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 Yesterday I posted my own first round picks and then picked my winners for Round 2 and  today we  are headed to Round 3. I found out that I could put a POLL on my blog which makes it oh so easy for you to vote (filling in the brackets) and you don’t need to send in a comment or make a copy of the bracket to work on. JUST answer the question as to what cake or pie will make it to Round 3.  I’ve put in my winners  and now it’s up to you to pick from those choices to see who will go to the Regional Semi-Finals.  Please VOTE.

Round 2 and heading for the Regional Semi-Finals

Round 2 and heading for the Regional Semi-Finals

 Here’s how: For example the first two choices are EITHER Birthday Cake or Coffee Cake, the last two are Strawberry Rhubarb Pie or Cherry Pie – PICK ONEthe choices are grouped in two’s and you can see the pairs on the bracket; Remember yesterday I picked these winners out of Round 1 and posted them in the blog because I can’t actually write on the photo of the bracket. 

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