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English: Two New Year's Resolutions postcards

Two New Year’s Resolutions postcards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does everyone make New Year’s Resolutions? Do you announce them to the world? Do you write them down or post them to Facebook or your blog?  Do you keep them to yourself and hope you will be able to follow through?

WCTV ran a report on the Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions.  I’ll bet you can guess at least 7 of them.  If that’s the case and they are so obvious, doesn’t that mean that these resolutions are the ones most often broken and not kept?  Otherwise the list wouldn’t be so common and universal.  

Here they are and if your’s are among them you are probably just about the average American, whether that’s good or bad is for you to decide!

1. Lose Weight

2. Get Organized

3. Spend less, Save more

4. Enjoy life to the fullest

5. Stay fit and healthy

6. Learn something new

7. Quit smoking

8. Help others realize their dreams

9. Fall in love

10. Spend more time with my family

Please take a few moments and share one or more of your resolutions;  If you are not making them public, then just sign in as Anonymous.  Perhaps you’ll inspire someone else.

Happy New Year to all!!

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Cash Rang In The New Year!

Cash Rang In The New Year!

Our grandson, Cash spent part of the day and New Year’s Eve with us!  We all went to a private party held at our neighborhood coffee shop!  The owners close the diner, and set the tables with white tablecloths and put out favors and noisemakers.  The counters are covered with platters of smoked salmon, cheese, crackers and veggies.  And delicious hot and steaming sliders were passed around.  This is a neighborhood family affair and kids are welcome but of course since it Black Tie, Cash sported one of Papa Pete’s bow ties.

No hangover here from the Seven-Up or anything else that chocolate milk and pancakes won’t cure!

Chocolate Milk and Pancakes

Chocolate Milk and Pancakes

It’s about time for us to pull our act together and put on some clothes.  We have to go to the market to get the ingredients to make Lucky New Year’s Black-Eyed Peas Stew.  Not taking any chances here and will probably buy some Kale or Collards greens to entice money in the coming year.


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Last year’s blog of the same name see “Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one”  drew  a LOT of hits, so I thought I should write an updated version.  This is not my original quote, although I wish I had said it.  Brad Paisley, country song-writer and singer is the author of that wonderful phrase.  It says so much, implies so much and inspires much.

2013 brought the usual  delights, disappointments, thrills, chills and surprises that seem to come along every year,  It was a very good year in that we were blessed with a new grandson, Thomas Fletcher, known as Fletch.  Business was better than last year and that’s always good.  I do love to travel although we haven’t done much since we bought the cottage at the shore,  we did take a trip to Old Quebec with Stacey and Matt (Peter’s sister and hubby).  That was delightful, however we really didn’t expect snow in April!

The One about Stephen R. Covey

The One about Stephen R. Covey (Photo credit: kndynt2099)

With each New Year comes the resolution to lose weight, eat healthier,  and exercise more – they’re practically universal these days.  I’m going to try to learn some Italian, perhaps switch my blog to my own domain name, work smarter and not harder which may mean delving back into Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Effective People.  And on the other hand, I’d like to win more at Mah Jongg and Scrabble lol, lol.

I’m hoping all of above is not contingent on just luck because I don’t have any black eye peas in the house and if we don’t eat them tomorrow, well you never know….and I don’t like to tempt fate!

Your book starts tomorrow (even though it’s already today) and I wish you all plenty of ink to write long and happy chapters.  Happy New Year to all my readers and followers.  Thank you for sticking around and your comments are always welcome and so very appreciated.


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Black-Snake-31t (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s something about Chinese New Year that gets to me.  I don’t know what it is exactly.  I always want to eat Chinese food on the night of the New Year.  It’s not like I run to Chinatown to see the Dragon Parade or the fireworks, although one year I organized a whole group of friends to go to Chinatown for a traditional New Year’s meal.  I asked a friend who would know, what were the dishes to order and that was the first and the last time I had the traditional chicken soup made from the chicken’s feet.

I like to keep a small figurine of whatever astrological animal is representative of the year on my desk.  Then the little critter joins his or her astrological mates on a shelf in my bedroom.  Somewhere I read that this year was a special snake year because it’s the year of the Water Snake whose color is black, so I’ll have to find not just a snake but a black one at that.  

The Cosmic Element and Color of 2013 year of Snake
The 2013 year of Snake is Water Snake, Water Snakes are lucky with finances, they always seem to have money flowing their way. They are adventurous spirits and love to take risks. They are also very intelligent and often a wellspring of creative ideas. Water Snakes love to socialize and meet new friends.They are proud of their achievements, and also very thoughtful and considerate of others.
The colour of the 2013 year of Snake is Black. Black color is the Space, Arctic night, darkness on the Abyss, this is a color of deep waters. The Black Snake will bring people unexpected changes, instability, and changeability. That is why it is important in the year of Snake to plan everything beforehand, and evaluate adequately before taking any actions. You need to be more careful and cautious than ever. – taken from Han Ban.com

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English: Brad Paisley at the 45th Annual Acade...

