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Christmas postcard, 1911

Christmas postcard, 1911

T’was the day before Christmas and all through the morning

No one was talking but I could hear all the groaning.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, not a good day to be mad,

‘Cause Santa knows who’s good and who’s bad!

No breakfast to eat, no paper to read,

Please go get me the Starbucks, I so desperately need.

Oh my how the years have come and gone by

No turkey to roast, no baking of pies.

The tree is much smaller and actually pink

Because we’re in the cottage, what did you think?

One or two gifts litter the floor

Hardly like Christmases years before.

It’s quiet around here, no sirens or noise

And of course no grandkids and noisy toys.

The cats hung their stockings in hopes that St. Nick

Will show up tonight and bring them  cat nip.

A different Christmas eve’s about to begin

Left-over pastas and martinis with gin.

Not trusting the programmers of commercial TV

We stocked  the house with Christmas DVDs.

First on the list is The Bishop’s Wife and 

Soon to follow, It’s A Wonderful Life.

Only the classics for us old folks you know

We like what like from years ago.

Last year was a gala ugly-sweater event

Tonight  a few friends but there’s no lament.

Although there’s no sitting by the fiery log

Or getting tipsy on killer egg nog,

None-the-less, we’ll enjoy the leftover food

And glasses of wine put all in a good mood.

As we clink our glasses filled with good cheer,

We wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I’ll put out the cookies and milk with a wish

That tomorrow morning I’ll find an empty dish.

Then I’ll know that dear Santa Clause stopped by to see

How clean the house was and how pink the tree!

I sent him my letter early on in the season

I wanted him to know I had a good reason.

It would take him some time and certainly some doing

Some planning, some cutting and lots of gluing.

I hope, I hope,  he thinks I’m not  too absurd

For wanting a “55 pink Thunderbird!

Oh YES!!!

Oh YES!!!

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Don’t get so busy shopping for food, baking, decorating and gift shopping that you don’t leave time to do something for yourself.  Christmas is RED, no doubt about that – from Santa’s suit to the Cartier red-bow-wrapped store.  Everyone can wear red, it just depends on the shade.  Why people don’t believe that is a mystery to me!  Red lipstick and red nails are HOT!  RED is the color you want to wearing this season on your nails.

Essie makes several shades of red and I’m sure one of them would look great on you.  Take the time to get a mani-pedi before you give over all your time and energy to making Christmas fabulous for others. You deserve it.

Here’s the 9 Days Till Christmas 9 nail colors:

  1. REALLY RED  – An award-winning truly rich red
  2. SNAP HAPPY – A red-orange, a warm red
  3. LAQUERED  UP – Red hot crimson
  4. RED NOUVEAU – The new must-have color is a fiery crimson 


5.  DRAMATIC DRACHMA –  An orangey red

6.  BIG BAG THEORY –  Brick red

7. LONG STEM ROSES – The name speaks for itself

8. JAG-U-ARE –  A gorgeous gleaming red

9.  SIZE MATTERS  – A blazing hot ruby red

10. LOLLIPOP –  Candy cane red

As usual as I always say….”Red Is Where You Find It”

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I remember the Valentine’s Day cards of the 50’s – the ones we exchanged in grammar school (that’s what we called elementary school).  They were mostly funny, sweet, and complete with  sugary clichés.  The Valentine cards shown here are older and speak to a slightly different take on expressing affection.  Can you imagine the phone calls you’d get if you sent your child to school with these today?

Not your average Vegan Valentine!


Ain't Love Swell?

"Muddy Waters"

Vintage Violent Valentine

Chesterfields no less!

Fuzzy Worms?

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Oh yes it’s that time of year again! Thankfully the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah and the Christmas festivities which stretch to Little Christmas at least coincided for some of the time! 

Ugly sweaters were out and about EVERYWHERE!  These are some of the best out there!

pink ugly sweater  BRSG blo, Bridgette Raes

Truly Accessorized

Hanukkah Ugly sweater, BRSG, Bridgette Raes

Dreidels In Space

BRSG, Christmas Ugly sweater, Bridgette Raes

It's All Here

Hanukkah ugly sweater, dreidel, BRSG

Hanukkah Hanging Dice

BRSG, Bridgette Raes, Christmas ugly sweater,

Full Blow Santa

Hanukkah sweater, Bridgette Raes, BRSG

Not So Ugly After All

BRSG, ugly Christmas sweater, Bridgette Raes,

"...and up the chimney he sprang"

Hanukkah ugly sweater, BRSG

Hanukkah Harry

BRSG, ugly Christmas sweater

Yes, She Did Win This Year's Contest

Hanukkah ugly sweater, dreidel, menorrah

Why the Snowmen?

All of these photos are from Bridgette Raes, a style expert and her BRSG blog.You will enjoy her matter of fact, tell it like it is style comments and advice at http://networkedblogs.com/s4GnE

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Decorating your home for the holidays is usually an annual tradition and one that often sticks to the same theme year after year.  While tradition holds a sacred place during the Christmas season, every now and then, a new idea comes along and this is one you might want to incorporate into your holiday decorating scheme.  Kitchens often get overlooked in the holiday decor, so this sweet treat idea would look terrific on a window sill or on a counter.

Fill a few glasses of varying size and shape with sugar and mini-marshmallows, add some peppermint sticks and you have a 5 minute decorating idea that is sure to evoke some sweet comments.

candy canes, peppermint sticks, mini marshmallows, sugar, glasses

Sweet Sensations

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