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This may turn out to be a whole week of FAB FOTOS.   Well, you know there is just so much to see and do in NYC and Murray has been zipping around snapping fantastic photos as usual.

Today, yes May Day. brought the OWS troops out in full force.  They were in Union Square, they were in Bryant Park, they were downtown.  And as the movement grows in momentum and spreads around the world, the protests, the causes have also expanded.  Occupy Wall Street may soon become the poster child for all kinds of civil unrest, causes, social revolution, and a catch-all army of protesting warriors and the whole 1% out there!

May Day, OWS, Occupy Wall St, New York City

Protesting the War on Women

OWS, occupy wall street, New york city,

War Paint

Immigration, New York city, OWS, occupy wall street

Immigration - The Cause

Hot & Crusty union, New York city, ows, Occupy Wall Street

We're Watching You!

peace movement, ows,. occupy wall street

Protest War -The Cause Peace

taxation, ows, occupy wall street, newe york city

Protesting Unfair Taxation

occupy wall street, ows, new york city, may day

The Wearin' o' the Green

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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This is a two for the price of one blog post!  MAY DAY, MAY DAY is an international term used to seek aid or help.  You’ve heard it in the movies, on television and hopefully not ever on a ship, boat or plane on which you were traveling.  The origin of this universal plea for help is derived from the French term, m’aider – translation, “help me”.

HELP ME! And that’s my segue to the other May Day.  May or  May Day is traditionally known as International Worker’s Day.  In New York City, Union Square has a long history of being the meeting place to gather to express concern, protest, rally and demonstrate.  Today OWS or Occupy Wall Street plans to begin their march/demonstration from Union Square.  

Here are a few flashback photos that were posted in The Gothamist (source The New York Public Library):

International Worker's Day, May Day march,  Union Square NYC

1914- Union Square

And this year’s protest poster distributed by OWS looks like this:

OWS, Occupy Wall Street, International Worker's Day, May Day, protest

International Worker's Day 2012

And our on the spot, ready to shoot photographer, Murray was in Union Square scouting out the preparations for the big day. These photos were taken 2 days ago which gives you an idea of how huge a demonstration is planned for today.

Union Square, OWS, Occupy Wall St.

Getting Organized

Union Square, OWs, New York city, International Worker's Day

Pushing All the Right Buttons

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Occupy Wall St.

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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The coat of arms of Pakistan displays the nati...

Pakistan Coat of Arms

Well it’s been just over two weeks since MAY DAY, May Day!  May 1, 2011 marked the demise of Al Queda‘s leader.  After ten years of hunting this killer and attempting to ferret him out of caves where we “thought” he was hiding out – poof! He was assassinated by American troops  in some very comfortable surroundings in Pakistan

And I thought throwing that out to my reader public as a Six Word Challenge might produce some interesting replies and it did indeed.  Not from SO many readers but thanks to one in particular I have several to post.

Yeah baby, War’s over now, right? – Spinny Liberal

he brought fear, it’s still here – Susan in the Grove

he took our innocence in 2001 – Susan in the Grove

the fear of when, how, where? – Susan in the Grove

want terrorism taken out of dictionary – Susan in the Grove

fear of terrorism or cold war? – Susan in the Grove

terrorism didn’t die with bin laden – Susan in the Grove

days of pre- 9/11, no more – Susan in the Grove

 Bin Laden is dead; Now what?- Me

And from the book, NOT QUITE WHAT I WAS PLANNING, Six Word Memoirs By Writers Famous & Obscure:

Mom, Dad, Daphne, Owen. Who’s next? – Sean Wilsey

Which comes first: tequila or accident? – Penelope Whitney

Doing more for less is life – Rondell Conway

Cried, Defied, Denied, Sighed, Died, Reapplied. – Josh Garfield

A sundress will solve life’s woes. – Kristen Grimm

I think it’s time we channel our inner Hemingway again.  Life goes on, seasons change, holidays come and go and each day brings a new set of feelings, thoughts, events and incidents.  Please share some part of you with all of us and send it a Six Word Memoir on whatever is on your mind or in your heart.

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If you have been following the blog or FAB FOTO FRIDAYS you know that a while ago I featured an art installation on Dag Hammerskjold Plaza near the United Nations.  It is called Borders with human-like sculptures posed standing and sitting in the park.  Today is MAY DAY! In additions to the Borders “people”, Dag Hammerskjold Plaza was home to a true May Day celebration.

May Day, Dag Hammerskjold Plaza
May Day Child

photo by Murray Head

new york city, Borders, dag hammerskjold
May Day Diversity

photo by Murray Head

dag hammerskjold plaza, may day, maypole
May Day Missy

photo by Murray Head

dag hammerskjold plaza, may day flowers
May Day Flower Basket

photo by Murray Head

May Day, May Pole, new york city

Dancing Around the Maypole

Photos by Murray Head


May Day Maypole Ribbons

Photo by Murray Head

BORDERS, dag hammerskjold plaza, new york city

May Day knows no Borders!

photo by Murray Head

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