English: Brad Paisley at the 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This great quote is from Brad Paisley, country song-writer and singer. AND I should have posted this yesterday and the title should probably read “Today” instead of tomorrow.  Well, hopefully the rest of the year won’t be filled with overlooked tasks and posts!

Since this is A NEW BOOK, no point in rehashing the 2012 version.  I’m looking forward to a better year;  A year marked by several changes…As per some sage advice given on ABC NEWS this evening, I’m not posting or announcing my resolutions.  I’m keeping them to myself and that way although I won’t be able to boast or brag or take undue pride in some accomplishment, I also won’t have to weep with shame at some predictable failures

That being said, of course I would love to hear from some readers as to what their New Year’s Resolutions are.

Out with old, in with new! How many times did you hear that today?  So out with all the old bills-I empty out the folders, staple those monthly invoices/bills and put them aside for IRS preparation.  Cleaning up the top of the desk too, clutter, clutter, clutter.  Re-arranged the hundreds (only kidding) of wires and plugs in the two power strips under the desk because I have to have an outlet to re-charge my phone.

I got an addition to my Alice in Wonderland  book collection which necessitated a major shelf switch.  AND that was a good thing because  now we have some books we need to relocate (out of the apartment I hope).

Not going to listen or watch any more ASPCA ads because they are too heart-breaking and disturbing.  I wonder how much money the ASPCA raises with this ad?  Everyone I know tunes it out.

Not hung over and only a little tired, but I think this post should end right here.  

Wishing all my readers from all over the world a wondrous, healthy, happy New Year.  I think the number 13 is going to be a lucky number after all!

There is an updated 2014 version of this post at:“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” 2014

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Today the New York Times published several photos  published during 2012.  The spread included several photos depicting events and newsworthy subjects specific to each month of the year. Many of them were distressing;  There were photos of riots, death, war, and the aftermath of storms.  By the time I finished looking at all of them and reading the captions, I felt that 2012 was largely filled with strife, grief, mayhem and despair.  It made me think about how I felt about 2012.  It wasn’t a great year for me and oh how I would love to greet the New Year with a thanks for a wonderful year instead of thank God, that’s over as has been a montra these past few years!

However, if you follow this blog you know I don’t bring too much of my real personal life to it.  If I have an argument with my husband,who amongst you really cares!  If I gain 5 or lose 10 lb. how interesting could that be for you?  I do like to rant in the blog, I do like to vent about politics, events, movies etc in the blog but I’m not going to list all the issues that may have made this year not quite as good as some others. Because, as my dear friend, Susan, and I like to say; “It is what it is”.  And that’s a fact Jack!!  And to further commit myself to that idea, I gave Susan and myself bracelets that proclaim in shiny silver, ” It Is What It Is” – Amen!

But back to the photos…I thought I could capture a few online but I was wrong.  The NY Times has done whatever websites do to prevent you from downloading their photos.  BUT, I did find several sites with lots of photos of the highlights of this year.  Here are  few that tell the tales of 2012.

Children being led out of Newtown school

Children being led out of Newtown school

The Great Debate

The Great Debate

Nik Wallenda walks across Niagra Falls

Nik Wallenda walks across Niagra Falls

An Occupy Wall Street protester is arrested in Zuccotti Park

An Occupy Wall Street protester is arrested in Zuccotti Park

Hurricane Sandy slammed Mantoloking NJ

Hurricane Sandy slammed Mantoloking NJ

Explosion from an Israeli strike in Gaza City

Explosion from an Israeli strike in Gaza City

Felix Baumgartner breaks the sound barrier jumping from  more than 24 miles up

Felix Baumgartner breaks the sound barrier jumping from more than 24 miles up

Burned out and flooded, Breezy Point in Queens, NY

Burned out and flooded, Breezy Point in Queens, NY

US gymnast Gabrielle Douglas Gold Medal winner

US gymnast Gabrielle Douglas Gold Medal winner

Solar storm increased aural activity in Iceland

Solar storm increased aural activity in Iceland

It was the best1 of times, it was the worst of times…..in other words it was life, plain and simple.

Happy New Year


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On any given day in The City you will see BLACK being worn everywhere.  Every New Yorker has a closet full of black clothes and for all seasons.  New Year‘s Day, which was a glorious sunny Sunday this year, was no exception…or was it??

