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Don’t get so busy shopping for food, baking, decorating and gift shopping that you don’t leave time to do something for yourself.  Christmas is RED, no doubt about that – from Santa’s suit to the Cartier red-bow-wrapped store.  Everyone can wear red, it just depends on the shade.  Why people don’t believe that is a mystery to me!  Red lipstick and red nails are HOT!  RED is the color you want to wearing this season on your nails.

Essie makes several shades of red and I’m sure one of them would look great on you.  Take the time to get a mani-pedi before you give over all your time and energy to making Christmas fabulous for others. You deserve it.

Here’s the 9 Days Till Christmas 9 nail colors:

  1. REALLY RED  – An award-winning truly rich red
  2. SNAP HAPPY – A red-orange, a warm red
  3. LAQUERED  UP – Red hot crimson
  4. RED NOUVEAU – The new must-have color is a fiery crimson 


5.  DRAMATIC DRACHMA –  An orangey red

6.  BIG BAG THEORY –  Brick red

7. LONG STEM ROSES – The name speaks for itself

8. JAG-U-ARE –  A gorgeous gleaming red

9.  SIZE MATTERS  – A blazing hot ruby red

10. LOLLIPOP –  Candy cane red

As usual as I always say….”Red Is Where You Find It”

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Perhaps not the most scintillating topic in my blog posts but somehow this morning, the day before the big night (some say biggest night of the year), this seemed appropriate.  After all, even me, with my short and uneven nails will be wearing nail polish.   In fact as soon as I bang out this post, I’m off to treat myself to a New Year‘s mani-pedi.  Wish my little granddaughter Finley was in town, I’d take her with me.  She loves getting a mani-pedi and she’s only 3.  However, let me get on record here, I may be an indulgent over-giving grandmother, but it was not I who introduced her to the world of nail salons.  She actually has her favorite – I tried to take her once to one across the street from me and she wailed on about “her” salon down the street; OMG

Well anyway, if you have been reading up on the latest nail color trends then you know that dark is still quite in! Ever since Channel introduced their black nail polish, the industry has developed some pretty wild colors and the names to go with them.

See if you can picture these colors from their names and descriptions.  Hint- they’re all dark to varying degrees.

  1. Pretty Edgy – Palmetto green
  2. Power Clutch – Deep gray green
  3. Bobbing for Baubles-Deep rich sapphire
  4. Cocktail Bling-Pale pearly gray
  5. School of Hard Rocks-Midnight malachite
  6. Chin Chilly-Granite gray
  7. Smokin’ Hot-Stone cold fox gray
  8. Velvet Voyage-Chocolate Amethyst
  9. Little Brown Dress-Black coffee
  10. Dive Bar- Mysterious blackest blue with a shimmer

These colors are all from the Essie collection

Essie nail polish                               Essie nail polish, mani pedi

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Pink is everywhere! It’s not just pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness anymore.  My two granddaughters have taken PINK to a whole new level.

We’ve had pink coats, pink hats, pink dresses, pink Uggs, pink socks, pink shoes, pink bows, pink tutu’s, pink chairs, pink princess costumes, pink wands, pink dishes, pink sippy cups, pink leotards, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, pink pajamas, pink nail polish, pink blankets, pink tea sets…well you get the pink picture!  Last month we had a PINKALICIOUS  birthday party where both girls wore pink chiffon dresses and Pinkerella and her ladies in waiting entertained about 25 kids ALL wearing pink.  Most adults had pink on too!  There was pink cotton candy, pink M & M’s, pink lollipops, pink gummy bears, pink lemonade, pink Prosecco, pink plates, pink napkins, pink balloons everywhere,  and more pink than you could imagine.

NOW Halloween has turned into  pink – no longer a garish orange and black celebration.   Finley Ray and Francesca dressed for this candy-grabbing, mischief-making holiday in what eles? PINK!

Finley was a delicious Cotton Candy Fairy.  My daughter’s friend, Michael, a very talented Broadway dresser, created this confection and it was truly pinkalicious.   Francesca donned a furry pink Piggy outfit and she was as cute as a pretty little girl could be dressed as a Piglet

Halloween, cotton candy, Finny, Finley Ray Clark
So happy to be Cotton Candy
Halloween, cotton candy, Finley, Finley Ray Clark

"This is my Fairy wand"

I'm a pink and sweet Cotton Candy Fairy

Halloween, Francesca Lillian Clark,

This little Piggy had candy

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