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I really wish I could have been in Florida today, not because it’s cold here but because today was Grandparents Day at Finley’s school.  The kids dictated notes to their grandparents which were then typed by their teacher.   The letters were read aloud in class today. I am so, so, happy to have received this video today of all days! 

This is the BEST Valentine ever!  Finley Ray has my heart, there’s no denying it.  

Finley Ray

Finley Ray


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city bakery

City Bakery (Photo credit: roboppy)

IF you have never tasted the hot chocolate from City Bakery in New York City, you have NOT yet died and gone to heaven!  Trust me….I know my chocolate.

Chocoholic from birth and still going strong, I swear there is NOTHING like City Bakery’s world famous hot chocolate.

February (and HOW did I ever forget to include this in my February blog post?) is a month long celebration of hot chocolate at City Bakery.  Every day there is another amazing, mouth-watering, sensuous, soothing (and yes artery-clogging) flavor to seduce you.  I say it’s worth skipping breakfast and lunch for one small cup of this molten chocolate.

Today’s flavor is Vietnamese Cinnamon Chocolate! I’m there this afternoon without a doubt.

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Flavor of the day

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You know it’s February when you’re driving along and notice that there isn’t a leaf left on any tree.  The branches and trees are silhouetted starkly against the slate gray sky.

You know it’s February when you are drinking hot chocolate for comfort and remember only a month ago you were going to start a diet.

You know it’s February when you anticipate President’s Day and bemoan the fact that when we were kids, we got both Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays off from school and work.

You know it’s February when if it isn’t snowing, then you are looking at piles of dirty frozen snow along the sides of the streets.

You know it’s February when you wish you hadn’t broken up with your boyfriend right after Christmas because now no one is going to buy you a Valentine.

You know it’s February because all the stores are decked out in red and pink hearts and boxes of candy were everywhere.

You know it’s February because every other TV commercial announces “A President’s Day Sale”.

You know it’s February because at the bird feeder, squirrels, pigeons and sparrows mingle unabashedly while gobbling up enough birdseed, peanuts and suet to survive the cold days of this month.,

You know it’s February when your dear friend, Helen’s birthday comes up on your Facebook page!

hearts aplenty in February

hearts aplenty in February (Photo credit: Esther17)

Happy Leap Year!

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Finley Ray Clark, Finny, Valentine's day,

Valentine #1 - Finley Ray

Francesca Lillian, red bow,

Valentine #2 - Francesca

I am blessed!

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