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Could this be the Holy Grail?

See how easy it is to talk and think in six words or less?  And if only all Mondays were a day late just think how much better the weekend would be.  So I did receive one reply last week to my request that we do a Six Word Memoir on some aspect of our work life, which I’m going to publish today.  And then I went to the source, the Holy Grail of Six Word Memoirs – Smith Magazine, which is an online magazine and the home of the Six Word Memoir.  Right now and for the next few days the magazine is running a contest.  This time it is on Lessons  I learned at work.  You should go and read some, they are great and of course an inspiration.  I want to try this work theme again.  I know many of my readers do not have 9-5 jobs and I say Hurray hurray!!! But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some aspect to our work life or lack thereof that couldn’t be put into six words.  Won’t you please try?

Very tired, need a vacation…NOW! – Lorraine

Grow up, show up, shut up – Me

Work? Who me? Get real man! – Anonymous

Less hours, less money, more fun – Me










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