Central park

"One and Twenty Blackbirds..."

BUT of course there are exceptions to every rule!!! Look at this fine feathered fellow showing off his “Sunday best”.

wood duck, central park

One Dapper Wood Duck

Not to mention this beautiful (YES, they are beautiful) Blue Jay who was hanging out nearby.

central park

Big Beautiful Blue Jay

And way up high, taking in the view, sat a richly red Cardinal.  Don’t you love his “mask”?

central park

A Ruby Red Cardinal

However, if we had to vote for who was the most colorful denizen of  Central Park on New Year’s Day, I think we’d have to admit the Wood Ducks took the prize!

central park

hBest -Dressed Duck

 Not everyone knew the photographer was in the park, but once they found out, everybody wanted their picture taken!  Look at this guy!

racing for the finish line. central park

"Hey, wait for me"!

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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Perhaps not the most scintillating topic in my blog posts but somehow this morning, the day before the big night (some say biggest night of the year), this seemed appropriate.  After all, even me, with my short and uneven nails will be wearing nail polish.   In fact as soon as I bang out this post, I’m off to treat myself to a New Year‘s mani-pedi.  Wish my little granddaughter Finley was in town, I’d take her with me.  She loves getting a mani-pedi and she’s only 3.  However, let me get on record here, I may be an indulgent over-giving grandmother, but it was not I who introduced her to the world of nail salons.  She actually has her favorite – I tried to take her once to one across the street from me and she wailed on about “her” salon down the street; OMG

Well anyway, if you have been reading up on the latest nail color trends then you know that dark is still quite in! Ever since Channel introduced their black nail polish, the industry has developed some pretty wild colors and the names to go with them.

See if you can picture these colors from their names and descriptions.  Hint- they’re all dark to varying degrees.

  1. Pretty Edgy – Palmetto green
  2. Power Clutch – Deep gray green
  3. Bobbing for Baubles-Deep rich sapphire
  4. Cocktail Bling-Pale pearly gray
  5. School of Hard Rocks-Midnight malachite
  6. Chin Chilly-Granite gray
  7. Smokin’ Hot-Stone cold fox gray
  8. Velvet Voyage-Chocolate Amethyst
  9. Little Brown Dress-Black coffee
  10. Dive Bar- Mysterious blackest blue with a shimmer

These colors are all from the Essie collection

Essie nail polish                               Essie nail polish, mani pedi

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Those of us in the Northeast are still in throes of winter, regardless that a lot of it has melted.  I know we can expect more snow, only hope it is a snow fall and not a storm or blizzard.  Looking forward to the last snow of the season because I think I’m going to sprinkle grass seed all over the top and let it melt right down to the ground; I might have a greener spring! Ah but I digress…the reason I mentioned the snow was due to the fact that our Six Word Memoirs still speak to the long and bleak and snowy season we are in.

Shoveling driveway, sidewalk and now roof!  – Susan Celtic Lady

Goodbye paycheck, hello insomnia and headaches – Weez

My tan marks have all gone – Susan in the Grove

Day 1, Diet # 199, trying again – Me

And now from the book,  Not Quite What I Was Planning – Six Word Memoirs by Writers, FAMOUS & OBSCURE:

Recent doctorate means overeducated and underemployed -Philip Sternberg

Taking a lifetime to grow up – Mirona Iliescu

Living for Jesus because earth sucks – Johnny Johnson

Bad breaks discovered at high speed – Paul Schultz

Dancing in fields of infinite possibilities – Deepak Chopra

Six word memoir, guru

Deepak Chopra

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Susan Sarandon at the premiere of Speed Racer ...

Susan Sarandon

Well and WOW, a first – and not such a good one either!  I didn’t do the Six Word Memoir yesterday and apparently nobody noticed and worse yet, no one cared to leave me their Six Word Memoir to publish this week.  Oh my, what a sad state of affairs.  What to do? What to do?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going and all that jazz, so I guess I’m on my own this week.  Well just me and the “good book”.







Adult kids – Can’t stop being Mommy -Me

And from the amazing book Not Quite What I Was Planning/Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure:

Oldest of five. Four degrees. Broke –Kaitlin Walsh

Made a mess. Cleaned it up. – Amy Anderson

A crush on Susan Sarandon. Unrequited. – Willy Edge

Says deaf boyfriend: You’re too quiet – Anna Jane Grossman

Alive 38 years, feels like 83. –Bryan Lowrey

Listen up all you good readers, I love getting comments, I LOVE getting your Six Word Memoirs so please start sending them in again.  You can leave as a comment here or email to pbenjaytoo@gmail.com

Have a great week!

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