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After a Sunday afternoon  parade of friends and family stopping by to see the new baby, life settled down a bit and Belle (Chiara’s nanny and household helper) and I made Eggplant Parmesan.  After dinner and baths (see photo) and thankfully bedtime for the girls, I sat myself down to watch all my favorite Sunday night TV shows;  Amazing Race, The Good Wife and The Mentalist.  I had to miss Masters of Sex and Homeland because they don’t have Showtime.  What does this have to do with the title of the blog? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

YES Daddy has a bathing suit on!

YES Daddy has a bathing suit on!

Day 1:  Up at 7am (ungodly hour) and the girls have to be dressed, fed and Finley starts school at 8am, Francesca at 8:15am.  Who’s driving them?  Me? What? I drive a Rav4 and a vintage Metropolitan (tiny) and they want me to drive a Tahoe!? Are you kidding me?  I am terrified of that car (and I use that term loosely since it is like a truck), not to mention I am now in Boynton Beach and uh, you want me to drive where?  Tom said he’ll ride shotgun and direct me and then we can get Starbucks.  A deal and I will learn how to use a GPS.

The rest of the day seems to just sail by, the nanny had the day off and the girls wouldn’t be back till 3pm. More friends dropped by and we heated up lots of leftovers for everyone for lunch.  What could possibly happen?  Well….when I was cleaning up I noticed a small square white ring on the dark wood table in the furnished rental house!   Nobody was around so I tried mayonnaise – didn’t work.  I tried furniture polish – didn’t work.  Google said mix ashes with water and rub gently BUT no one smokes here!  I tried vegetable oil-didn’t work.  I made a paste of salt and water and it darkened a bit. Google said  baking soda and water but I couldn’t find any in the house!  Who doesn’t have a box of baking soda in their house? or their  refrigerator??  The mark is darker but still there so I’m going to try to work on it again today.  Thankfully she doesn’t read my blog so she won’t know I did it and right now Fletcher is taking up all her time and energy, Whew!

I tried to master the Rainbow Loom;  You know the toy that 5 years olds can work – I couldn’t  get it right, perhaps you have to be 5 years old.  My first bracelet had a loop hanging, my second one didn’t quite come together so I gave up for a while anyway. Time to pick up ‘Cesca  and I was on my own – well that is me and Siri.

Dinner was later than usual and the girls were a bit on the wild side.  The many throw pillows from the couches seem to make their own version of a yellow brick road.  Foreshadowing!!  Tia called and Finley wanted to do FaceTime with her and I guess she had to pee too!  AND THEN, she came back into the living room and uttered seven words every parent dreads to hear; “I dropped your phone in the toilet”  OMG, OMG, OMG the iPhone5!?!?  Horror!  I have to hand it to Chiara, she was calm, she did not scream and she did not faint.  QUICK to the computer, what does Google say to do?  The phone was patted dry and immersed in a bed of rice, sealed in a plastic bag in less than 2 minutes!  Time to make a novena to St. Jude because seriously I think this is one of those impossibles! 

St. Jude Patron Saint of Things Impossible

St. Jude Patron Saint of Lost Causes and Things Despaired Of

Bedtime proved to be challenging; who wants another book read, who doesn’t want their water in a paper cup but rather must have a BIG glass, then the other also has to have a BIG glass, who needs to go downstairs to see Mommy – you’re getting the picture.  15 minutes later, Frankie is out of bed and coming down the stairs BECAUSE I made the mistake of telling her Mommy would come upstairs and then I never told Mommy.

I finally went to bed myself after trying once again to master the rubber band loom.  I did manage to produce what I thought was a pretty cool creation.  Sometime while it was still dark,  I heard Frankie calling out for Mommy.  Ay yi yi, I surely did not went get up, but I did.  I trekked up the stairs only to find Frankie with her father who was trying to convince her that now is really not the time to play.  I could not go back to sleep!  So I’m writing this under the influence of a very large Grande Americano – caffeine is a wonder drug!


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This is the day that many bloggers extoll the virtues of their Dads.  I am no exception.  I thought I would go back and re-read the blog I wrote last year to honor my Daddy -YES, even as a middle-aged woman, my father was still Daddy to me.

I read the 2011 blog and decided I couldn’t do any better this year.  I have many days when I miss my Dad dearly.  He was such a forceful presence in my life and I always leaned on him, looked to him for answers, asked him for help and of course argued with him.  We may have been cut from the same cloth but we sure didn’t agree on everything.

This one’s for you Dad again!

Dad in 2006


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The photo says it all…Finley is just doing what comes natural I guess…just like Mommy does.

baby nursing baby, dolly, breast feeding

Look Mommy! Just Like You!!!


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Cover of "Daddy's Girl"

Cover of Daddy's Girl

Poor Sally – “What’s Wrong With Her”?

Wow, let’s see now Betty, how about for starters you told her you would cut her fingers off?  That sounds like what they do in some other countries!!

Poor Sally, she’s so pubescent….Daddy is gone and even when he’s around, he’s screwing lots of women, and none of them are Mommy.  She is terribly jealous of him going out with these women, when now that Mommy is out of the picture, she could be “Daddy’s Girl”! Too bad Poor Sally doesn’t know it just doesn’t work that way – especially with a Daddy like Don.  She is desperately seeking some male attention and approval, so hey here’s an idea…’I’ll cut my hair while he’s out with another woman and he left me with yet another of his women. ‘  Poor Sally.  Oh boy, the fall out from that one act of misguided defiance; The babysitter gets fired – “Consider it severance” (nice Don, the kid was in the bathroom for God’s sake!!),  Poor Sally gets a strong slap across the face and like any abused child, she immediately apologizes and even makes up a lie that it was a mistake.  Don get yelled at and so he yells back, Henry tries to intervene and guess what??? It worked!!!!! Sally got everybody’s attention and again,  in true fashion of the day, rather than being recognized as a symptom/victim of the massive dysfunction going on, she must be the problem and we must fix her!! Poor Sally!

With the onset of puberty comes SO MANY new feelings and Poor Sally – as she tentatively begins to explore her own sexuality…Whamo!! In comes YET ANOTHER UNENLIGHTENED  MOTHER of the ages and Sally is sent home chastised and disgraced.

When Betty is confronted with the news that her daughter was masturbating in public, with arms tightly crossed and a pinched face, she apologizes for her daughter’s horrific behavior (funny she never challenges the neighbor’s accusation of what goes on in this house!).  Poor Sally cowers in her room waiting for the inevitable angry Mommy to appear.  Betty storms in and remonstrates her child for what?? The word cannot be spoken, the act must be denied a name and brushed aside with “We don’t do that in private and we don’t do that in public”.   When Sally protests she did nothing… the  horrid  verdict;  “I’ll cut your fingers off”.  Poor Sally….

And Betty, well it’s all about Betty… after all, she is the quintessential shallow, cold, stupid and totally self-absorbed bitch mother whose foremost concern is “I’m so embarrassed”. Don’t you just love her??

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