning, November 22nd, he was greeted by a full page ad in bold, black type suggesting that he was a Communist and a traitor.  A few hours later, as he rode through downtown Dallas accompanied by Texas Governor, John Connally and Vice President Lyndon Johnson, the motorcade route was lined with posters picturing Kennedy with the words, “Wanted for Treason”.  The stage was set for assassination.

If you’re interested (and it only gets better) check back next Wednesday for the next segment.

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Welcome to Conspiracy Theory Wednesday

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