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I’ve been checking my blog stats and have noticed a really strong uptick in the number of people visiting the blog that are looking at a previous blog post about Easter Hats.  In New York City, every Easter Sunday the Easter Parade takes place on Fifth Avenue and hundreds and hundreds of people come out to walk (parade) along the Avenue.

It is a day of colorful, creative, beautiful, outrageous, big, small, funny and fabulous hats. chapeaus, bonnets, derbies, top hats and straw hats!  I make my own creations, sometimes re-cycle them with new flowers and ribbons.  You have no ideas how difficult it is to store these broad-brimmed hats in an apartment!!

As Easter is literally around the corner and if you’re going to make your own Easter bonnet, the time would be NOW!  So here are some inspirational creations for you look at and if you’re successful, you’ll be all set for a Kentucky Derby Day party.

Lavender Lady

Lavender Lady

Red Roses

Red Roses

Sun Flower Sue

Sun Flower Sue

Black & Cream Dream

Black & Cream Dream

Pink on Pink on...

Pink on Pink on…

Dramatic Plume

Dramatic Plume

Aren’t these stunning? Hats can be so flattering. For more Easter Hat photos click on the link below.


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It takes a couple of days for the photos to get up and online.  Today, our friend, Helen, posted her photos and I have snagged a few to show my readers.  She was much better than I was at taking pictures!  And I’m happy that there is one of her in the bunch because I didn’t have one and she spent the day with us at the Parade.

More to follow…hopefully by tomorrow – those will be the ones my son took and I know he snapped some really great ones.

Easter Parade, New York city, easter hats

Each year we meet up with this lovely couple from MA. Their outfits are impeccable and authentic!

Easter bonnets, easter hats, new york city

Bigger Is Better??

easter egg, easter parade nyc 2012, violets

Which came first the egg or the violets?

Easter parade, easter hat, Helen Uffner, sunglasses

Our friend, Helen is on the far right!

Greg Moore, Easter parade, top hat and tails

Our friend, Greg in top hat and tails! He looks so debonair.

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What an absolutely glorious day for an Easter Parade! Not too hot, not too cold, not windy, just sunny and warm.  The weather brought out thousands of parade walkers and watchers. 

The Easter Parade is unlike any other parade in New York City.  There are no restrictions, guidelines, leaders or such.  It’s day to parade down Fifth Avenue (well for about 8 blocks) wearing your going-to-church finery, your Easter bonnet.  Actually that was the original concept way back when, now there are aspects of it that are circus-like but what do you expect, it IS New York.

Well off to the Parade we went about noon, Peter, my son, Joel and myself.  We were dressed up and if I do say so myself, my hat looked great.  We had our picture taken, and taken and taken.  This really cracked Joel up; He’s a photographer so when person after person asked us if we would pose for a photo, he started taking pictures of people taking our photo!

I didn’t take as many pictures as usual because for some reason, I kept getting my camera tangled up with my pocketbook and the whole situation was awkward.   I have a couple to post and hope to have some of Joel’s photos to post tomorrow.

Easter parade, 2012, easter nyc, Joel Berti

Debbie, Joel and Peter

easter parade photos 2012 new york city

Yes those are real feathers!

easter parade new york city 2012

As Yellow as an Easter Peep

easter parade 2012 NYC

Me, Matthew, Michele and Peter "on the Avenue"

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YUP, it’s DONE! 

Of course I had to go “balls to the wall” while “under the gun”.  And now to explore the origins of these motivational expressions!

Balls to the Wall

It probably doesn’t mean what you think, or do you?  Well it does mean, as in my case, to go all out, full throttle as fast as you can.  And full throttle is the key to the meaning and origin of this phrase.  It’s a military aviation term;  Many planes have a ball-top grip on the control sticks.  The throttle, the mechanism to accelerate the engines, is pushed all the way forward towards the firewall which prevents an engine fire from entering the rest of the plane.  The joystick, which if pushed forward to the firewall sends the plane into a dive, so literally putting the balls to the wall would send the plane into a maximum speed dive and figuratively going balls to the wall is doing something all-out with maximum effort.

Under the Gun

This one’s so simple, I’m sure you already know it or will figure it out in a second.  Want to get someone to do something real quick – point the gun at them!  And as in my case, you can do it to yourself although that does sound rather suicidal.

