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I’ve been Missing In Action for more days than I realized-I was shocked to see the date of my last post.  So what has been going on? I can’t say it’s any one thing that has kept me away from the keyboard, just sometimes life takes over.

There’s been much turmoil in my house lately.  Health issues (not mine) played a major role in keeping me otherwise occupied.   I’ve had some work commitments out-of-state, there was a death in the family, and it seems when the season changes, there’s never enough time to do what needs to be done.  Just life taking over as I said.

I had a couple of ideas about writing a blog and somehow could not sit down and write them.  One was about being superstitious and that idea is still floating around in my head.  Oh and the political circus of Republican primaries certainly is bloggy fodder.  I’m going to attempt to create my an Easter bonnet for the Easter Parade on Sunday – maybe I’ll get some photos.

There’s more of course,  but a promise made to my husband not to  write a lot about our private lives or more specifically his, is the reason this blog is so weird tonight!  I’m not trying to tease you dear readers, I just can’t go into “the gory details”.  I hope this period of emotional stressis over because as is my most neurotic habit, I have been eating and eating and eating and eating again.  So now, I have to get my head on straight about seriously dieting – oh yuck!

easter bonnet

Easter Bonnet (Photo credit: starsantiques)

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