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I had a birthday last weekend and I decided that a Bowling Party would be great fun.  I actually had one many years ago so the idea to do it again has been on my mind for the last couple of years.  So much so in fact, that I have been collecting bowling trophies since then.  Whenever I came across a bowling trophy or prize I would buy it.  So for several years there has been a shoe box in a closet containing an odd assortment of trophies and treasures abandoned by their original winners.   Well, this was the year!  Check out the vintage bowling shirts!!

I gathered some friends, reserved the lanes using a party plan they offered that included two hours of bowling, shoes and pizza and wings and soda.    So  much for the soda…I bought drinks from the lounge.  I had hoped that the beer would loosen up my stiff joints and I might even get a strike!   LOL – other than our friend, Ron, strikes were pretty scarce all around.  But hey I figured most of us hadn’t bowled in YEARS so what could you expect?  Well, I for one, was hoping muscle memory would take over once I stopped trying – It didn’t!

Sea Girt lanes, bowling, birthday party

Happy Birthday Bowling Party

photo by Trish

bowling party, sea girt lanes, Heide Ron Peter

Peter, Ron and Heide " Oooh is it a strike?"

photo by Trish

beer, Jim, sea girt lanes, birthday party, Lori

Hey Jim, I think beer will help us win!

photo by Trish

Ragin' Cajun

Barb and Heide at Ragin' Cajun

photo by Trish

Birthday party, Ragin' Cajun

Susan, Jim and Heide "raging" at the Cajun

photo by Trish

Sea Girt lanes, Ragin' Cajun, bowling party

Trish was the Women's High Scorer

photo with Trish’s camera lol.

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