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If you are a follower of this blog, then you know we spend time on the Jersey Shore  and I have a category known as Art is Where You Find It.  Art is everywhere IF you have the eye to seek it out, the time to look for it and it helps if you have the ability to capture the sight on film or in this case, digitally.  Murray spent some of Columbus Day weekend with us and he disappeared for hours at at time, camera in hand.  Oh yes, and it really helps if you have an artistic eye for form, color and perspective.

This is the art that surrounds us;  It’s not hanging in a gallery in SoHo, we don’t have   the name of the artist but we do have the ART!

Sand Castle


Ocean Grove, Asbury Park, Jersey Shore, sunset at sea

Sunset at Sea-The Golden Hour

Ocean Grove, Asbury Park, Jersey shore, sea gull

Sea Gull and Street Lamp

jersey shore, ocean grove, asbury park

Boogie Board Art

art deco, Asbury Park, casino

Art Deco Craftsmanship-Casino Asbury Park

driftwood, solitary man

Solitary Man

Ocean Grove, Jersey shore, Canadian geese

Following the Leader

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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I thought about the title of this blog…I wonder how many people will pick up on it because of the words Jersey Shore?  It conjures up images of Snookie, The Situation, Windmill hot dogs and a Jerseylicious look!  Ocean Grove couldn’t be further from those images and here we are in the heart of the Jersey Shore.  Our magical little town ( I always refer to it that way) is quaint, lovely, and prides itself on being very American;  Flags and bunting are everywhere.

Happy Birthday America!

Photo by Murray Head

my centerpiece

Spangles and Mini Flags-My Centerpiece

Photo by Murray Head

red whites and blue sta

A Little Hokey and I Love It

Photo by Murray Head

Ocean Grove badge checker

"Can I see your beach badge please"?

Photo by Murray Head

Decked Out in Red White and Blue

Photo by Murray Head

Peter Press

The Grilling Must Go On

Photo by Murray Head

Beach office

Ocean Grove Beach Office

Photo by Murray Head

scripture of the day

No Refunds for the Weather!

There are many ways to celebrate a birthday;  Personally I like the idea of parades, barbeques, fireworks, floats and ice cream socials as a way to commemorate a birthday.  Mmmm maybe next year!?

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