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On any given day in The City you will see BLACK being worn everywhere.  Every New Yorker has a closet full of black clothes and for all seasons.  New Year‘s Day, which was a glorious sunny Sunday this year, was no exception…or was it??

Central park

"One and Twenty Blackbirds..."

BUT of course there are exceptions to every rule!!! Look at this fine feathered fellow showing off his “Sunday best”.

wood duck, central park

One Dapper Wood Duck

Not to mention this beautiful (YES, they are beautiful) Blue Jay who was hanging out nearby.

central park

Big Beautiful Blue Jay

And way up high, taking in the view, sat a richly red Cardinal.  Don’t you love his “mask”?

central park

A Ruby Red Cardinal

However, if we had to vote for who was the most colorful denizen of  Central Park on New Year’s Day, I think we’d have to admit the Wood Ducks took the prize!

central park

hBest -Dressed Duck

 Not everyone knew the photographer was in the park, but once they found out, everybody wanted their picture taken!  Look at this guy!

racing for the finish line. central park

"Hey, wait for me"!

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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Perhaps they were getting their last minute gathering done before the BIG NIGHT, or maybe they were gathering in the park to attend the fireworks display at midnight.

Whatever their reasons were, there were colorful denizens in Central Park, Madison Square Park and Dag Hammarskjold Park today.

Central Park

The Blue Jay and the Acorn

mallard drake, Central Park

Just a little itch

central park

A Tail of Two Cities

House Finch

central park

Baltimore Oriole (female)

chow chow

A Chic Chow Chow

Cute Masked Cardinal

wood duck

Wet and Wild Wood Duck

Sweet Lady Wood Duck


Unreported Alien-Hard Landing

All photos courtesy of Murray Head


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Sundays in the Park with Murray could be a whole photo series unto itself…but for today I selected a few that make up a Fourth of July celebration in the middle of January.  Central Park, as you know, is a photographer’s canvas for all seasons.  Well if you read this blog, of course you know because I publish Murray’s photos depicting Central Park and its flora and fauna all through the year.  Our most recent snow fall provided a great backdrop and an integral component of this RED WHITE and BLUE  series.

Central Park, NYC, Murray Head, cardinal, snow storm

Knee Deep in Snow

photo by Murray Head

Central Park, New York City,

Blue on White Quite a Site

Photo by Murray Head

snowy branch, Central Park, New YOrk City, Murray Head

Cardinal Contemplating the Snow Situation

photo by Murray Head

Central Park New York city, Murray Head, snow storm,

Struggling Through the Snow

photo by Murray Head

bull dog, snow storm Central Park New York city, Murray head, snow saucer

Look Ma No Hands!

photo by Murray Head

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Don’t you wish you had a powerful lens like the one used to take these photos?  All you need is a bright sunny almost-Winter day in Central Park, the lens and of course the eye for spotting these little feathered creatures and the patience to capture their beauty.  I often  refer to the beauty of our world by saying Mother Nature, however, I’m really thinking that only God could create this beauty.  Today we are going to get some close-up photos of these wondrous feathered beings, and maybe a squirrel thrown in for good measure.

Nuthatch, Central Park, New York City, Murray Head

A Nuthatch - Bird not house

photo by Murray Head

 Central Park, New York city, murray head

What Kind of Bird Is This?

photo by Murray Head

Central Park, New york city, Murray Head

"Who was that masked man"?

photo by Murray Head

Central Park, Murray Head, New York City

" A Girl's Gotta Eat"

photo by Murray Head

Blue Jay, blue sky, Central park, New York city, Murray head

Mr. Blue on blue

photo by Murray Head

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