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Sundays in the Park with Murray could be a whole photo series unto itself…but for today I selected a few that make up a Fourth of July celebration in the middle of January.  Central Park, as you know, is a photographer’s canvas for all seasons.  Well if you read this blog, of course you know because I publish Murray’s photos depicting Central Park and its flora and fauna all through the year.  Our most recent snow fall provided a great backdrop and an integral component of this RED WHITE and BLUE  series.

Central Park, NYC, Murray Head, cardinal, snow storm

Knee Deep in Snow

photo by Murray Head

Central Park, New York City,

Blue on White Quite a Site

Photo by Murray Head

snowy branch, Central Park, New YOrk City, Murray Head

Cardinal Contemplating the Snow Situation

photo by Murray Head

Central Park New York city, Murray Head, snow storm,

Struggling Through the Snow

photo by Murray Head

bull dog, snow storm Central Park New York city, Murray head, snow saucer

Look Ma No Hands!

photo by Murray Head

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