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Thank God it wasn’t a Tea Party being held in Boston but rather a Halloween party for kids in the South End.  A gathering at the Ringold Playground for some fun and treats and to meet up with friends.  Then the Boston police park a cruiser to block automobile traffic on several streets forming a safe square of blocks where the kids can trick or treat.  And something I never saw before but realize it probably takes place in NYC wherever there are brownstones – the homeowners sat on the steps enjoying the parade of costumed and sugared-up kids as well as maybe sipping a glass of wine while handing out the candy.  It was great fun to see Finny run up to the steps and ask for candy with her sweet “Trick or Treat“.   We spent two days teaching her the concept of saying ‘trick or treat” for candy and “thank-you” and what happened was that most adults greeted the kids with “Happy Halloween”! That works of course with slightly older kids but it was funny to watch Finny just look at them while she reached into the candy bowl.

I saw a couple of kids at the playground whose costumes were just too cute and took a few photos.

Boston traffic light, halloween in Boston

Hey, RED means Stop!

photo by Lori

Ringold playground, Boston Halloween, South End

Peter Pan

photo by Lori

Captain Hook, halloween, Boston South End,

Captain Hook was his Daddy

photo by Lori

And last but not least by any means, SNOW WHITE

Snow White princess, Finley Ray Clark

The Princess Sits

photo by Lori

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