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After a night of howling wind, slashing rain and rattling windows, I woke up this morning to a new world.  The sidewalks of the Upper East Side were covered with leaves, large branches and in some cases whole trees were on the street.  People were out in huge numbers as the result of yet another day with no public transportation and most non-essential businesses closed!  Going out for breakfast in New York on the weekend or in this case a day off is practically a national pastime.  This morning we joined our friend, Gail for a late breakfast/lunch at Gracie’s, a coffee shop across the street.  The line to get in was out the door and to the end of the block!  Luckily Gail had gotten there before us and we were able to go right in and get a table.  I ordered one of my usual breakfast.  I said, “I’ll have scrambled egg whites on a toasted bialy with one slice of turkey bacon”.  The waiter said, “Just white or rye”.  I said, “Ok, I’ll have two poached eggs in a cup and…” at which point he interrupted me and said, “we only have scrambled eggs”.  So I laughed and said perhaps he ought to just write out the order himself!!!  So scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, rye toast and home fries was breakfast du jour.

Walked over to 87th St to watch the trees being fed into an automated garbage truck, not something you see around town.

Once back home an online, the horrors wrought by Sandy the night before began to reveal themselves.  Between fielding phone calls from friends around the country who were checking in on our safety and well-being and trying to access the internet to see what was written on Blogfinger, I watched the news.  Switching from NBC to ABC to CNN I was horrified by what I saw.  Massive destruction of the Jersey Shore!  Subway tunnels flooded and our own Eastside #6 line under water.  The crane still dangling over West 57th St.  My cousin Marian called me and asked if they could stay at our apartment on Wednesday as she is still banned from her building due to the threatening crane.

Extel, Billionaires building, Manhattan, W. 57th sT

How ONE Crane Ate A Neighborhood

Another telling photo, this one from Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken, NJ, fleet of taxis, Hurricane Sandy

The Yellow Submarines

Every borough was severely affected by Sandy. Below is a freak incident brought about by high winds and a stupendous storm surge.

Sandy took a wrong turn on Staten Island

Photo courtesy of (AP Photo/Sean Sweeney)

Late in the afternoon, I was able to go online at a friend’s house and view Blogfinger – THE DAY AFTER: Assessing the Damage

The following photos are from Blogfinger, a great source of community information.  If you read the comments, you will see how many home-owners such as myself rely heavily on the blog to find out what is happening in the town when we’re not there.  The bad news was right there in black and white. No power, more trees down, the board walk a twisted and buckled wreck, a former restaurant ripped open by the sea.

Ocean Grove NJ, boardwalk, Hurricane Sandy

Ocean Grove boardwalk covered in sand, benches strewn around like toys,

Photo by Paul Goldfinger

And then I called Jane at the Lillagaard to find out what damage had been done.  The news was NOT GOOD.  The storm surge broke the entry door to the Tea Room, not only pushing the door open but also bending the door frame.  Can you imagine the forces of nature at play with this ferocious Frankenstorm?  As of tonight the kitchen was still flooded and the Tea Room is closed till further notice 😦

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Image representing Comcast as depicted in Crun...

BIG Bad Parents

Why is the BIG question as to the abrupt exit of Keith Olberman from MSNBC‘s extremely popular show, COUNTDOWN with Keith Olberman.  There can be no doubt that his 8pm time slot was by far the most watched and was so proven in survey results time after time.  Is this media fickleness? NO!

Is this a good business decision? DOUBTFUL! He has two years left in his contract at a salary of roughly $7M per year, so clearly paying someone NOT to work is not good business.  I wouldn’t mind being fired if I could get paid $7M per year and not work, but that’s another story all together.

Word on the street is that COMCAST didn’t like his defiance, his independence – I guess they were strict parents.  Oh and yes they are the parents because COMCAST  acquired NBC and along with it of course, MSNBC.  What a shame!  Censorship in any newscast whether it be from a mainstream network anchor or a broadcast personality with a view is a terrible thing.

It’s one of the reasons my husband and I never watch movies on certain channels because not only are they broken up irreverently with commercials they are also edited to eliminate any offensive or deemed to be offensive words.  In other words, no pun intended, and actually in those words – somebody in some office high in the sky is deciding what I can and cannot watch or hear!  Mmmmm if my memory serves me right, that has always been the forerunner of a dictatorship in the making.

The web is full of news today about this very sad event, you can find thousands of comments on Twitter, most lamenting this terrible turn of events.  I hope there is a backlash, that there is some Peter Finch in all of us.

For me, it would be hard not to continue to watch MSNBC because I really do like Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell.  So I have to think about how to let the mega media company know I’m not happy with their actions.  I know we all think what can I do and I’m only one person so it won’t count but we also know that if all of us one persons do something, somebody will take notice!  For years I had ABC News as my home page on my computer but recently abandoned it because I couldn’t click on any article without activating some horrifically loud commercial about something I didn’t want to hear AND the mute button was never visible, I would have to exit that screen if I could find which one of their stupid pop up ads was talking.  I wonder what thinktank came up with that brainstorm?

What can we do? Write to the corporation? Write to the sponsors of MSNBC – YES !  “Follow the money” – you remember those famous words uttered over and over again by Deep Throat – that’s where it hurts, that’s what gets their attention; Money talks, everything else walks. Check out the blog later, I will try to compile a list of sponsors that may be less than pleased by this stupid act of parental control.

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