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YES this is one of those ONLY IN NEW YORK experiences!  Every year I look forward to February….no I don’t love the gray days, or the ice and snow piled up at the bus stops, or the black slimy slush on the subway stairs.  BUT February brings City Bakery’s Annual Hot Chocolate Festival.  

Every day of the month, St. Maury Rubin (not to be confused with St. Valentine who only has one feast day) celebrates February with a different delicious blend of his famous hot chocolate every day.  I really don’t have the words to describe this liquid orgasmic treat.  It’s creamy, feels thick in your mouth, the hot steam sends chocolate thrills up your nose while a smooth molten very chocolatey, chocolate slithers down your throat.  I swear my eyes roll back in my head when I drink, no sip, this heavenly concoction.

See for yourself just what can be had this month! 

Oh Heavenly Days!

Oh Heavenly Days!

Once a chocoholic, kind of a hard to get over this particular addiction since the only 12 Step Program I know goes like this: “Never Be More Than 12 Steps Away From Chocolate”.  In 2012 I posted this: HOT CHOCOLATE on Steroids!

I’m not alone in my devotion to the February rite of steaming delight – No, City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate has a cult following.  This year I noted that another blogger who I follow, FOOD BY SKYLAR, posted an homage to City Bakery and Maury’s Hot Chocolate and I am adding the link to her blog post below.  Maybe I’ll run into her on Malted  Milk Hot Chocolate day! A Hot Chocolate a Day Makes February the Best Month Ever

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City Bakery (Photo credit: roboppy)

IF you have never tasted the hot chocolate from City Bakery in New York City, you have NOT yet died and gone to heaven!  Trust me….I know my chocolate.

Chocoholic from birth and still going strong, I swear there is NOTHING like City Bakery’s world famous hot chocolate.

February (and HOW did I ever forget to include this in my February blog post?) is a month long celebration of hot chocolate at City Bakery.  Every day there is another amazing, mouth-watering, sensuous, soothing (and yes artery-clogging) flavor to seduce you.  I say it’s worth skipping breakfast and lunch for one small cup of this molten chocolate.

Today’s flavor is Vietnamese Cinnamon Chocolate! I’m there this afternoon without a doubt.

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