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Those of us in the Northeast are still in throes of winter, regardless that a lot of it has melted.  I know we can expect more snow, only hope it is a snow fall and not a storm or blizzard.  Looking forward to the last snow of the season because I think I’m going to sprinkle grass seed all over the top and let it melt right down to the ground; I might have a greener spring! Ah but I digress…the reason I mentioned the snow was due to the fact that our Six Word Memoirs still speak to the long and bleak and snowy season we are in.

Shoveling driveway, sidewalk and now roof!  – Susan Celtic Lady

Goodbye paycheck, hello insomnia and headaches – Weez

My tan marks have all gone – Susan in the Grove

Day 1, Diet # 199, trying again – Me

And now from the book,  Not Quite What I Was Planning – Six Word Memoirs by Writers, FAMOUS & OBSCURE:

Recent doctorate means overeducated and underemployed -Philip Sternberg

Taking a lifetime to grow up – Mirona Iliescu

Living for Jesus because earth sucks – Johnny Johnson

Bad breaks discovered at high speed – Paul Schultz

Dancing in fields of infinite possibilities – Deepak Chopra

Six word memoir, guru

Deepak Chopra

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The Northeast is getting slammed this winter with snow storms, blizzards, snow lightning , you name it and we’ve gotten it.  This past Wednesday night we had yet another snow storm.  By morning 19 inches had fallen in Central Park.  Central Park is Manhattan’s emerald jewel in the summer  and alternatively a sparkly diamond and an iridescent opal in the winter.

As my regular readers know, many many of my Fab Foto Friday photos are taken in Central Park.  There’s just so much to see at any time of the year.  The birds, the flowers, the trees, the ponds, the landmarks, the bridges, the kids, the artists, the playgrounds, the picnicker, the runners, the skaters, the mimes, the jugglers, the acrobats, the break dancers, the gardens, the sculpture, the boats and ever so much more!

This Friday (and yes I am once again a day late) our Fab Fotos are from Central Park in all its beauty enhanced by 19″ of snow! This is what life in the City is when it snows!!!

Central Park, Bethesda Fountain, blizzard Jan 2th New york city
Bethesda Fountain Stands Alone

Photo by Murray Head

Central Park, San Remo, bow bridge, new york city, snow storm Jan 27th

The San Remo Bow Bridge Central Park

Photo by Murray Head

snow storm, central park, new york city,

Footsteps in Freshly Fallen Snow

Photo by Murray Head

Central Park, new york city, sculpture, snow mantle

Bundled Up Against the Storm

Photo by Murray Head

escape, going over the wall, Central Park, New York city, red coat doggie, snow storm

Escape! Going Over the Wall

Photo by Murray Head

central park, new york city, snow storm snow man, January 27th

A City Slicker

Photo by Murray Head


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