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I’m a chocoholic, I admit it, however, I am particular.  I mean there’s chocolate and there’s chocolate! I like dark chocolate, bitter and at least 75% cacao.  You can keep the milky soft sweet stuff and the calories that go with it.  

I also collect some chocolate-related items and probably should do  a post featuring my collection of chocolate candy molds and vintage chocolate bar labels.  I have several chocolate cookbooks and few odd chocolate nostalgia pieces.  But I don’t have this – it isn’t quite my style.

However, you might have just the Foodie on your list who also appreciates funky gifts and loves chocolate too.  If so, check this out:

"ADD" Me to Your List

“ADD” Me to Your List

This is a big calculator that looks and *drumroll* .. smells, like chocolate! And it is solar powered. A great stocking filler.

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Candy Canes - A Christmas Icon

Candy Canes – A Christmas Icon

Before today I had never heard of Candy Cane Dust or Peppermint Powder.  However, once I read how ridiculously simple this was to make and the number of ways you could use it, I knew I had to blog it.  There is only one ingredient and only one step!


Put candy canes in a food processor and pulverize them to dust.

Candy Cane Dust is delightful sprinkled on your hot cocoa and your coffee.  Sprinkle it on ice cream, yogurt, cupcake frosting or add to your cake and cookie batter.

Crushed Candy Canes

Crushed Candy Canes

Peppermint Power your way through the next 16 days!


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city bakery

City Bakery (Photo credit: roboppy)

IF you have never tasted the hot chocolate from City Bakery in New York City, you have NOT yet died and gone to heaven!  Trust me….I know my chocolate.

Chocoholic from birth and still going strong, I swear there is NOTHING like City Bakery’s world famous hot chocolate.

February (and HOW did I ever forget to include this in my February blog post?) is a month long celebration of hot chocolate at City Bakery.  Every day there is another amazing, mouth-watering, sensuous, soothing (and yes artery-clogging) flavor to seduce you.  I say it’s worth skipping breakfast and lunch for one small cup of this molten chocolate.

Today’s flavor is Vietnamese Cinnamon Chocolate! I’m there this afternoon without a doubt.

City bakery, hot cocoa, Maury, February menu

Flavor of the day

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I know I said I was a woman of a certain age but now I guess I’m really going to date myself.  Penny Candy! I remember a couple of small stores where my friends and I would go and buy penny candy.  We’d spend quite a long time deciding just what sweet to buy because you just never knew when you would have another nickel or dime to splurge on candy.  Taking a walk down nostalgia lane (that is the 50’s!) these are some of the toothsome delights I remember best; just like being in Candyland.

Bazooka Bubble gum Soooooooo sweet your teeth hurt with the first chew.   A good choice though, because for a penny, your treat lasted a long, long time – depending on how strong your jaw was as this pinky pink confection turned to a hardened rubbery plastic ball in your mouth.  But wasn’t it fun snapping the gum and blowing enormous bubbles?

Smarties – These neat little cellophane  rolls were great when you just wanted to pop one in your mouth and put it under your tongue.  Best way to eat candy in a classroom!  Multi-colored and not too too sweet, they were great for sharing and lasting.

penny candy, old time candy, pastel candies,

School Smart Candy

Squirrels – short for Squirrel Nut Chocolate Caramel Chews; Now that’s a mouthful, literally and figuratively.   There were a lot of flavors packed into those small 2 inch rectangles. They came wrapped in semi-opaque waxed paper and what you go was a sticky, gooey, chocolaty, stick-to-your-molars mouthful of taffy-like caramel with nuts too.   Sometimes on Halloween, we’d end up with a bunch of Squirrels, Smarties and Bubble Gum at the bottom of our sacks.  Not everybody gave out big candy bars in my neighborhood.

Atomic Fire Balls – OMG these things were HOT HOT HOT!  So why did we eat them? Remember how your lips stung, your pink turned hot pink and by the time all the hot went away, you almost cracked a tooth trying to bite the now white ball into pieces?  I understand they’re still around burning up the mouths of brave and foolish kids.

Mary JanesYummy molasses bite-size candies with a peanut butter filling.  Now that I think about it , it’s  possible these golden flavorful goodies started me on my peanut butter addiction!  And if you thought Squirrels stuck to your teeth, well Mary Janes practically glued your upper and lower teeth together.  Do you remember trying to talk without drooling when you had a Mary Jane in your mouth?

molasses candy, peanut butter filling, penny candy, old time candy

Mmmmmm Mary Janes!

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