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FEMA seal (old)
FEMA is True to BLUE

FEMA is NO’T giving aid to Texas because it is a RED state and Obama knows that they won’t be voting for him! Now, that’s a good one.  I wonder if Rush Limbaugh lies awake at night dreaming this crap up OR does he have writers?  He actually stated this untruth on his show May 5th.  Poor Texas, they are not getting the help they deserve except that they ARE!!

Although FEMA has not issued a disaster declaration which would allow it to provide aid to civilians, it has in fact supported Texas with 22 FMAG – Fire Management Assistant Grant declarations including 15 since the beginning of April.  

The following is from a report by NBC’s  Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate; FEMA has provided aid that “[helps] firefighters pay for things such as equipment repairs, food and shelter.” As The Houston Chronicle states: This aid covers “75 percent of Texas’s costs for emergency response work.”

RED is RED whether it’s pink, wine, cardinal or scarlet and in case Rushie couldn’t recollect which states voted for Obama and those that didn’t, that is, besides Texas, he need only look south.  Obama lost Alabama by 11 points in 2008 but when the tornadoes hit that state, the President signed a disaster declaration for Alabama, that little ole Southern redheaded belle of a state.

Well so much for that Swiss cheesey conspiracy theory – it stinks and is full of holes

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Official White House portrait of Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon Johnson


WELL, WELL, well, here we are…at the end of the long and winding road, having worked our way through a tangled, convoluted web of detail to the conclusion of the conspiracy theory known as COUP D’ETAT. We’ve found ourselves on the streets of Chicago, New York and in Texas, Cuba and Russia.  This is the 35th and last installment; it’s taken nearly 9 months to reach it, sort of like giving birth to a new truth!

For those of you who would like to go back and re-read some of the steps we took to get here, you can do so by clicking on Conspiracy Theory Wednesday in my category column on the home page.  For those of you who are still dis-believers, I say, “Go to another source, use Google and type in the names, places and incidents that have been chronicled here these past many weeks and you will SEE that herein lies the truth.

Lyndon Johnson‘s political career was mired in corruption.  In 1946, he got a local official to certify 200 fake ballots, literally stealing the election to become U.S> Senator by 87 votes.  In 1949, a tv newsman investigating Texas votee fraud was killed.  In 1952, his assassin wwas found hanged in his jail cell after he offered to reveal teh location of the missing frudulent ballots.

Two scandals rocked Johnson’s vice-presidency.  First was his involement with Texas wheeker-dealer Billie Sol Estes, who frudulently colledcted millions in federal agricultural subisides for non-existent cotton farms.    In 1985, Estes testified that Johnson had ordered the death of Henry Marshall, who had been investigating the scam.  Then came the exposure of links between Johnson aide Bobby Baker and Irving Davidson, the Murchisons, the teamsters, and Carlos Marcello.  It is alleged that during the 1950’s  Senator Johnson recieved $500,00 in cash from Marcello’s racing wire and slot machine profits in return for killing anti-racketeering legislation.

Johnson’s long time mistress Madeleine Brown claimed Johnson told her Kennedy’s death was “ordered by American oil men and the CIA“, and he knew of it in advance.  Whatever the truth of these allegations, within hour s of becoming president, Johnson made Texas officials halt their inquiry and turn all their evidence over the FBI, thus putting the investigation into the hands of his old friend, J. Edgar Hoover, who promptly stopped FBI participation in the Attorney General’s probe of Baker’s mob ties.  In January 1964, Johnson made Hoover FBI Director for life.  Later, his Executive Order 11652 locked assassination evidence in the National Archives until the year 2039.

One would have to ask themselves, “Why”?









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Love & Heartbreak Cover

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Every couple of weeks I remind everybody about the origins of  the Six Word Memoir and/or the Six Word Project.  Last week I printed an excerpt from the Smith Magazine website and surprise of surprises, I got a comment from LARRY SMITH himself!!! I am so excited that he noticed the blog and our own little Six Word Memoirs.

Please read his comment on last week’s Monday blog; he invites all of us to visit the site and leave a Six Word Memoir. Let’s do it!!!

Here are the contributions from some of my most faithful readers – love you guys!!

Snowing again,when will it stop? – Susan Celtic Lady

New York is the Frozen Apple – Gail

White, white…nothing here has color! – Susan

New York City here I come? – Weez

Snow, sleet, rain, my brain drains – Me

Sorry for you readers in California and Texas, I know it must seem like we have a one track mind here in the Northeast.  It’s not us who has it, it’s Mother Nature.  Snow is the only thing on her mind lately.

And from the book, Not Quite What I Was Planning, Six-Word Memoirs by writers Famous and Obscure.

I did ask to live backwards – Helen Gynn

Forest peace, sharing vision, always optimistic – Dr. Jane Goodall

Bespectacled, besneakered, read and ran around – Rachel Fershleiser

Supported the sublime with uncurbed enthusiasm – Jeff Newelt

Followed white rabbit, became black sheep – Gabrielle Maconi

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Map showing the Bay of Pigs

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I can’t believe that this is the 23rd week  we have been exploring the unfolding tale, COUP D’ETAT.    The Conspiracy Theory will continue presenting facts, MOST of which I never heard of but then again, when Kennedy was shot, I was a sophomore in high school and was not reading the newspaper or watching the news religiously – although I’m not sure the many groups were ever acknowledged in the press in those days.  The sheer number of dissident and/or anti-Castro, pro-Cuban exile organizations that have been revealed over this many weeks is quite astounding.



David Atlee Phillips, a native of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, was a CIA agent specializing in propaganda.  He was on secret CIA assignment in Havana until 1960, was Mexico City covert action chief from 1961-3 (during the time of Oswald’s visit there), and was coordinator of propaganda for the Bay of Pigs invasion and for all the Cuban exile terrorist groups under the CIA umbrella.  One of these groups, Alpha 66, founded by Antonio Veciana, ignored Kennedy’s 1963 ban on terrorist action against Cuba.  Between 1960 and1973, Veciana and his CIA control officer, known to him as “Maurice Bishop“,  met more than 100 times.  Their relationship ended with a $253,000 payment from “Bishop” for past services.  Five months later, Veciana was convicted of drug smuggling.  He claimed he was set up, and suspected that “Bishop” was behind it.

In 1976, Veciana told investigators that in September, 1963 in Dallas, he had seen “Bishop” talking to a man he later realized was Lee Harvey Oswald.  Veciana added that after Kennedy’s death, “Bishop” had asked him to contact his uncle, a Cuban intelligence officer working in Mexico City, and offer him money to say he had met Oswald there in the fall of 1963.  Congressional investigators, realizing that Phillips’ career dovetailed neatly with “Bishop’s”, arranged a casual meeting between Phillips and Veciana.  Although they didn’t identify easch other, investigators felt the pair was probably lying.

Phillips, who later became CIA Western Hemisphere chief, insisted to his death that he had heard CIA surveillance tapes of the real Oswald in Mexico City, but that they had been “routinely”  destroyed.

Remember Every Conspiracy Is Not  A Theory!!!

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