I managed to get the hat done before dinner, scrape the hot glue off my fingertips, pack up the ribbons, sweep away the scraps of leaves and wire clippings.  The end result is slightly different from I had planned – not sure how I forgot about the “mirror” effect.  I had done the whole hat before I realized my error!  However, I figured a flower here, a ribbon there, a bit more crinoline and probably  I could make it work.  I think I did, do you?

Easter Parade, New York City, purple hat, yellow lillies

Purple and Yellow - So EASTER!

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What do those two expression conjure up in your mind?  Well if you are in my age category, these phrases have  been used for years to denote a deadline that is rapidly approaching, the sense of urgency needed to complete a task.

This is a two-part blog: First of all let’s explore the origin of these expressions.

Down to the Wire

There is a wire strung above the Finish Line on race track so that a camera set above the wire can photograph the contestants as they cross.  Most often used in reference to horse racing where two horses may cross almost simultaneously.  The camera captures the image of one horse winning by a nose.  The metaphor has extended to other races such as political elections where the candidate can win by a nose, get nosed out and finish out of the money.

Back Up Against the Wall

I was surprised when I did the research about the origins of this phrase.  I stated that it had more to do with a deadline when actually it’s  more like making a last-ditch effort (before the deadline?) to win/complete because retreat is unavoidable.  It literally means when your back is up against the wall you have no choice but to persevere because you have backed up as far as you can, and are now against the wall with the enemy advancing. 

So what is part two and how are they related?  It’s now Thursday at 4:00pm and the Easter hat has yet to be made!!! YIKES!  Time is running out like a pin hole in a water bottle – NO, actually I think I am now in the pin-hole-in-a-balloon stage and it’s about to whiz right past me. 

I’ve  made several Easter bonnets over the years, sometimes re-working a previous hat into a new creation, sometimes inspired to start from scratch.  So what’s  happened to me this year? I believe these are the inside/outside forces that are counter-attacking my creative efforts;  I’ve been slightly down and out, mildly depressed for the last couple of months (don’t ask, there are so many reasons and none to be aired in the blog) and BECAUSE of that I, as has been my life-long nemesis – Eat.  It has been a sugary binge of cookies, cheesecake, and ice cream, preceded by two of my favorite food groups,  peanut butter and bread.  Ok, we should probably also throw in the pasta, cheese and nuts into the mix.  This all adds up to an extra 10 lbs so I’m not feeling like I want to dress up (probably won’t fit anyway) for the Parade and  so who needs a hat?

Additionally I’m annoyed at my daughter because she can’t find the flower ring I made for Finley last year.  I planned on re-doing it with pink roses.  Now I have to return the roses and I guess Finley won’t have an Easter bonnet.  But as my husband reminded me, what’s important to me is not necessarily important to my daughter.

Lastly, we have the inevitable holiday celebration/dilemma/debacle that hounds most non-intact (read divorced) families.  I understand that she is in the middle so to speak, so instead of Peter and I and Chiara and family strolling along the Avenue, a rather unwieldy number of participants will be converging for Brunch, Parade and supper – that’s not exactly what I want to do.  Besides, we’ve now been invited to join a fun group that takes dressing-up in period clothes very seriously for a drink at The University Club and also meet up with them at a predesignated spot where a mutual friend and superb band leader, Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra is going to perform on Fifth Avenue.   So I think we’ll go to the Parade with my son, maybe meet up with the family gang on Fifth Avenue but if not, we’ll see them all later for a light supper.  BUT of course, I MUST stop typing and go create the hat 😦

Finley Ray, Easter parade 2011, Fifth Avenue, Easter hat, easter bonnet

Finley and Gigi on the Avenue 2011

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I’ve been Missing In Action for more days than I realized-I was shocked to see the date of my last post.  So what has been going on? I can’t say it’s any one thing that has kept me away from the keyboard, just sometimes life takes over.

There’s been much turmoil in my house lately.  Health issues (not mine) played a major role in keeping me otherwise occupied.   I’ve had some work commitments out-of-state, there was a death in the family, and it seems when the season changes, there’s never enough time to do what needs to be done.  Just life taking over as I said.

I had a couple of ideas about writing a blog and somehow could not sit down and write them.  One was about being superstitious and that idea is still floating around in my head.  Oh and the political circus of Republican primaries certainly is bloggy fodder.  I’m going to attempt to create my an Easter bonnet for the Easter Parade on Sunday – maybe I’ll get some photos.

