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As I walked into Costco today and if you have been in one, you know they have a big board posted with the gas price of the day.  Actually in case you hadn’t figured it out yet, this only applies to those stores with gas pumps.  Today the gas price per gallon was $3.47 for regular.  WTF?  Last week I posted on Facebook that it was $3.35 which was already a BIG jump from the week before when it was $3.15 per gallon!

So this got me to thinking of some weird domino effect or as to what Wall-Streeters refer to as global economy.   Well maybe…. for days, no actually weeks, I have been hearing news about how horrible our corn crop is going to be.  No rain – small corn, shriveled up corn, maybe no corn.  And that means the cost of feed for cows and steers is going to go up in price due to the shortage.  Also, anyone even vaguely familiar with our basically unhealthy diet in America which seems to be based in high fructose corn syrup knows that if there is a shortage of corn, then all the products that have corn in them, will also rise in price.  It’s been estimated that upwards of 70% of our processed foods contain some corn product.  Wow, I guess EVERYTHING is going to go up in price.  Oh dear….too bad we don’t have corn in our salaries, paychecks, or commissions.

Last I knew and I admit I don’t know much, corn or corn byproducts were not in gasoline. So how does the drought in the Midwest which is destroying the corn crop, cause the weekly rise in gas prices?  That’s one hell of a domino theory!

Or are we paying more at the pump because Syria is in the midst of a civil war?  Or because Spain’s economy is slipping away although I doubt we import much gasoline from Spain.  Maybe it’s because Greece is still not out of the economic woods or because Brazil is enjoying a robust economy.   

Food for thought in the form of Amuse Bouche du Jour!  I’m assuming many people know more about this than me – See articles below.

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Here’s 10 interesting facts that you can casually (and intentionally) drop into a conversation to impress your friends.   Did you know???

The snowboard was invented by an eighth grader from New Jersey?

In the days before toilet paper, Americans used corn husks and corncobs and the Japanese used sea weed?   

early American toilet paper

Please Don't Squeeze the Corn Husks

The world’s first ketchup was a green and brown paste made of squished up cucumbers, walnuts and mushrooms.

The average American spends nine years of his or her life watching television.

The first trampoline was thought up by an 11-year old George Nissen while watching a circus show in hometown in Iowa in 1826.  While in high school, George invented a bouncing table.  To prove how high a person could jump on a trampoline, its inventor took along a kangaroo – and made sure he jumped higher than the animal in his demonstrations

For almost two centuries bread was the world’s only type of eraser.  It didn’t work very well, but was good enough, until the rubber eraser was invented.

Not until the 1920s did it become common in the United States to have separate public bathrooms for males and females.  Those for men were called Johns.  Those for women were called Janes.

3M company, George Fry

Post It Notes

Post It Notes were invented by 3 M employee, Art Fry.  He used some of his colleague’s strong but removable adhesive to stick a page marker in his hymnal.

That Jules Leotard, a French circus acrobat invented the leotard . It was said he was in love with himself!

The modern day lollipop was invented by George Smith of New Haven, CT in 1908.  He would put a ball of boiled sweets on a stick and he named it after a famous race horse of the day, Lolly Pop.      

lolly, pop. sucker,


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