There’s more of course,  but a promise made to my husband not to  write a lot about our private lives or more specifically his, is the reason this blog is so weird tonight!  I’m not trying to tease you dear readers, I just can’t go into “the gory details”.  I hope this period of emotional stressis over because as is my most neurotic habit, I have been eating and eating and eating and eating again.  So now, I have to get my head on straight about seriously dieting – oh yuck!

easter bonnet

Easter Bonnet (Photo credit: starsantiques)

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A couple more photos have been sent in and I said I would post them too!

Fifth Avenue, New york city, Easter parade, easter bunny

YES - It's Real and REALLY Soft

photo by Catherine

And then there’s the lovely Catherine!

Easter parade, easter bonnet, new york city

Catherine is a Pink Confection!

Three generations of annual Easter Parade strollers.  So far Finley hasn’t missed one yet!  And don’t you love her “bonnet”?

Easter parade, Easter hats, easter bonnet, fifth Avenue, New york

We Three - Me, Chiara & Finley

photo by Debbie Follett

Finley Ray, Easter hats, Debbie Follett, Easter parade

Debbie and Finley

Debbie joined Chiara, Tom and Finley in the stroll down the Avenue. Love her purple hat!

Easter parade

Finley Ray on Fifth Avenue

photo by Debbie Follett

Francesca, Easter Parade

Debbie and Francesca at the Easter Parade

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Yesterday in spite of dire predictions of showers, Fifth Avenue was crowded with New Yorkers and tourists.  The annual Easter Parade has been a New York tradition since the 1870’s.  Over the years, it has attracted the colorful, the crazy, the fashionable and the NOT so fashion-minded.

Peter and I and our friends, Helen and Catherine joined us in strolling down the Avenue.  Helen was wearing a very saucy hat from the 1940’s or 30’s (I should have asked her for clarification).  Anyway, she looked lovely and maybe she’ll be in the Times next week.  She had one of her employees join her who was decked out in an unbelievable knock your socks off vintage outfit.  Jessica was a vision of the past in a deep wine red dress, sable fur draped over her arm, wearing net gloves and classic heels from that era.  Topped off with a perky fur hat tilted to the side , she turned everyone’s head – check out the Times, I bet she’s there.

I’ve never gone for the vintage  look when it comes to the Parade but that’s mainly because I maintain I can’t find vintage clothing in my size.  Well even so, I like to wear wide brimmed hats and I like to decorate them with lots of flowers and ribbons.  I have made a few and recycled them and sometimes reconstructed them so when Catherine decided to join us, I offered her a hat.  She picked a favorite of mine, pink with a very wide brim.  She wore a beautiful sun dress and the hat complemented it perfectly.  Peter was dapper  as usual in a soft gray double-breasted suit, vintage tie and a straw “boater”.

We had a great time, strolling along the Avenue and having our photo taken many times.  And as the day wound down, we decided to top off the afternoon enjoying a cocktail.  Now where to go?  Elegant was the byword of the day so we headed to the King Cole bar in the St. Regis Hotel.  It was definitely the right choice.  Turns out many of the people whose outfits we admired apparently had the same idea.  The King Cole bar was only the more elegant with everyone’s Easter finery. 

I managed to forget my camera at home (that was a first).  So I’m dependent on others to send me photos from the Parade. So far I only got one I can use but am hoping for more.  I’d like to show Finley Ray in her bright orange and hot pink sun dress and wearing the wreath of flowers Gigi made for her.

Fifth Avenue, Peter Press, Catherine Reinhard

Lori, Peter and Catherine

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Easter Parade, New York City, Fifth Avenue,Easter bonnet, Easter hat

I think one of the birds fell off

Fifth Ave New York City Easter Parade

And then there was this guy...

Fifth Avenue, Easter Parade, Easter hat

Let me see too!

Peter Press, Fifth Avenue, Easter Parade New York city

Dashing and Debonair As Always

Fifth Avenue, Easter Parade, New York City, Straw boater, Top Hat

Ebony and Ivory

Black and White Study of a Drag Queen

Easter Parade, Fifth Avenue, Easter Sunday in New York City, Easter hats, Bes-Ben hat

Oh So Colorful Are We!

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accessorized, asphalt jungle, Easter rabbit, Easter bunny, Easter Sunday

Accessorized for The Parade!

I am SO READY for the Easter Parade.  I hope my accessories will be as colorful and outrageous as the Bunny’s.

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